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The collection of which the majority of the books dealt with in the 
following pages originally formed a part, was presented to the Eoyal 
Society in January 1667 by Henry Howard (afterwards sixth Duke of 
Norfolk), whose grandfather, the Earl of Arundel, had purchased a great 
portion of it in Vienna during his embassy there in 1636. A number of 
the books so purchased are said to have come from the library formed at 
Buda by Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary, after whose death they 
passed, in the last years of the fifteenth or early in the sixteenth century, 
into the possession of Bilibaldus Pirckheimer of Nuremberg, whose 
bookplate is affixed in many of them, 

John Evelyn, in his " Diary," states that it was at his instigation 
that Henry Howard presented the collection to the Eoyal Society. 
" This gentleman," as Evelyn says, " had so little inclination to books, 
that it was the preservation of them from embezzlement." A further 
entry of Evelyn's, dated 29 August 1678, gives an account of his 
receipt of the collection on behalf of the Society. " I procured for our 
Society," he says, " besides printed books, near one hundred MSS., some 
in Greek of great concernment. The printed books being of the oldest 
impressions, are not the less valuable ; I esteem them almost equal to 
MSS. . . . Many of these books had been presented by Popes, Cardinals, 
and great persons, to the Earls of Arundel and the Dukes of Norfolk ; 
and the late magnificent Earl of Arundel bought a noble library in 
Germany, which is in this collection. I should not, for the honour I 
bear the family, have persuaded the Duke to part with these, had I not 
seen how negligent he was of them, suffering the priests and everybody 
to carry away and dispose of what they pleased ; so that abundance of 
rare things are irrecoverably gone." 

In 1830 the Eoyal Society, with a view to increasing the scientific 
resources of their library, disposed of the greater part of the MSS. in 
the collection to the Trustees of the British Museum. 

The collection now catalogued consists of 390 volumes, comprising 

B 2 


1)81 works, many of the volumes oontuiuing a mimlier of separate 
works. It is specially rich in tracts of the Reformation period ; there 
are in the collection 144 separate works by Martin Luther, and a large 
number of tracts from other hands (such as those of Erasmus, 
]\Ielanchthon and others) which have reference to Luther and to 
questions concerned with the Iveformation. 

The Society possesses, in a translation made into the Massachusetts 
Indian language from l\ichard Baxter's " A Call to the Unconverted," a 
book which (so far as can be ascertained) is unique. The translation is 
by John Eliot, an English minister who from 1646 to 1690 was engaged 
in missionary labours among the Massachusetts Indians. Of a thousand 
copies of this work that are known to have been printed at Cambridge, 
Mass., in 1664, no other example is known to exist, the fact of their 
disappearance being probably accounted for by their being printed for 
distribution among Eliot's Indian disciples and pupils. The Society's 
copy is in the original boards. 

Another very rare work of Eliot's, which is in this collection, is his 
translation of the Bible into Massachusetts Indian. This was the first 
Bible printed on the American continent, and was issued at Cambridge, 
Mass., 1661-63. 

The Society's copies of the second edition of Chaucer's " Canterbury 
Tales," printed by Caxton (1484 ?) and the edition printed by Pynson 
(1493?), are both imperfect. Only one perfect copy of the former is 
known, and only three of the latter. The copy of the Second Folio 
edition of Shakespeare's plays lacks the leaf with Ben Jonson's verses 
and two of the unnumbered leaves that should follow the title-page. 

Among other rare works in the collection the following may be 
noted : Joannes Naso's " De Spectaculis a Panhormitanis in Aragonei 
regis laudem editis," of which only two other copies are known ; the 
work of Hartmannus Schedel known as the "Nuremberg Chronicle" 
(14! 3); " Bartholoma?us de proprietatibus rerum" (1495?), a fine 
specimen of Wynken de Worde's printing ; a collection of 49 scarce 
Italian tracts, mostly ballads and poems printed at Venice early in the 
sixtecntli century and illustrated with woodcuts ; Pope Boniface VIll.'s 
" Liber Sextus Decretalium" (1465) and Cicero's " De Officiis " (1466), 
two books printed on vellum and finely illuminated, both from the press 
of Johannes Fust and Peter Gernsshem at Maintz. 

Albrecht Diirer is represented by a volume containing three sets o f 
biblical illustrations in woodcut: the "Epitome in Divae Parthenices 
Mariae Historian!," " Passio Domini," and " Apocalipsis." 

The present catalogue is arranged under the names of the authors of 

the works, wherever it has been possible to ascei'tain them. Anony- 
mous books are entered under the heading most convenient for reference, 
as well as (when possible) under their authors' names. Notes have 
been appended to the entries, mentioning any particular features that 
the individual copies may present — such as imperfections, or the 
presence of engravings, woodcuts, or the Pirckheimer bookplates. The 
letters IS. IL. and ^. H., appended to certain entries, indicate that the 
books in question are printed in " Black Letter " or " Gothic Letter " 
respectively. The letters ed. pil, similarly used, indicate that a work 
is an Editio Princeps. 

The preparation of the Catalogue was begun by Mr. Henry M. 
Mayhew, my colleague in the Department of Printed Books, British 
Museum. He unfortunately died after accomplishing about a third of 
the work ; whereupon I undertook the completion of the catalogue, the 
revision of the whole, and the passing of the sheets through the press. 

Pi. Farqcharson Shakp. 



La Representatione di Abraam i Isaac. [In verse. By Feo Belcari.] 

4 leaves. 

4°. [ Venice,^ Per Francesco Bindoni, cfe Mavheo Pasini, comj^ugnif 


With a woodcut. 

Accursius (Bonus) 

Index locorum in Commentarios Caesaris Belli Gallici descriptorum, 
etc. 60 leaves. 
4". [1475 ?J 

With the hooTcplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Adrian VI., Pope. 

Svggestio deliberandi svper propositione Hadriani pontificis Romani 
Nerobergae facta, ad Principes Germanise . . . scripta, etc. 4 leaves. 
40. [Basle? Valentin Curio f] 1522. 
With MS. notes. 

^neas Sylvius. 

See Pius II., Pope. 


Alcrxv^ov TpaywSiaL ii. [Edited by Franciscus Asulanus.l ed. pu. 

ff. 114. 

8°. Venetiis, in acdibus Aldi et Andreae Soceri, 1518. 

With two Pirckheimer bookplates : " Bilibaldi Pirkeymheri effigies" 
and " Spes, tribulatio, invidia, tolerantia." 

Agrico'a (Rudolphus) 

Habes lector : hoc libello : R. Agricolae ... ad J. Vadianum 
. . . Epistolam, qua de locor;^ non nuUorum obscuritate qusestio fit & 
percontatio ; J. Vadiani . . . epistola, qua 6077 <1^* priori epistola 
qusesita sunt, ratio explicaf . 1 6 leaves. 
4** Viennse, Austrise, Joannes Singrenius, 1515. 


Agustin (Antonio) Archbishop of Tarragona. 

I discorsi del S. Don Antonio Agostini sopra le Medaglie et altre 
anticaglie . . . tradotti dalla lingua spagniiola nell' Italiana, etc. 
pp. 72. 239. 
4«. [Rome, 1592.] 

With engraved titlepage and plates. 

Albergati (Fabio) 

Del Cardinale . . . libri tre. pp. 198. 

8°. Boma, Ad instantia di Gio. Angelo Biiffinelli, stampato per Guglielmo 

Facciotto, 1598. 

Albericus, de Rosate. 

Alfabetum iuris civilis. ©. %. 274 leaves, 
fol. 1490. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Albertinus (Franciscus) 

Opusculii d' mirabilibus noue i veteris urbis Rome. ff. 103. 
4". Bomse, per lacohum Mazochium, 1515. 

[Another edition.] ff. 99. 

4". la inclyta Basilaeorum Urhe, T. Wolff, 1519. 
With woodcuts on the titlepage and last leaf. 

Alberto, Neapolitano. 

Pionosticho de maestro Alberto Neapolitano sopra lanno Mille cinque- 
cento vinti noue. Con el Tacuin dela Luna intitulato al Populo 
Christiano. 4 leaves. 
4». [Venice, 1529.] 
With a woodcut. 

Albertus (Leo Baptista) 

Leonis Baptistae Albert! . . . Libri De re a?dificatoria dece, etc. 

ff. 174. 

4". Parrhisiis, Opera Bertholdi Bcmholt d; Ludouici Hornken, 1512. 

Albrecht, Mcister. 

Roszertzneybiechlein. Auch wie man ain yekliches pferd erkennen un 
probieren soil. (©. H. ff. 15. 
4". Augapurg, Hanns Schonsperger, 1513. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Alciatus (Andreas) 

Emblematum . . . D. Andreae Alciati libi'i II., additse sunt aliquot in 
altero libro figura;. pp. 316. 

16°. Antverpise, ex ojicina Christophori Plantini, 1567. 
With woodcuts. 


Alciatus (Andreas) 

And. Alciati Libellus de ponderibus et mensuris. Item Budsei de 
eadem re, adhuc non visa. Item Philippi Melanchthonis de iisdem . . . 
sententia. Alciati quoq ; & Philippi Melanchthonis in laudem Juris 
Civilis orationes duse elegantissimiw. 
8°. Haganoae, Apud Johan. Sec\_erium^, 1530. 

Alexander, Grammatlrus. 

Alexander grammaticus cum brevi et utili expositione. @. E. 

73 leaves. 

fol. Basilee, [Johann of Amorhach,] 1486. 

With MS. notes. Imperfect ; wanting sig. f. i. and part of sig. f. Hi. 
The title is taken from the colophon. 


Alphabetum Arabicum. pp. 64. 

4**. liomse, In Tijpographia Medicea, 1592. 

Alt (Georgius) 

Das buch von den geschichten der alter der werlt vnd von beschrey- 
bung der berumbtisten vnd namhaftigisten stett. ff. 286. 
fol. [Nuremberg, A. Koberger,^ 1493. 

With woodcuts. The title is taken from the colophon on fol. 262 verso. 
Imperfect; wanting all before fol. 3 and after fol. 275. 

Althamer (Andreas) 

Anzeygug warumb Got die wellt so lang hab lassen jrrhen. (©. it. 

12 leaves. 

4«. [Nuremberg, 1526?] 

Ammanus (Jodocus) 

Jodoci Ammanni . . . Charta Lusoria, tetrastichis illustrata per Januni 
Heinricum .Scroterum . . . Kiinstliche un wolgerissene Figuren . . . 
Mit kurtzen lateinischen und teutschen Versslein illustrirt, etc. ff. 60. 
4°. Niirnberg, Leonhardt Heussler, 1588. 

Interleaved. Imperfect; wanting sig. L. iv. anJ P. i. Sig. M. i. is 

Andrelinus (Publius Faustus) 

P. Favsti Andrelini . . . Epistolae proverbiales & morales longe lepidis 
simg nee minus sententioste. Ex secvnda recognitione. 14 leaves. 
4°. Argentorati, ex aedibus Mathise SchureriJ Selestatini, 1513. 

Annius (Joannes) 

R. Patris Fratris loannis Nannis . . . de Monarchia Papje disputatio, 
scripta anno M.cccc.LXXXi. Cum postfatione Mar. Lutheri, in tarn 
solennem disputationem. 8 leaves. 
4«. [Wittenberg? 1536?] 



Antithesis fijjvrata vitse Christi et Anthichristi, ctr. 14 loaves. 
4". [Wittenhertj, Johann Rhau, 1521.] 
With woodcuts. 

Antoninus, Saint, An-hhishoj) of Florence. 

Begin. [Fol. 1. recto:] Incipiut Rubrics super Tractatix de instructione 
seu directione siraplicium confessorum. &. H,. 143 leaves. 
4«. [Cologne, Ulrich Zell, 1469?] 

Bubrica'ed throughout. With a few MS. notes, and the bookplate: 
" Liber Bilibaldus PircJcheimer." 

Appianns, Alexandrinus. 

[The Histories of Appianus, translated by P. Candidus.] Begin. 
P. Candidi in libros Appiani sophistf Aleicandrini ad Nicolaum quintii 
summu pontificem prefatio incipit felicissime. 2 vol. 
4°. Venetijs, per Be nardu pictorem et Erhardum ratdolt, 1477. 
With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Arculanus (Joannes) 

Pi'actica Joannis Arculani. ff. 179. 

fol. Venetijs, Per Bernardinum Uercellensem, 1504. 

Ardoynis (Santes de) 

Begin, [sig. A. ii. recto :] Incipit liber de venenis quara magister 
santes de ardoynis de pesauro phisicus saluatoris nostri cotisus auxilio 
edere cepit venetiis die octauo nouebris 1424, etc. ff. 101. 
fol. Venetiis, opera Bernardini ripj de nouaria, 1492. 

Aretino (Leonardo) 

See Bruni (Leonardo) Aretino. 

Argellata (Petrus de) 

Cirurgia magistri Petri de largelata. ©. H. ff*. 131. 
fol. Venetiis, 1499. 

Ariosto (Lo<lovico) 

Orlando Furioso di M. Lodovico Ariosto. Ornato di varie figure con 
alcune stanze et cinque Canti d' un nuovo libro del medesimo nuova- 
mente aggiunti et ricorretti, etc. 2 pts. 
8**. Vinegia : Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1550. 


Aristeae, de legis Divinse ex Hebraica lingua in Grsecam translatiore, 
per Septuaginta interpretes . . . absoluta, Historia, nunc prinnm 
Graece edita . . . Cuin conversions Latina, autore Matthia Garbitio. 
[Edited by Simon Sahardius.] pp. 86. 98. 
8**. Basilem, per Joanncm Oporinum, [1561.] 



' ApicrTO(fidvov<: Kw/u,w8tai ivv€a. [Edited by Marcus Musurus.] ed. pr. 

348 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1498. 


[Vols. 2 and 3 of the five-volume edition, by A. Manutius, of Aristotle's 


fol. Venetiis, in domo Aldi manutii Bomani, 1497. 

Aristotelis varia opera nouissime traducta : i Rhetorices Hermogenis 

Compendium. 142 leaves 

fol. Venetiis, per Bernardinum Venetum de Vitalibus, 1504. 

Meteorologia Aristotelis, Eleganti Jacobi Fabri Stapulensis Paraphrasi 

Explanata. Comentariocg Joannis Coclsei Norici declarata, etc. ff. 94. 
4". Norinbergse, In officina Friderici Peyjmsz. 1512. 

With woodcuts. 

'ApiOTOTeA.Ol>S HoXlTlKbiV l3l^X. OKTW. pp. 240. 

4°. Parisiis, Apud. Guil. Morelium, 1556. 
With MS. notes. 

Prepositiones ex omnibus Aristotelis libris . . . diligetissime excerpte : 

ife ad certa rerii capita pulcherimo ordine per tabellam additam redacte. 

. 288 leaves, the last blank. 

8**. Venetiis, per loannem & Gregorium de gregoriis, 1493. 

Arnaldus, de Villa Nova. 

Hec sunt opera Arnaldi de villa Nova que in hoc volumine cotinentur. 

&, H. ff. 398. 

fol. Lugduni, per Franciscum fradin, 1504. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 


Arnobii Disputationum adversus Gentes libri septem. M. Minucij 
Felicis Octavius. Editio nova, ad editionem Romanam expressa, qui- 
busdam tamen in locis e ms. Reg. aucta & emendata. Desiderii 
Heraldi ad Arnobii libros vii Animadversiones, & castigationes. 2 pts. 
8**. Parisiis, Apud Marcum Orry, 1605. 

Arsenius, Archbishop of Monembasla. 

^ATro(f)6cyfJiaTa 0tA.o<ro<^tov koI (rrpaTTjyMV, prfropwv tc Kat Troirjriav. SvXAcycj ra 
TTapa Ap<TiVLov ' ApxieTTLVKOTTOv Move//./3a(rias. 2 pts. 
8". [Eome, 1521?] 

By an error of binding, yt. '2 precedes pt. 1. 


Arthus (Gotardus) 

Historia Indite Orientalis, ex variis auctoribus collecta et juxta Seriem 
topographicain regnorum, provinciarum et iusularum, par Africie Asiaeque 
littora, ad extrenios uscjue Japonios deducta, etc. pp. 616, and a map. 
8°. Colonise Agripplnse, Sumptihus W'dhelmi Lutzenhirch, 1608. 

Attavanti (Paulo) 

Questa sie la legenda de la Nativita di Christo, etc. [In verse] 
4 leaves. 

4". [Venice,] 1526. 
With a woodcut. 

Augustine, Saint. 

Ain andechtiger und zii besserung siindigs lebens, nutzlicher Tractat des 
hailigen und Christenlichen lerers Aurelii Augustini, von iippigkait der 
welt, neiilich ausz Latein in Teiitsch gebracht. (©. H. 6 leaves. 
4". Augspurg, 2>cr Siluanum Otmar, 1519. 


Auschreibunge eines heiligen freyen Christlichen Concilii Anno 1535. 

&. %. 8 leaves, the last two blank. 

4*^. [Wittenberg, Nicolas Schyrlentz, 1535.] 

Azpilcueta (Martino de) 

Apologia libri de reditibus ecclesiasticis, a Martino ab Azpilcueta . . . 
compositi . . . Cui nunc accessit eiusdem Apologiae Propugnaculum. 
pp. 222. 
4**. Antverpise, Ex officina Cltristophori Plantini, 1574. 

Bacci (Andrea) 

Le XII. Pietre Pretiose, le quali per ordine di Dio nella santa legge, 
adornavano i vestimenti del sommo Sacerdote, etc. pp. 130. 
4°. Boma, Vicenzo Accolti, 1587. 

Badius (Jodocus) Ascensius. 

Navis stultifere Collectanea Jodoco Badio Ascensio vario carminxi 
genere no sine eoriidem familiar i explanatione conflata. ^. %. ff. 107. 
4°. Parisiis, G. de Marncf, 1507. 

With woodcuts. The titlepage and most of the leaves are mutilated, and 
have been repaired. 

Ballanus, Mantuanus. 

[10 leaves, containing poems in MS., headed: " Sequif Ballanus 
Mantuanus de gestis magnino:;!."] 


Barberiis (Philippus de) 

Quatuor hie copressa opuscula. — 1. Discordatie sanctorum doctorum 
Jeronymi Augustini. [By Philippus de Barberiis.] 2. Sibyllaru3 de 
Christo vaticinia cu appropriatis singularu figuris. 3. Varia Judeoru 
et Gentilium de Christo testimonia. 4. Centones Probe Falconig, etc. 
(©. H. Pts. 1-3. 
4^. Oppenheim, [Jacob Kohel, 1510?] 

With woodcuts in pt. 2. Imperfect ; wanting pt. 4. 

Bargagli (Scipione) 

Deir Imprese di Scipione Bargagli . . . alia prima parte, la seconda, e la 
terza nuovamente aggiunte, etc. pp. 573. 
4". Venetia, Appresso Francesco de' Franceschi Senese, 1594. 
With engraved illustrations. 

Bartholinus (Richardus) 

Responsio Principum Germaniae data . . . Legatis . . . Leonis X. & Cfeteris 
Oratoribus in Augusta Vindelicorum Anno M.D.xvill. Per. . .Richai'dum 
Bartholinum. . .in literas relata. pp. 11. 
4°. [Augsburg, 1518.] 

Bartholomaeus, Anglicus. 

Bartholomseus de proprietatibus rerum. J5. H. 478 leaves. 

fol. [Westminster, By Wynken de Worde . . . at prayer and desyre of 

Roger Thorney, mercer, 1495?] 

With looodcuts. Imperfect, wanting 6 leaves; sig. a 6,/ 6, m 2, J. 1, 
00 5, 00 6. The tiilepage is mutilated. 

Baxter (Richai'd) 

Wehkomaonganoo asquam Peantogig. Kah asquam Quinnuppegig, etc. 
[Baxter's " A Call to the Unconverted," translated into the Massachusetts 
Indian language by John Eliot.] pp. 128. 

8°. Cambridge, [Jfass.,] Samuel Green Jcah Marmaduke Johnson, 1664. 
In the original boards. No other copy of this toork is known to exist. 


Beelzebub an die Heilige Bepstliche Kirche. m.d.xxxvii. ©. E, 

4 leaves. 

4«. [Wittenberg,] 1537. 

With a woodcut on the tiilepage. 

Begnius (Simon) Bishop of Modrusch. 

Sirao Begnii. . .Oratio u Sexta Lateraii Cocilii Scssione Quinto Kaleil. 
Maias habita. m.d.xiii. 8 leaves, the last blank. 
4«. [1513?] 

Belcari (Feo) 

La Representatione di Abraam i Isaac. [In verse. By Feo Belcari.] 

4 leaves. 

4". [FeH?ce,] Per Francesco Bindoni. <{• Mapheo Pasini, compagni, 


With a woodcut. 


Bellarmino (Roberto Francesco Iloinolo) Cardinal 

11. P. Robert! Bellarmini , . . De Indulgentiis et Jubileo libri duo. 
Accedunt <k alia ejusdem authoris aliquot opuscula, etc. pp. 375. 
8*\ Colonite, Apitd Antonium Hicrat, 1599. 

Bello (Francesco) called Cieco. 

Egloga composta per il clarissimo Poeta Francesco Cieco da Ferrara. 
2 leaves. 

4". [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Bembo (Pietro) Cardinal. 

Delia historia Vinitiana di M. Pietro Bembo Card. . .libri xii. ff. 179. 
4". Vinegia, Gualtero Scotto, 1552. 

Bembus (Bonifacius) 

Bonifacii Bembi in sapientissimi principis Ludovici laudes oro i scholis 
Papien hita. MCCCCLxxxx.iiii. Cat. Decebres. 4 leaves. 
4«. [Pama, 1495?] 

Ben Syra, pseud. 

Sententiae morales Ben Syrae . . . cum succincto commentario. — Tobias 
Hebraice ut is adbuc hodie apud Judaeos invenitur, omnia ex hebrseo in 
Latinum translata, . .per Paulum Fagium. 2 pts. 
4*'. Isnae, 1542. 

The Latin title is preceded hy one in Hebrew. 

Benedictus (Alexander) 

Collectiones medicinae Alexandri Benedicti, etc. 8 leaves. 
8°. [Venice, Joannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, 1493?] 
The title is taken from sig. a. i. verso. 

Benvenuto, lialiauo. 

II Passaggiere di Benvenuto Italiano. — The Passenger . . . Containing 
seaven exquisite Dialogues in Italian and English, etc. pp. 611. 
4**. London, Printed hy T. S. for John Stepneth, 1612. 

Bernartius (Joannes) 

J. Bernarti De Vtilitate legendae Historise libri duo pp. 161. 

8°. Antverpise, Ex officina Plantiniana, apud Viduam, & Joannem 

Moretum, 1593. 

Beroaldus (Philippus) the Elder. 

Opusculum Philippi Beroaldi De Terrgmotu & Pestilentia, cum Anno- 

tamentis Galeni, etc. 40 leaves. 

4". Argentorati, In Mathiae Schurerii Heluetensis Officina, 1510. 


Berosus, the Chaldean, lyseud. 

Berosus Babilonicus De his quae prsecesserunt inundationem terranim 
etc. fF. 28. 

40. [Paris,] G. Be Marnef, [1510.] 
Imperfect, wanting foL 1. 

Bertrand (Nicolas) 

Les gestes des tholosais et daultres Nations de lenviron. Premieremenfc 
escriptz en langaige Latin par. . .maistre Nichole Bertrandi. . .et apres 
translates en francoys. Item Les ordonnances Royaulx du pays de 
laguedoc semblablemet en langaige francoys. (©. U, 74 leaves. 
fol. Lyon, Olivier Arnollet, 1517. 
With woodcuts. 

Bertrucius (Nicolaus) 

Nus^ antea impressum Collectorium totius fei-e medicine Bertrucii 

Bononiensis, etc. &, IL, fF. 254. 

8®. Impressum Lugd. per GlaudiH datiost al's de troys, 1509. 


Die beschwerungen des hayligen Ro. Rey. vnd besonderlich gatz Teiit- 
scher Nation, vom Stul zu Rom vii seiner anhagende Gaystlichait, zu 
Worms im Reychsstag, des 1521 jars, Ro. Kay. May. von den Chur- 
fursten, FUrste vii Stende des Reychs ernstlich fiir pracht. &, It. 
34 leaves. 
4". [Augsburg, Sigismund Grimm and Marcus Wirstmg, 1521.] 


Ein Betbuchlin beyde dem alter und der jugent nutzbar. Item ein 
Spruchbuchlin, den waren Christen gar heylsam [Mart. Luth. ?]. &, iL, 
51 leaves. 
8«. [Augsburg f] 1536. 

With woodcuts on the first and last leaves. The titlepage is mutilated. 

Ein nutzlichs Betbiichlein sambt andern heylsawen leeren ein Christ- 

lich leben zii unterrichten seer dienstlich, etc. [By Martin Luther.] 
@. U. 184 leaves. 

S**. Nurnberg, durch Jeronimum Formschneyder, [1536.] 
With woodcuts by H. S. Beham. 

Beza (Theodorus) 

Theodori Bezae pro Corporis Christi Veritate, adversus Ubiquitatis 
commetum, et G. Holderi convitia, responsio. Addita est responsio altera, 
adversus putidissimas Jacobi Andreae calumnias. pp. 127. 
8*^. Genevee, apud Eustathium Vignon, 1581. 
Bnperfect, wanting pp. 1-4. 

Bianca (Leonora) 

Le Risposte della Signora Leonora Bianca, etc. ff. 38. 
4". Venetia, Francesco Bampazetto, 1565. 
With woodcuts. 


Bible. [Latin.] 

Biblia Latina. 0. f[, 2 vols. 
fol [Baxle, Berthold Rujjpel, 1473?] 
With MS. notis. 

• Biblia. Halves in hoc libro . . . novam tranlatione aeditam a . . . Sancte 

paj^nino, etc. 3 pts. 
fol. Lugduni, per Antonium du By, 1527-28. 

The earliest Bible in tchich the verses are niimheredy 

Bible. [Italian.] 

La Bibbia. Cioe, i libri del Vecchio e del Nuovo Testamento. 
Nuovamente traslatati in lingua Italiana da Giovanni Diodat. 3 pts. 
4". ^1 Geneve, Pour Pierre Aubert, 1607. 

Bible. [Massachusetts Indian Language.] 

Mamusse Wunneetupanatamwe Up-Biblum God, Naneeswe Nukkone 
Testament kah wonk Wusku Testament. Ne quoshkinnumuk nashpe 
Wuttinneumoh Christ noh asoowesit John Eliot. 2 pt. 
4**. Cambridge, [Mass.,] Samuel Green kah Marmaduke Johnson, 1661-63. 
Imperfect, wanting four leaves, sig. Cc. 1-4. The Jirst Bible printed on 
the American Continent. 

Bible. Old Testament. [Hebrew and Latin.] 

En tibi lector Hebraici Biblia, latina planeq ; noua Sebast. Munsteri 
tralatione . . . euulgata . . . Accesserunt in hac secunda aeditione 
niultai nouse annotationes, etc. pp. 1601 

fol. Basileae, Ex officinis Michaelis Isingrinii d Henrici Petri, 1546. 
Bound in two volumes. The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Bible. Genesis. [Hebrew, Chaldsean, Greek, Latin and German.] 

Geneseos Patriarchse sex . . . Cum translationibus fontis Hebraici : 
Chaldaica, Grasca, Latina, Germanica. Ac explicatione grammatica . . . 
Doctor Joannes Draconites. 56 leaves, 
fol. Vitebergse, Joannes Crato, 1563. 

The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Bible. Psalms. [Hebrew.] 
Psaltcrium Hebraicum. 
16". Basileae, in aedibus loannis Frobenii, 1523. 

With MS. notes. The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

[Another edition.] 

16". Basileae, Apud Hieronymum Frobenium & Nicolaum Episcopium 

[The Book of Psalms with the Commentary of David Kimchi.] 

fol. [Isnij, 1541.] 


Bible. Psalms. [Hebrew, Greek, Ardh'ic and Clialdman .^ 

Psalterium Hebreum, Gr^cu, Arabicii & Chaldgu, cii tribus latinis 

iterptatoibus k glossis. 220 leaves. 

fol. Genuae, Petrus Paulus Porrtix, 1516. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

[Another copy.] 

Imperfect ; wantiwj the titlepagc. 

Bible. Psalms. [^Hebrew, Greek, Chaldeean and Latin.] 

Psalterium in quatuor Unguis, Hebraea, Graeca, Chaldaea, Latina. 

144 leaves, the last blank. 

fol. Coloniae, \_J. Potken and J. Soter,] 1518. 

Bible. Psalms. [^Hebrew, Latin and German.] 

Septem Psalmi poenitentiales ex Hebraeo ad verbum Latine German- 

iceque translati ; a Joanne boeschcnstain. ^» H, 72 leaves, the last 


4°. Augustse Vindelicorum, in officina Sigismundi Grym, 1520. 

Bible. Psalms. [Latin.] 

Psalterium ex hebreo diligentissime ad verbu fere tralatu : fratre Felice 
ordinis Heremitaru sancti Augustini interprete, etc. pp. 74. 
4". Haganose, in sedibus Thomae Aiishelmi Badensis, 1522. 

Bible. Psalms. [Latin and Arabic] 

Liber Psalmorum Davidis Regis et Prophetae. Ex Arabico Idiomate in 
Latinum translatus. A Gabriele Sionita Edeuiensi et Victorio Scialac 
Accurensi Maronitis, etc. pp. 474. 
4". Bomse, Ex Typographia Sanariana, 1614. 
With the arms of Pope Paul V. on the binding. 

[Another copy.] 

Bible. Psalms. [Latin and Saxon.] 

Psalterium Davidis Latino-Saxonicum vefcus. A Johanne Spelmanno . . . 
editum, etc. ft'. 182. 

4". Londini, Excudebat B. Badger . . . impeusis Phi. Stephani & Ch. 
Meredith, 1640. 

Bible. Psalms. [Greek.] 

^aXTTjpLOV TTpof^y'fTov KoX /JafrtAe'oJS tov \afti8. ff. 198. 
16". Argentorati, Ajnfd Vuolf Cephal, 1524. 

Bible. Psalms. [German.] 

Psalmen Davids, nach frantzosicher Melodey in Deutsche reimen 
gebracht, durch D. Ambrosium Lobwasser. 234 leaves. 
16". Dantzig, Andreas Hiiiiefeldt, 1627. 

With a second titlepagc, engraved, and an engraved frontispiece bearing 
a portrait of Lobwasser. 



Bible. Proverbs. \Hi'brew, Chaldsean, Greek, Latin and German.^ 

Proverbia Solomonis. Cnm translationibus fontis Ebraioi : Chaldaica, 
Graeca, Latina, Germanica. Ac explicatioiie vulgari, linguae et 
Ecriptura^ . . . Doctor Johannes Dracoiiites. ff. 118. 
fol. Vitchergse, Johannes Crato. 

With a MS. note on the titJeparje : " Clarissimo Viro Domino Doctori 
Georgio Forstero . . . fratri suo Paidus . . . d.d." The Latin title is 
preceded by one in Hehreio. 

Bible. Isaiah. {Hebrew, Greek and Latin.^ 

Isaias Propheta, Hebraice, Grajce ei Latine. Acldita est autem duplex 
Latina interpretatio, Hieronymi & Munsteri. Accessit & succincta 
difficiliorum Hebraicorura vocabulorum expositio, collecta per Sebas- 
tianum Munsterum ex Davidis Kimhi comnientario. pp. 345, followed 
by twenty-eight unnumbered leaves. 
4". Basilese, per Hrnrichutn Petriim, [1535.] 

Bible. Joel. {Hebrew, Chaldsean, Greek, Latin and (^erman.] 

Joel Propheta. Cum translationibus fontis Ebraici : Chaldaica, Graeca, 
Latina, Germanica. Ac explicatione prophetise . . . Doctor Johannes 
Draconites, ff. 20. 
fol. Vitebergse, Johannes Crato, 1565. 

The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Bible. Micah. [Hebrew, Chalddean, Greek, Latin and German.^ 

Micheas Propheta. Cum translationibus fontis Ebraici : Chaldaica, 
Graeca, Latina, Germana, ac explicatione prophetiae . . . Doctor 
Johannes Draconites. tf. 30. 
fol. Vitebergse, Johannes Cralo, 1565. 

The Latin title is ijreceded by one in Hebreio. 

Bible. Zacharias. [Hebretc, Chaldsean, Greek, Latin and German.^ 

Zacharias Propheta. Cum translationibus fontis Ebraici : Chaldaica, 
Gntca, Latina, Germana : ac explicatione prophetite . . . Doctor 
Johannes Draconites. ff. 77. 
fol. Vitebergse, Joannes Crato, 1565. 

21ie Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Bible. Malachi. [Hebrew, Chaldsean, Greek, Latin and German.] 

Malachias Propheta : cum translationibus fontis Ebraici : Chaldaica, 
Graeca, Latina, Germanica. Ac explicatione grammatica linguae et 
prophetiae . . . Doctor Johannes Draoonites. ff. 26. 
fol. Lipsise, Johannes lihamba, 1564. 

The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Bible. New Testament. [Greek.] 

Novum Testamentum Graice. [Edited by Nicolaus Gerbelius.] ff. 280. 
4**. Hagenvsc, in sedibus Tliomse Anshclmi Badensis, 1521. 
The earliest edition of the Greek text alone. 


Bible. New Testament. [Polyglot] 

Novum Testamentum Dui : Nri : Jesu Christi. Syriace, Ebraico, 
Graece, Latinc, Germanice, Bohemice, Italice, Hispanice, Gallice, 
Anglice, Danice, Polonice. Studio & labore Eliae Hutteri. 2 torn, 
fol. Noribergsp., 1599. 

Bible. New Testament. [Latin.] 

Novi Testamenti, feditio postrema, per D. Erasmum Roterodamura. 
360 leaves. 

8". Basileae, apud Jo. Frobenium, 152.3. 
With a few MS. notes. 

Novi Testamenti totius editio . . . divo Hieronymo interprete ; una 

cum utriusque instrumenti concordantiis, ad singula capita justo ordine 
digestis. (&, H. ff. 243. 

8°. Colonise Agrippinse, per Eucliariu, Geruicornum, 1525. 

Bible. New Testament. [Syriac] 

Liber Sacrosancti Evangelii de Jesu Christo . . . characteribus & 

lingua Syra . . . expressa. 

4". Viennse Austriacse, [in officina Mirhaelis Cymbermanni,] 1555. 

Imperfect ; containing only the four Gospels and the Epistles of St. Paul. 
The Latin title is preceded by one in Syriac. 

Bible. Gospels. [Arabic and Latin.] 

[The Gospels in Arabic, with an interlinear Latin translation by 
Joannes Baptista Raymundus.] pp. 462. 
fol. Itomse, In Typographia Medicea, 1591. 

The book begins, without titlepage, at p. 9, the intended preface and 
dedication never having been written. With woodcuts. 

Bible. Matthew. [Hebreic and Latin.] 

Evangelivm Secvndvm Matthaevm in lingva Hebraica, cum uersione 
latina atcg succinctis annotationibus Sebastiani Munsteri, etc. pp. 154. 
fol. Basileae, apud Henricvm Petrvm, 1537. 
The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Evangelium Secundum Matthaeum in lingua Hebraica, cum versione 

Latina, atque annotationibus Seb. Munsteri . . . Una cum Epistola 
D. Pauli ad Hebrjeos, Hebraice & Latine. pp. 396, followed by 30 
unnumbered leaves. 

8**. Basilese, Apud Henrichum Petri, 1557. 
The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Bible. Peter. [German.] 

Die czwo Epistelu S. Peters, uu eyne Jude. Verdeutscht durch Mart. 
Luther czu wittemberg. m.d.xxii. ©.it, 16 leaves. 
8°. Erlf'urdt, rzum Schwarfzen Horn, 1522. 

c 2 


Bible. Concordance. 

Conoordantiarvm Hebraicarvm capita,, qu{e sunt de Vocum Exposi- 
tionibus, a . . . Mardochai Nathan . . . conscripta, nunc vero ... ad 
verbum ti'anslata per Antonium lleuchHnum. col. 980. 
fol. Basilese, Per Hcnrichum Petri, 1556. 
The Latin title is 2)receded by one in Hebrew. 

Bie (Jacques de) 

La France Metalliqve. Contenant les actions celebres tant pvbliqves 
qve privees des Rois et Reines, remarqvces en levrs medailles d'or, 
d'argent et de bronze. Tiroes des plus cvrievx cabinets, etc. — Explica- 
tion ou description sommaire des medailles, etc. vols. 1, 2. 
fol. Paris, Chez Jean Cantvsat, 1636. 

With a second, engraved, titlepage, on the verso of lohich is an engraved 
portrait of Louis XIII.; and engraved plates. The colophon to vol. 2, 
which contains the ^^Explication," hears the imprint: "J Paris, De 
VImprimerie de Jean Bessin," and the date 1635. Imperfect, icanting 
vol. 3 : " Les Families de la France, etc." 

Imperatorum Romanorum Numismata Aurea a Julio Ciesare ad 

Heraclium continua serie collecta et ex archetypis expressa, etc. 
4". Antverpiae, Typis Gerardi WolsschatiJ et Henrici AertsiJ, 1615. 
With engraved plates. 

Blondus (Flavius) 

Blondi Flavii Forliviensis Historiarum ab inclinatione Romanorum 
imperii liber. 302 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, per Thomnm Alexandrinnm, 1484. 
The title is taken from sig. a, ii recto. 

Boccaccio (Giovanni) 

[11 Decamerone.] ff. 137. 

fol. Venetia, per Giouiini d' Gregorio de Grcgorii fratelli, 1492. 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage and sig. a, i. With woodcuts. 

• II Decamerone di M. Giovan Boccaccio, nuovaraente alia sua intera 

perfettione . . . ridotto per Girolanio Ruscelli. Con le dichiarationi, 
annotation! et avvertimenti del medesinao . . . et con figure nuove, etc. 
pp. 487. 
4". Venetia, VIcenzo Valgrisio, 1552. 

• II Decamenm . . . ricorretto in Roma et emendato .seoondo I'ordine 

del Sacro Cone, di Trento, etc. pp. 580. 

4". Fiorenza, Nella Stamperia de i Giiinii, 1573. 

Bodenstein (Andreas) 

Aus/degung uiind Lewterung etzlicher hevligenn gaschrifften. So dem 
Menschen dienstlich . . . seint zu Christliclien lebe ... In .sonderheit 
Dts creutzes, tzu welchem unser goth und herr den menschen berufft, 
etc. &, H. 26 leaves. 
4«. [Leipsic? Melchior Loithcr ? Ibid.] 


Boemus (Joannes) Anhanus. 

Omnium Gentium Mores, Leges et Ritus ex multis clarissimis rerum 
scriptoribus . . . nuper collecti, etc. pp. 304. 

8°. Apud Friburgum Brisgoiae, Excudebat Joannes Faber Emmeus lutia- 
censis, 1536. 

Boeschenstain (Johann) 

Contenta in hoc libello . . . Elementale introductoriu in Hebreas 
litteras teutonice & hebraice legendas, etc. @. It. 12 leaves. 
4*^. Auguste, Ex officina Erhardi Oeglln, 1514. 

By an error the last four leaves of this work have been bound up between 
the two tracts that precede it in the volume. The Latin title is preceded by 
one in Hebrew. 

Hebraicae Grammatices Institutiones in gratiam Sanctse linguae studio- 

sorum ab Joanne Beschenstain collecte, etc. ©.it, 16 leaves. 
4*^. Apud Inclytam Coloniam Jo. Soter excudebat, 1521. 
The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Boethius (Hector) 

Scotorum Historiae a prima gentis origine, cum aliarum & rerum (k 
gentium illustratione . . . Praemissa epistola nucupatoria ... & non 
poenitenda Isagoge, etc. 42 unnumbered leaves, the first blank ; ff. 21 
and one unnumbered leaf ; ff. 368 and one unnumbered leaf, which is 
blank, ed. pr. 

fol. \^Pari8,^ Typis Jodoci Badii Ascensii, 1526. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Bolzanius (Urbanus) 

Institutiones Graecae Grammaticae. ed. pr. 208 leaves. 
8**. Venetiis, in sedibus Aldi Manutii JBowan/,1497. 
With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Boniface VIII., Pope. 

Liber sextus decretalium. 121 leaves. 

fol. Alma in vrbe magiltina, per Johanne fust due et Pelru schoiffer de 

gernsshem, 1465. 

Printed on vellum. The first page and initial letters are illuminated. 

Bordinus (Joannes Franciscus) Archbishop of Avignon. 

De rebus praeclare gestis a Sixto V. Pon. Max. lo. Francisci Bordini . . . 
Carminum liber primus, pp. 63. 
4*^. Bomae, Apud Franciscum Zanettum, 1588. 
With engraved plates. 

Borghini (Raffaello) 

II Riposo di Raffaello Borghini. In cui della pittura e delta scultura 

si favella, etc. pp. 648. 

8". Fiorenza, Giorgio Marescotti, 1584. 


Bracellus (Jacobus) 

Jacobi Bracellei, . .Lucubratiunes de bello Hispaniensi libri (juincg., de 

Claris Genuensibus libellus unus. ff. 71. 

4**, [Paris,] In Edihus lo. Badii Ascensii, 1520. 

Brancaccio (Lelio) 

Delia nuova disciplina «fe vera arte ruilitare del Brancatio libri vili., etc. 

pp. 201 . 

fol. Venctia, Presso Aldo, 1585. 

Bridget, Saint. 

Prophetia de santa Brigida con alcune alttre Prophetic. €>. %. [In] 4 leaves. 

4". Venetia, per Francesco Bindoni, [1525?] 
With tooodcuts. 

Briessmann (Johann) 

Ad Gasparis Scatzgeyri minoritae plicas responsio . . . per Johan : 
Briesmannvm pro Lvtherano libello de Votis Monasticis. M. Lutheri 
ad Brismannum Epistola de codera. 26 leaves. 
4". [Wittenhurg ? Johann Bhau?] 1523. 

Britannus (Bonifacius) 

Pro Evangelistarum ac Sectarum nostri temporis, maxiine Luterismi 
peste publica I'eprimenda, admouitio, sive Antidotus. ff. 30. 
8°. Parisiis, Apud Nicolaum Chesneau, 1565. 

Bruni (Leonardo) Aretino. 

Aquila Volante ; Nella quale si contiene del principio del Mondo, di 

molte digniss. historic, etc. ff. 215. 

8". Venetia, Francesco Lorenzini, 1563. 

Leonardi Aretini rerum suo tempore in Italia gestarum Commentarius. 

Ejusdem De rebus Gra*cis Liber, pp. 123. 
4 . Luijduni, Apud Seh. Gri/pMum, 1539. 

Buchanan (George) 

llerum Scoticarum Historia. ff. 249. 

fol. Edimhurgi, Apud Alcxandrum Arhuthnatum, 1582. 

Buckridge (John) Bishop of Bochester. 

De Potestate Papa in rebus temporalibus, sive in regibus deponendis 
usurpata, adversus Robertum Cardinaleni Bellarniinum, libri duo, etc. 
pp. 1113. 
4**. Londini, Ex Officina Nortoniana apud Joannem Billium, 1614. 


Ein ausserwoltt Bycchlin wie ein Christemensche ziim ersten soil leernen 
erkennen und wytsen was er von natur sey, wz in im sey, wie er geschaffen 
sey, etc. ©. E. 16 leaves. 
8«. 1524. 


Bugenhagen (Johann) 

Epistjla de Peccato in spirituin sanctu, Vuittembergse edita. 8 leaves. 
4^. Wittembergae, [Johann JRhau, 1521.] 

Von der Evagelischen Messz. . . Auch wie man Messz soil horen. . . Eya 

Ratschlag herr J. Pommer, etc. (©. E. 14 leaves. 

40. [Wittenberg^ 1524.] 

Burckard (Georg) Simlatinus. 

Ettliche Christliche gebett und untterweyssung. Die Magister 
Georgius Spalatinus seyui bruder anzceygt und ubersohickt hat. 
Kurtzer auszug ausz D. Martini Luther biichle. @. H. 8 leaves. 
8**. Erffordt, zcuvi Schwarizenn Horun, 1522. 

Burgo (Lucas de) 

See Paccioli (Luca) 

Butigella (Hieronymus) 

Hieronymi Butigelle. J, U. doc. p. . , Jo Phi. Gabaloifca Oratio. ©. E. 
6 leaves. 
4«. [1500 ^ 


Csedmonis Monachi Paraphrasis Poetica Genesios ac pnvcipuarum Sacrje 
paginfe Historiarum, abhinc annos m.lxx. Anglo Saxonico con.scripta, et 
nunc priraiim edita a Francisco Junio. pp. 106. 
4", Amstelodami, Apiul Christophorum Cunradi. 1655. 

Caesar (Caius Julius) 

I Commentari di C. Giulio Cesare, con le figure in rame . . . fatte da 

Andrea Pa^ladio, etc. pp. 407. 

4". Venetia, Appresso Girolamo Foglietti, 1618. [1598?] 

The date is given on the titlepage as 1618, hut in the colophon it is 
given as 1598. The latter is probably correct. 

■ [Another edition.] pp. 407. 

4". Venetia, Appresso Nicolo Misscrini, 1619. 

[Plates illustrating Cjesar's Campaigns ; with descriptive letterpress 

in Italian, and a map of Spain. Part of a larger work.] 

Calderinus (Domitius) 

Domitii Calderini Veronensis Commentarii in M. Valerium Martialem, 
etc. 218 leaves. 

fol. Inch/ta in Venetianim Ciuitate impressum, cura & dillgentia Thomse 
Alexandrini & sociorum eius, 1482. 

With the bookplate " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." The title is taken 
from, sig. a. it. 

Calepinus (Ambrosius) 

Arabrosii Culepini Dictionarium . , , Additamenta Pauli Manutij, etc. 

457 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, Apnd Panlum ManittiuiUy 1564. 


Callimachus (Philippus) 

P. Calliiuachi (jerminianensis Historia de Rege Vladislao seu clade 
Varnensi. 58 leaves. 

4". Auijuntae Viudelicortim, In offirlni Sigismwvii Grim, atq^ Marci 
Vnirsuiig, lol8. 

With a woodcut. In the colophon the date is given as 1519. 

Camden (William) 

Anglica, Hibernica, Normannica, Canibrica, a veteribus scripta ; ex 

quibus Asser Menevensis, Anonymus de vita Gulielmi Conquestoris, 

Thomas Walsingham, Thomas de la Moi-e, Gulielmus Gemiticensis, 

Giraldus Cambrensis ; pleri(jue nunc primum in lucem editi ex Biblio- 

theca Guilielrai Camdeni, etc. pp. 898. 

fol. Francofurti, Impensis Claudij Marnij, & hseredum Johannis Auhrij, 


Pj). 893-6 are misnumhered 889-92. 

[Another edition.] pp. 898. 

fol. Frankofurti, Impensis Claudij Marnij, & hseredum Johannis Auhrij, 

Annales rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarum regnante Eliaibetha. 

pp. xxvi. 908. 

8". Amstelodami, apud Dan. Elzevir, 1677. 

With engraved titlepage and frontispiece, the latter hearing a portrait 
of Queen Elizabeth. 

Campo (Antonio) 

Cremona fedelissima CittJi, et nobilissima Colonia de Romani rappre- 
sentata in disegno col suo contado, et illustrata d'vna breve historia 
delle cose piv notabile appartenenti ad essa : et dei ritratti natvrali de 
dvchi et dvchesse de Milano, e compendio delle lor vite. ed. pr. 
pp. 120. Ixxviii. 

fol. Cremona, per Hippolito Tromha, d; Hercoliano Bartoli, 1585. 
The titlepage is engraved, and each p)age has a woodcut horder. • 

Canibus (Joannes Jacobus a) 

Compendiolii breuissimii in libros Institutionu3 dni Justiniani Augusti. 

©. ?1. ff. 16. 

4". Padue, per magisti- matheH cerdonis de vuindisch grecz, 1485. 

D. Joannis Jacobi Canis pro iurisconsulto::; collegio in aductu. D, 

Petri Barocci epi Patauini ... Oratio. ©.It. 10 leaves. 

4". [Fadua, Mattheeus Cerdonis, 1487.] 

Canisio (Egidio) Cardinal. 

Oratio prima Synodi Lateranensis habita per Egidium Viterbiensem 
Augustiniani ordinis Generalem. 6 leaves. 
4". Nuremberg^, per Joannem Stuchs, [1512.] 



Canones Apostolorum, Veterum Conciliorum constitutiones. Decreta 
Pontificum antiquiora. De primatu Romana^ Ecclesiiu, etc. &. 170. 
fol. Mojuntise, la sedibus Joan. Schoeffer, 1525. 

With a MS. note on the titlepage : " Drio Bilihaldo Ptrckheymer Senatori 
Patritio Nurnbergse." 

Capaccio (Giulio Cesare) 

Delle imprese. Trattato di Giulio Cesare Capaccio, etc. 3 pts. 
4". Napoli, Gio. Giacomo Carlino, & Antonio Pace, 1592. 
With woodcuts. 

Capito (Wolfgang Fabricius) 

V. Fabritii Capitonis . . . Hebraicarum Institutionum libri duo. 130 


4°. Basilese, Ajmd Jo. Frobenivm, 1518. 

Carion (Johann) 

Bedeutnu* vn ofFenbarung warer himlischer influentz . , . von jam zu jarn 
werende, Biss man schreybt, 1550, etc. (?^, it, ff. 28. 
4". Nurenberg, Friderich Peypus, 1531. 

Beudeutnus unnd offenbarung warer himlischer influentz, Alle 

Landtschafft, Stendt and einflusz klerlich betrelFendt, und von dem 
1540 jar zii jarn werendt, biss man schreibt 1550 jar etc. ©♦ H, 
16 leaves. 

4". Niirenberg, Leonhart Milchtaler, 1540. 

Prognosticatio und Erklerung der grossen Wesserung : Auch anderer 

erschrockenlichen wiirckungen, so sich begebe nach Christi unsers 
lieben hern geburt funfftzeheuhundert uii xxiiij jar, etc. ©♦ It, 
8 leaves. 

4°. Leypssgli, Wolff gang Stbckel, 1522. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Caro (Annibale) 

De le Lettere Familiari del Commendatore Annibal Caro volume 
primo. Di nuovo . . . ristampate, etc. — De le lettere , . . volume secondo, 
etc. 2 vol. [in one]. 
4". Venctia, Appresso Paulo Vgolino, 1603. 

Carolostadius (Andreas) 

See BoDENSTEiN (Andreas) 

Castiglione (Baldassare) Count. 

The Courtier. . .Done into English by Thomas Hobby. Ital., Fr. t£ 

Fug. J3. Vl, ff. 307. 

4". London, John Wolfe, 1588. 



Catcc'liisimis tnlor Kurtzcr unterricht Christlicher Lclir wie der in Kirchen 
uiul Sclnileii der Churfiirstlicheii Pfalz getrieben wird, etc. 72 leaves. 
IG". [n<nilzl(j?] 1G27. 

Cellarius (Joannes) 

Ad Wolpligangum Fabricivm Capitonem. . .loan. Cellarii. . .do vera et 
constanti serie theologic* dispvtationis Lipsicaj epistola, etc. 18 leaves, 
the last blank. 
4". [1.^)19?] 

Isagogicon Joannis Cellarii Gnostopolita' in Hebra'a.s literas, cic. 20 


4'\ Hcujenose, Ex Neocademia Aushelmiana, 151S. 

Judicium Joannis Cellarij de Martino Luthoro. 4 leaves. 

4«. [Leipsic, Melckior Loiter the elder, 1 .520.] 

Nullus Lipsiensis [i.e. Joannes Cellarius ?] respondet Neniini Witten- 

bergensi. ^. ?t, 4 leaves. 
4°. Lipslse, Vaolffijarujus Monacvii, 1.519. 
With a looodcut on the titlepage. 

Cellini (Benvenuto) 

Due trattati, uno intorno alle otto principali arti dell' Oreficeria. L'altro 
in materia dell' Arte della Scultura, etc. ff. 47, followed by seven 
unnumbered leaves. 
4". Fiorenza, Per Valente Panizzij, (& Marco Peri, 15G8. 

Celsus (Aurelius Cornelius) 

Aurelii cornelii celsi medicine libri octo nouiter emedati, etc. €^, It. 

ff. lOG. 

4**. Lugduni, Simon heuehtqua, 1516. 

Celtes (Conradus) 

Coradi Celtis Economia. (8>. H. 4 leaves. 
4". [V.enna, Johann of Wiiiterbnry, 1495.] 

Conradi Celtis Panegyris ad duces bauarie. ^, It. 11 leaves. 

4°. [Auyshurg, Erhard Ratdolt, 1492.] 

]n hoc libello Continentur : Septenaria sodalitas litteraria Germanie ; 

Ausonij Sententie septem Sapientum septenis versibus explicate ; 
Eiusdem Ausonij ad drepanum de ludo septem sapientum ; Epistola 
sancti Hieronynii ad magnii Oratoiem vrbis de legcndis t audiedis 
poetis. (©, IL, 8 leaves. 

4". Vieiiiu; durtn Couradl Celti,>f, [Johaiin of Winterlurg,] 150U. 
With MS. iioles. 


Charles I., King of EntjJand. 

The King's Majesties Declaration to His Subjects concerning lawfull 

Sports to bee used. pp. 17. 

4". London, Robert JSarJcer, 1633. 

Charles IX., King of France. 

Li grandissimi apparati e reali Trionfi fatti per il Re & Regina di 
Franza nel la Gitta di Eaiona, nell' abboccamento della Regina Catholica 
de Spagna, etc. 4 leaves. 
4". Padoca, 1565. 

Charles Emanuel L, Duhe of Savoy. 

II Magnifico ot eccellente Apparato fatto in Turino per il battegiauiento 
dell' illustrissimo Prencipe Charles tigliuolo del sereniss. Emanuel 
Filiberto Duca di Savoia, I'anno 1567 alii 9 di Marzo, etc. 4 leaves. 
4°. Venetia, 1567. 

Chaucer (Geoffrey) 

[The Canterbury Tales. Edited by William Caxton. Second edition.] 
312 leaves, of which the first is blank. 33, H, 
fol. [Westminster, William Caxton, 1484?] 

With looodcuts. Imperfect, wanting 28 leaves, viz. : sig a. i-viii ; h. 
{, ii, vii, via ; aa. viii ; cc. i, viii ; I. i, viii ; K. i-viii ; L. i-iv. Many 
of the leaves are mutilated and soiled. Only one perfect copy of this is 

■ The Boke of the Tales of Canterburie, etc. ^, U. 324 leaves, of 

which the last is blank. 

fol. [London,^ Richard Pynson, [1493 ?] 

With woodcu'.s. Imperfect, wanting two leaves : sig. aa. iv, v. Only 
three perfect copies of this are known. 

The workes of our Antient and learned English Poet, Geffrey Chaucer, 

newly printed. [Edited by Thomas Speght.] The Story of Thebes : 

compiled by John Lidgate, Monke of Bvry. 3tJ, IL, ff. 394 

fol. London, Printed hy Adam Islip at the Charges of Thomas Wight, 


Chrysostom, Saint. 

Divi Joannis Chrysostomi Conciunculse . . . sex de fato & prouidetia Dei. 

[Edited by Erasmus.] 32 leaves. 

8°. Basilese, Apud Joannem Frobenium, 1526. 

• Missa D. Joannis Chrysostomi secundum veterem usum Ecclesiie 

Constantinopolitante . . . Ab Erasmo Roterodamo tralata, etc. 48 leaves. 
4". Colmariae, pter Barptholomeum Gryeningerum, 1540. 

• Divina ac Sacra Liturgia Sancti loannis Chrysostomi. Intei'prete 

Ambrosio Pelargo . . . Ad jecta est doxologia Gi'i«ce simul & Latine . . . 
Adjectfe sunt &. annotationes. . .eodem autore. 24 leaves. 
4". Vormatise, Sebnstianns Wnyner, 1541. 


Ciccarelli (Antonio) 

Le Vite de' pontefici di Antonio Ciccarelli. . .con 1' effigie di Giovan- 

battista de Cav^allieri. ff. 286. 

4**. Itomse, Ex ii/pographia Domini ci Basse, 1588. 

With cntjraved titlepa<je and plates. 

Cicero (Marcus Tullius) 

Ciceronis Opera. . .i quatuor volumina digesta. ed. pr. 4 vols, 
fol. Mediolani, [A. Mimttianns,] 1498-99. 

The title is taken from the sixteenth page of the preliminary matter to 
vol. 1. 

M. T. Ciceronis Opera. Ex Petri Victorii codicibus maxima ex parte 

descripta, etc. 5 pt. 

fol. Parisiis, Ex officina Boherti Stephani, 1538-J9. 
Bound in 4 vols. 

Opera. 8 vols. 

8". Parisiis, Ex officina Boherti Stephani, 1543-50. 

■ Marci Tulij Ciceronis . . . Officio:;^ liber [i. and ii.]. — Marei Tulij 

Ciceronis paradoxa. 88 leaves. 

fol. [Maintz, Johannes Fust (t Peter Gernsshem], 1466. 

Printed on vellum ; the initial letters to the three books are illuminated. 

[De OiBBciis. Translated into German by J. Neuber.] pp. 182. 

fol. Franckfurt am Mayn, hey Christian Egenolffs Erhen, 1565. 

Imperfect, wanting the titlep>age and pp. 175-176. Pp. 95-96 and 
181-182 are mutilated. With woodcuts. 

Somnium Scipionis ex Ciceronis libro de Republica excerptum, etc. 

ff. 90. 

fol. Venetiis, 1492. 

Cieco (Francesco) 

See Bello (Francesco) called Cieco. 

Cipelli (Giovanni Battista) 

See Egnatius (Joannes Baptista) pseud. 


Hoc in uolumine haec opera continentur. Cleonidas liarmonicum intro- 
ductorium interprete Georgio Valla Placentino. L. Vitruuii Pollionis 
de Architectura libri decern. Sexti Julii Frontini de Aqufeductibus 
liber unus. Angeli policiani opusculum quod Panepistemon inscribitur. 
Angeli Policiani in priora analytica prselectio, cui titulus est Lamia, 
fol. Venetiis, Per S. Papiensem, 1497. 
The imprint occurs on sig. L. iv. 


Cleophilus (Octavius) 

Octauii Cleophili Fanensis Libel lus. De C<etu Poetainim. — Octauii 
Cleophili Epistolaru libellus. — Octauii Cleo Fa. epi. ad libellum. 3 pts. 
30 leaves, of which two are blank. 
4°. [Borne? Eucharius Silher ? 1480?] 

Cochise us (Joannes) 

See DoBNEck (Joannes) CocMaeus. 

Cogelerus (Johannes) 

Imagines elegantissimse, qua; niultum lucis ad iutelligendos doctrinse 
ChristianfB locos adferre possunt, collect}*;, partim ex pradectionibus 
Domini Philippi Melanchthon, partim ox scriptis Patrum, etc. 56 leaves. 
8^. Vitehergae, Excudebat Johannes Grata. 1561. 
[With woodcuts.] 

The last leaf, hearing the printer^s device, is mutilated. 

Collenuccio (Pandolfo) 

Pandulphi CoUenutii , . . Historijc ISTeapolitana; ad Herculem I. Ferrarite 
Ducem Libri VI. . .Omnia ex Italico sermone in Latinum conversa, 
J. N. Stupano Rheto interprete, etc. pp. 325. 
4°. Basileae, Apud Petriim Pernam, 1572. 

Colonna (Francisco) 

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, etc. ed. pr. 234 leaves, 
fol. Venetiis, in sedibiis Aldi Manutii, 1499. 


See Rome, Church of. ^Conclave. 

Conestaggio (Girolamo) 

De Portugallise conjunctione cum regno Castellic Histoi'ia. . .ex Italico 
sermone in Latinum conversa. pp. 502. 

8". Francofurti, Tijpis WecJcelianis, apnd Claudium Maryiium & 
heredes Jo. Aubrii, 1602. 

Consentinus (Antonius Thylesius) 
See Thylesius (Antonius) 

Constantine, Emperor of Rome. 

Donatio Constantini Bartholomei picerni de Montearduo ad Julium IT. 
pontificem maximum prj^fatio edicti sive donationis divi Constantini 
(juam e gra;co in latinii convertit foeliciter. 8 leaves. 
4". [Rom.e? Stephan Planch? 1510?] 

[Another copy.] 

Finer aus den hohen Artikeln des Allerheiligesten Bepstlichen glaubens, 

genant, Donatio Constantini. Durch D. Marti. Luther verdeudscht 
inn das auffgeschobene Concilium von Mantua. Wittemberg 1537. 
<©. 2.. 24 leaves. 

4". Witemherg, Hans Lufft, 1537. 



Conatitutionuin Sanctissimorum Patrum Summorumquo Pontificum 
F. 11. Pij III. it Pij V. Liber unus. Accesseruut. . .Constitutiones & 
omnia Decreta qufe hactenus sudita sunt a SanctisHirao D. N. P. P. 
Gregorio XIII. Cum regulis Cancellariai & Bulla quae lecta fuit anno 
1578 in Ccona Domini, etc. ff. 307. 
4". Flahiohricne, Apud Mathi'am Paludanum, 1583. 


El contrast*) de Carneuale i dela Quaresima. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
4«. [Venice, 1520 ^ 

With a woodcut. The leaves have been misplaced in binding. 

El Contrasto de la Biancha i de la Brunetta. [In verse.] 3 leaves. 

4«. [Venice, 1525?] 

With a woodcut. 

El Contrasto de Lacqua n del Vino. Con certe altre canzon bellissime. 

[In verse.] 4 leaves. 

4". [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

El Cotrasto de Lagelo i del Demonio, t come Lagelo mostra la via di 

saluatione al peccatore di (juesta vita presente, per andare alia gloria di 
vita eterna. [In verse.] 2 leaves. 

4*^. Stampato in Arimino, [1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

El contrasto del matrimonio de Tuogno e de la Tamia . . . Item un bel 

testamento de un altro vilau ... 7 el Pianto dela Tamia. [In verse.] 
4 leaves. &, H. 

4". [Venice, Francesco Bindoni,] 1527. 
With a woodcut. 

[II Contrasto del A'ivo e morte.] Begin. lo sono il gran capitano 

della morte, Che tengo le chiave de tutte le porte. End. Finito il 
cotrasto de vivo & morto. [In verse.] 4 leaves, 

4". [F<'n?ce,] Alessandro di bindoni, 1522. 

El Contra.sto di uno Vivo e di uno Morto. Cosa Nova. [In verse.] 

2 leaves. 

4». [Feij/t-e, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Corallus (Abydenus) Oermanus, pseud, [i.e. Joannes Crotus.] 

Oratio ad Carolum Maximum, Augustum it Oerroanio Principes pro 
Vlricho Hutteno ... & Martino Luthero Patiia' et Christiane libertatis 
adsertoribus. 10 leaves. 
4". [Wittenberg / Mclchior hotter the younger ? 1520 ?] 


Corvinus (Laurentius) 

Cosmographia dans manuductionem in tabulas Ptholoniei. 56 leaves, 

the last blank. 

8«. [Basle? U9Q'(] 

Costantino, da Siena, Misser. 

Historia bellissima di misser Costatino da Siena e de misser Georgio da 
Genoua li quali si acopagnorono in viaggio p andare al baron misser san 
Jacomo, etc. [A poem ; followed by " La expositione del pater noster " 
in prose.] 4 leaves. 
4". [Venice,] 1522. 

Cranach (Lucas) 

Hortulus Animte . . . Mit schonen lieblichen Figuren [by Lucas Cranach]. 
(?§, it, 124 leaves, the last blank. 
4". Wittemberg, Georg Bhaw, 1558. 

Crassus (Nicolaus) 

Nicolai Crassi Junioris Elogia Patritiorum Venetorum, belli, pacisque 

artibus illustrium. pp. 107. 

4°. Venetiis, Ajpud Evangelistam DeucMnum, 1612. 

Croke (Richard) 

R. Croci Britanni, Achademie Lipsensis Encomivm congratvlatorivm. 
8 leaves, the last blank. 
4«. [Leipsicf 1516?] 

Crotus (Joannes) 

See Corallus (Abydenus) Germanus, pseud, 

See Eubulus (Constantinus) Moventinus, pseud. 

Cusanus (Nicolaus) 

See Khrypffs (Nicolaus) de Cusa. 

Danseus (Lambertus) 

Ad Libellum ab anonymo quodam libertino recens editum, hoc titulo, De 
Externo seu visibili Dei Ecclesia, etc. pp. 95. 
8". [Geneva,] Aptid Eustathium Vignon, 1582. 

Dante Alighieri. 

Dante, con 1' espositione di Christoforo Landino et di Alessandro Vellu- 
tello . . . Con tavole, argomenti &, allegorie . . . riueduto per Francesco 
Sansovino Fiorentino. ft". 392. 

fol. Venetia, Giouambattista, Marchio Sessa, li fratelli, 1564. 
With woodcuts. 

[Another copy.] 


David Ben Joseph Kimchi. 

[The Book of Psalms with the commentary of David Bon Joseph Kimchi.] 

fol. [/«»//, 1541.] 

. Comnientariuni llebraicuni Rabbi David Kimhi in decern primes 

Psalmos Davidicos ; cum versioiie latina . . . per Paulum Fagiuiu. 

pp. 60. 

fol. Constantiac, 1544. 

The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Decius (Jodocus Ludoviciis) 

Diarii et earum (juse memoratu digna in . . . Sigisinundi, Polonia^ Regis 
et . . . Bona* Mediolani, Baricg Ducis Principis Kossani nuptiis gesta . . . 
Descriptio. 34 leaves. 
4". Graccouise, per HieronymU Vietore PhilouaUen, 1518. 


Dialogus von der zwitrachtung des heyligen Christenlichen glaubcns 
neulich entstanden, darin der mensch vnderricht wirt, wie er sich in 
denen vnd andern yrtbumben halten sol. Widerumb fleyssig uberlesen 
gebessert vnd gemeret. 4 leaves. (©, il, 
40. [1522?] 

Didymus, Faventinus, pseud. 
See Melanchthon (Philipp) 

Dietrich (Veit) 

Wie die Christen zur zeit der verfolgung sicli trosten s«)llen. <©, it, 

72 leaves, the last two blank. 

8". Nurmberg, Johan vom Benj and Ulrlch Ncwher, 1548. 


Begin. [Sig. A. ii.] Dio non inuoco cjuel che la vittoria. [A poem.] 
20 leaves. 

4". Venetia, per Bernardino de Viano de Lexona Vercellese, 1527. 
With woodcuts. Imperfect, wanting sigs. A. i, B. i and B. ir. 

Diogenes Laertius, 

De uita i^t raoribus philosophorum. 112 leaves. 

8". Venetiis, impensis nobills uiri Odauiani Sroti ciais Modoeti^sis, 1490. 


Begin, [fol. i. verso.] In hoc volumine continentur. Diomedes De 
structuris ik differentia sermonis, etc. 170 leaves, 
fol. [Ff'n/V<',] Nicolau.'i lenson Gallieus, [1480?] 

Dion Cassius. 

Twi' Atcovos 'P(i)fj.aiKwv 'l(TTrpi(j)v /Sf/SXta ttcvtc kui ilKWTL. Dionis Cassii 
Romanarvm Historiarvm libri xxv., ex G Xylandri inter^jretatione ; 
Grk. (t Lat. pp. 792. 
fol. [^Geneva ?] Henricns Stejdianns, 1592. 

Dion Cassius. 

'Ek TOiV Aiajvo? 'EfcXoyat 'Iwavvou tov Ht^tXivov. E. Dione Excerptae 
historiae ab Joanne Xiphilino. Ex interpretatione Guilielmi Blanci, a 
Guilielmo Xylandro recognita. Grh. & Lat. pp. 375, followed by eleven 
unnumbered leaves, 
fol. [Geneva?], Henricus Stejphanus, 1592. 

Dionysius, of Halicamassus. 

Alovvctlov tov ' A\LKapva(T(T€0)<i 'F<DfJLaiKr]<; 'Ap^^atoXoyias ^i)8\ia SeKa, etc. 
ED. PR. pp. 542. 

fol. Lutetiae, Ex qfficina JRoh. Stephani, 1546. 
With, a few MS. notes. 

■ AiowcTLOv TOV ' AXiKapvacraew'i UepL Sw^etrcws 'OvofJMTwv, etc. ED. PE. 

pp. 128. 

fol. Lutetiae, Ex officina Bob. Stephani, 1547. 
With a few MS. notes. 

Dobneck (Joannes) CocMseus. 

Historia Joannis Cochkei de actis et scriptis Martini Lutheri Saxonis, 
chrongraphice, ex ordine ab Anno Domini m.d. xvii. usq ; ad Annum 
M.D. xLVi. inclusiue, fideliter conscripta . . . Cui nunc recens adiecimus 
Antidotum contra veneficium Sectarum huius temporis, Bonifacio 
Britanno autore, etc. pp. 72, fF. 322, 30. 
8°. Parisiis, Apud Nicolaum Chesneau, 1565. 

Quadriuium Grammatices Joannis Coclaei Norici Compendiosa brevitate 

perspicvvm, velox ad manseuetiores literas cvrriculum pro iuuentute 
Nurenbergensi inprimis elucubratum, etc. 84 leaves. 

4°. Tuhingse, in sedibus Thomse Anshelmi Badensis, 1513. 

With MS. notes ; and the bookplate " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Tetrachordii Nusices Joannis Coclei Norici . . . nuper contextii iuuetutis 

Laurentiane Eruditione, etc. ^, It, 30 leaves. 

4*^. Nurnberge, in officino Joannis Weyssen, 1511. 

Doglioni (Giovanni Niccolo) 

L'Anno, dove si ha perfetto, et pieno raguaglio, di quanto puo' ciascun 
desiderare, si d' intorno alio cose del Mondo Celeste, &, Elementare, come 
d' intorna a quelle de' Tempi, &, del Oalendario, etc. ff. 49. 
4**. Venetia, Gio. Antonia Bampazetto, 1587. 
With woodcuts. 

Dondis (Jacobus de) 

[Aggregatio Medicamentorum.] Begin, [fol. i. recto] Fructiferum 
medicis acturus opus ... ego ... aggregabo etc. ©, H, 284 leaves, the 
last blank, 
fol. [Weidenbach? UIO^ 

With the bookplate " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 


Doni (Antonio Francesco) 

Inferni del Doni, Academico Pellogrino, Libro secondo do mondi. 
pp 224. 

4". Viriegia, Francesco Marcolini, 1553. 
With woodcuts. 

Dubravius (Joannes) 

Theriobulia Joannis Dubrauii . . . de Regiis pneceptis. 38 loaves. 
4". Number gse, per Fcedericu Peypus, 1520. 

DuPrat (Antoinc) Cardinal. 

Oratio habita Bonoie cora Leone X. Pont. max. i froquoti Cardinaliu 
Concilio ; ipso Rege Chi'istiani.ssinio presente : a . . . Antonio Prato 
magno Gallie Cancellario Tortio Idus Decobris M.D. xvi. 4 leaves. 
4«. [Borne ? 15161] 

DUrer (Albrecht) 

Apocalipsis cu figuris. 16 leaves. 

fol. Nurnberge, p Albcrtum Durer, 1511. 

- Epitome in Divfe Parthonicos Mariae Historiam, ab Alberto Durero 
Norico per figuras digestam, cum versibus annexis Chelidonii. 20 leaves, 
fol. Nurnberge, per Albertum Durer, 1511. 

- Passio domini nostri Jesu, ex hieronymo paduano, Dominico Mancino, 
Sedulio, et Baptista Mantuano, per fratem Chelidonium collecta, cum 
liguris Alberti Dureri Norici Pictoris. 12 leaves, 

fol. Nurnberge, per Albertum Durer, 1511. 

Ebsrlein (Johann) 

Das lob der Pfarrer von dcm unnutzon kosten dor golegt wirt von dcm 
gemainen unverstendigen volck autl' niesz Icsen, etc. [I>y Johann 
Eberlein.] @. ?t, G leaves, the last blank. 
4«. [Ulm? 1521.] 

Eck (Johann von) 

See Johann, von Eck. 

Egidius, Viterbiensis. 

See Canisio (Egidio) Cardinal. 

Eginhardus, Abbot of Sdigenstadt. 

Vita et (Jesta Karoli Magni. pp. 1G9. 
4''. Apud inclijtam Germanise Cnloniatn, Jo. Sotcr, 1521, 
The titlepage, which has a looodcut, is mutilated. 


Egnatius (Joannes Baptista) pseud, [i.e. Giovanni Battista Cipelli.] 

In hoc volumine continentur Joannis Baptistae Egnatii Veneti de 
Cpesaribus libri iii. , . , Ejusdem in Sparbiaui, Lampridiiq ; uitas, & 
reliquorum annotationes. Neruse Ti'ajani atq ; Adriani principum uitse 
ex Dione, Georgio Merula interprete, etc. 2 pts. 
8°. Venetm, in aedihus Aldi el Andreae Soceri, 1516, 

Eichmann (Jodocus) de Calwe. 

[ Vocabularius Predicantium.] Vai'iloquus . . . copilatus p . . . mgrm ioliane 
melber de geroltzhof en ex sermonibus auditis . . . sub venerado viro . . . 
Jodoco eychman de kalw. (?|, It. ff. 172, 
4'^. Argn. j> Johanne Pruss, 1488. 
Imperfect, wanting the titlepage. 

Elijah Ben Asher, tlie Levite. 

Opusculum recens Hebraicum a doctissimo hebraeo Eliia Levita Germano 
grammatico elaboratum, cui titulum fecit . . . Thisbites, in quo 712 uocum, 
qug sunt partim Hebraice, Chaldaicse, Arabice, Grsecse & Latinae, quecg 
in Dictionarijs non facile inveniuntur. . .origo, etymon, & uerus usus. . . 
explicatur, per Paulum Fagium . . . latinitate donatum. Heb. dt Lat. 
pp. 271. 
4". Isnae in Algauia, 1541. 

Eliot (John) 

Mamusse Wunneetupanatamwe Uf-Biblum God, etc. [John Eliot's 
translation of the Bible into the Massachusetts Indian language.] 2 pts. 
4°. Cambridge, [Mass.,] Samuel Green hah Marmaduke Johnson, 1661—63. 
Imperfect; wanting 4 leaves, sig. Gc. i-iv. The first Bible printed on the 
American Gontinent. 

Wehkomaonganoo asquam Peantogig, etc. [Eliot's translation into 

Massachusetts Indian language of Richard Baxter's "A Call to tlie 
Unconverted."] pp. 128. 

8". Gambridge, [Mass.,] Samuel Green hah Marmaduke Johnson, 1664. 
la the original boards. No other copy of this worh is hnown to exist. 

Emser (Hieronymus) 

A Venatione Luteriana Aegocerotis assertio. Emser. Noster hie 
Aegoceron sine culpa non sine foeno : Ludit Venantis Retia tela canes. 
22 leaves. 
4«. [Leipsic, Melchior hotter the Elder, 1579 1] 

With a woodcut of the arms of Emser on the titlepage. 

De disputatioe Lipsicensi : quantum ad Boemos obiter deflexa est : 

Epistola Hieronymi Emser. 6 leaves. 

4". [Leipsic'? Melchior Lotter the elder '^ Ibl^.] 

With a woodcut of the arms of Emser on tlie titlepage. 

See Luther (M.) Ad ^gecerotem Emserianvm M. Lvtheri additio. 

[In answer to Emser's " De disputatione Lipsicensi."] 

See Luther (M.) An den Bock zu Leyptzck [i.e. that of Emser], 

etc. [1521.] 

Ji 2 


Erasmus (Desiderius) 

Erasmi Roterodami Adagiorum Chiliades tres, ac centuriae fere totidem. 

ff. 249. 

fol. Venctm, in aedtbna Ahlt, 1508. 

With the bookplate : " Bilibaldi PirJceymJieri effigies." 

- Aliquot EpLstolae sane a^ elegantes Erasmi Roterodami, & ad liunc 
aliorum eruditissimorum hominum, etc. pp. 270, followed by one 
unnumbered leaf. 

4**. Apud inclytam Germanise Basileam, In aedibus Frobenianis, 1518. 

■ Antibarbarorum D. Erasmi Roterodami liber unus, etc. pp. 150. 

4". JBasileae, apud lo. Frobenium, 1520. 

' Apologia Erasmi Roterodami refellens quorudam seditiosos clamores 

apud populum, qui velut impium insectabatur, quod verterit, In principio 
erat sermo, etc. pp. 24. 
4°. Basileae, apud lo. Frobenium, 1 520. 

Erasmi Roterodami Apologia, refellens suspiciones quorundam dictitantiii 

dialogum D. Jacobi Latomi de tribus Unguis & ratione studii Theologici, 
coscriptum fuisse adversus ipsum, etc. pp. 72» 

4«. [Basle, J. Frobenius, 1519.] 

— — Auctarium selectarum aliquot Epistolarum Erasmi Roterodami ad 
Eruditos et horum ad ilium, pp. 223. 
4". Basileae, apud lo. Frobenium, 1518. 

[Colloquia.] I Ragionamenti, overo Colloqui Famigliari di Desiderio 

Erasmo Roterodamo. Di Latino in volgare giii tradotti, etc. pp. 547. 
8**. Vinegia, nella bottega d' Erasmo di Vincenzo Valgrisi, 1549. 

Des. Erasmi Roterodami De duplici Copia verborum, ac i-erum 

Coiiientarij duo. Erasmi de ratione studij de <^ pueris instituendis 
Comentariolus . . .Erasmi de laudibus literariaj socit talis, etc. pp. 295. 
4**. Basileae, apud lo. Frobenium, 1521. 

Erasmi Roterodami Dvo Epistolia de Cavsa Lvterana. 2 leaves. 

5°. [1525?] 

I Contenta in hoc Libello Erasmi Roterodami Epistola, ad illustriss, 

Principe ac Duce Saxoniae &:c. Fridericii. Positiones Joannis Eckii, 
scholasticfe. Positiones Martini Lutherii theologicie. Coclusioes 
Andreae Carolostadii, theologicie. 6 leaves. 
4°. [Leipsic, Melchior Lotter, 1519.] 


Erasmus (Desiderius) 

Libellus novus et elegans D. Erasmi Roterodami de Pueris statim ac 
liberaliter instituendis, etc. pp. 487. 

4**. Basileae, per Hieronymum Frohenium, Joannem Heruagium, & 
Nicolaum Episcopium, 1529. 

D. Erasmi Roterodami Opus de conscribendis epistolis. . .Parabolarum 

sive Similium liber ab autore recognitus. 2 pts. 

4°. Basileae, apud lo. Frobleniutri], 1522. 

The second part has been, in error, hound up to precede the first. 

Opvs Epistolarvm Des. Erasmi Roterodami, per Avtorem diligenter 

recognitvm et adjectis innumeris nouis, fere ad trientem auctum. pp. 1010. 
fol. Basilese, ex officina Froheniana, 1529. 

Des. Erasmi Roterodami Responsio ad epistolam paraeneticam . . .Albert! 

Pii, Carporum Principis, etc. pp. 127. 

4**. Basileae, Froben[ius^, 1529. 

Erizzo (Sebastiano) 

Discorso di M. Sebastiano Erizzo. Sopra le Medaglie degli Antichi. 
Con la Dichiaratione delle Monete Consulari, &, delle Medaglie de gli 
Imperadcti Romani. . .Di nuouo in questa quarta Editione dall' istesso 
Authore rcuisto, & ampliato. pp. 572. 
8". Vinegia, Gio. Varisco & Paganino Paganini, [1571.] 


' Etv fj-oXoyLKOv fxeya Kara aX.(f>aftriTov, Travv w^cXi/tov. [By Marcus Musurus.] 

224 leaves. 

fol. [Venice?] 1499. 

— — [Another edition.] Me-ya 'ErvfjioXoytKov, etc. ff. 175. 
fol. Venetijs, apud Federicum Turrisanum, 1549. 

Eubulus (Constantius) Moventinus, pseud, [i.e. Joannes Crotus.] 

Oratio Constantii Eubuli Mouentini, de uirtute Clauiii, & Bulla con- 

demnationis Leonis Decimi, Contra Martinum Lutheruni, etc. 14 


4°. [1521?] 


Liber elementonim. ed pr. (&. H, 137 leaves, 
fol. Venetijs, Erhardus ratdolt, 1482. 
The title is taken from sig. a. ii. 

Elementale geometricum, ex Euclidis Geometria a Johanne Va'gelin. 

flF. 18. 

4**. [Vienna,] in sedibus Joanis Singrenij, 1528. 


EupiTTt'Sou TpaywSi'ai eTrraKai^CKa Stv mou /xct iirjyrja-ewv, etc. 2 vols, [in one.] 
8°. Venetm, apud Aldum, 1503. 

Wi7/t </je Pirckheimer bookplate: "Spes, trihulaiio, invidia, tolerantia." 

Eusebius, Bishop of Cacsarea. 

Begin. [Sig. a. 2 recto, after 1 1 leaves containing the " Tabula "] 
Eusebii Caesariensis Episcopi Chronicon, id est temporum breviarum 
incipit foeliciter : quern Hieronymus Praesbiter. . .ingenio latinum 
facere curavit, etc. 170 leaves. 
4°. Venetils, Erhardus Batdolt, 1483. 

With MS. notes and additions ; and the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi 

Eustathius, Archbishop of Thessalonica. 

Et'orra^tov 'A/3;)(i£7ricrK07rov ©ecro-aAoviKr^s HapiK/ioXai ets rrjv 'Ofjirjpov 'IXtaSa 
Kttt '08vo-o-etav, etc. 2 vols, 
fol. Basilese, Froben[iu8], 1559-60. 

Evangelical Mass. 

Von der Evagelischen Messz . . . Auch wie man Messz soil horen . . . Eyn 
Katschlag herr J. Pommer, etc. &, %, 14 leaves. 
4". [Wittenberg? 1524.] 

Fabri (Ottavio) 

L' uso della squadra mobile, etc. ff. 57. 
8°. Venetia, Francesco Barilleti, 1598. 
With engraved titlepage and illustrations. 

Fabricii (Principio) 

Delle Allusioni, Imprese, et Emblemi del Hig. Principio Fabricii sopra 
la vita, opere, et attioni di Gregorio XIII. Pontefice Massimo libri vi, 
etc. pp. 400. 
4". Boma, Bartolomeo Grassi, 1588. 

With engraved titlepage and illustrations. The above is the imprint on 
the titlepage. That in the colophon is " Boviae, Apud lacobum Bujjinellum." 

Pagius (Paulus) 

Exegesis sive Expositio Dictionum Hebraicarum litcralis k simplex, in 
quatuor capita Geneseos, pro studiosis lingua? hebraica?. 92 leaves. 
4". Isnne, 1542. 

The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 


Fagius (Paulus) 

Liber Fidei, preciosus bonus et jucundus, quern aedidit vii* quidam Israelites 
... ad docendii & coinprobandum . . . quod fides Christianorum quam 
haVjent in Deum patrem, filium &. spiritum sanctum, . .perfecta recta 
ifeindubitata sit. Ideo vocavit nomen ejus Sepher Aeraana. Translatus 
ex lingua Hebr^a . . . opera P. Fagii. Heh. d Lat. 2 pts. 
4". Isnse, 1542. 

The Latin title is preceded by one in Ilehrew. 

Sententiae vere elegantes, piae, mireque, cum ad linguani discendam, 

turn animum pietate excolendum utiles, veterum sapientum Hebraiorum 
, . . Capitula, aut si mauis Apophtegmata Patrum nominant ; in Latinum 
uersse, scholiis(j illustratse per Pauluni Fagiurn, etc. pp. 134, followed 
by one unnumbered leaf. 

4^. Isnae in Algauia, 1541. 

Faventinus (Didymus) pseud. 
See Melanchtiion (Philipp) 

Fenestella (Lucius) pseud, [i.e. Andreas Dominicus Floccus.] 

L. Fenestellse de Magistratibus, Sacerdotiisq ; Romanorum libellus . . . 
Pomponii Laeti itidem de magistratibus & sacerdotiis, & praeterea do 
diversis legibus Rom. Item Valerii Probi grammatici de Uteris antiquis 
opusculum. pp. 92. 
8". Basilese, Apud Valentinum Curionem, 1523. 

Feyrabend (Sigmund) 

[Wapen und Stammbuch darinnen der Keys. Maiest. Chur und 
Fiirsten, GrafFen, Freyherrn deren von Adel, &c. Mit . . . Figuren 
durch ... J. Amen gerissen, etc.^ ^, H, 87 leaves, 
fol. GedrucTit zu FrancJcfurt am Mayn, durch Johannem Schmidt, 1579. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepage and sig. F. ii, H. ii, I. i—iv, Q. ii, Hi. 
Sig. X. ii and iv are mutilated. 

Ficino (Marsiglio) 

Epistola veritatis : de institutione principis ad Cardinalem Riarium 
Oratio Christiani gregis ad Xistum Pontificum Romanorum. Declama 
tiuncula ad genus humanum de Vitse institutione. De Officiis. Oratio 
ad Deum Theologica. ff. 15, and one unnumbered leaf. 
4°. Basile^, opera Thomse loolff, 1519. 

The last leaf bears a woodcut and the printer's device. 

Tractatus Singularis . . . Marsilij Ficini de epidemise morbo, ex Italico 

in Latinum versus, ff. 30. 

4^. Augustae VindelicoT}., in Sigismundi Grim Medici (& Marci Vuyrsung 
officina, 1518. 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Filelfo (Francesco) 

Begin. Franciscus Philelfus D. Benedicto Aliprando Canonico Sa;culari 
S. @. H. 2 leaves. 
40. [1510?] 


Filelfo (Francesco) 

Fabule clarissimi poeto Philolphi. ©. IL. 23 leaves. 
4«. Veneciis, 1480. 

Tlte title is taken from the colophon. 

Piorentino (Christoforo) 

Lix Sala di Malagigi. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
4". [Fen/V-e,] Per Frdcesco Bindoni, 152G. 
With a woodcut. 

Piorentino (Joannes) 

Hystoria di Lazaro Martha i Magdalona. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
4^^. [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 


Fioretti di Paladini. [In verse.] ©, IC. 4 leaves. 
4« [Venice,] 1524. 
With a woodcut. 

Pirenzuola (Agnolo) 
Prose, ff. 112. 
8^. Fiorenza, [Bernardo di Giunta,] 1548. 

— — Ragionamenti. ff. 96. 

8*^. Fiorenza, Bernardo di Giunta, 1548. 

Pirmicus Maternus (Julius) 

lulii Firmici Astronomicorum libri octo . . . Marci Manilii astronomi- 
corum libri quinque. Arati Phsenomena . . . Theonis commentaria 
... in Arati phaenomena. Procli Diadochi Sphoera, etc. ed. PR. 
376 leaves, 
fol. Venetiis, cura it diligentia Aldi Bo., 1499. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimcr." 

Placius (Matthias) 

De lesv nomine Christi servatoris nostri proprio contra Osiandrum. 
De Jehova nomine ueri Dei proprio. 14 leaves. 
4**. Wittebergx, ex officina lohannis Cratonis, 1552. 

PIOCCUS (Andreas dominicus) 

See Fenestella (Lucius) pseud. 

Plorentina, von Ohcr Weimar. 

Eyn geschicht wie Got eyner Erbarn kloster Jungfrawen nussgeholffen 
hat, etc. [Written in the name of Florcntina von Ober Weimar, but 
probably by Luther.] &, E. 8 leaves. 
4". [Nurembrrij:'] 1524. 


Ponteius (Joannes Baptista) 

De Prisca Caesiorvm Gente . . . Commentariorvm libri dvo. Cum 
lulii lacobinii Appendice. 2 pts. 
fol. Bonomae, Apud Joannem Hosiumy 1582, 83. 
The titlejpage is engraved^ 

Pontius (Bartholomeus) 
Orationes. 52 leaves. 
[Florence, S. J. de Bipolis? 1478?] 

With the bookplate : " Bilibaldi PirJceymheri effigies." 

Portunatianus (Chirius) 

Consult! Chirii Fortunatiani artis Rhetoricse scolicae liber, etc. 
40. [1450?] 

With the hooJcplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheinier." The title is taken 
from sig. a. ii. 

Pracan (Montalboddo) 

Itinerariu Portugallesiu e Lusitania in India 1 inde in occidentem 1 
demum ad aquilonem. ff. 88 ; followed by the Index, the two leaves of 
which are duplicated in this copy, 
fol. [Milan, J. A. Scinzenzeler,] 1508. 
With a woodcut map on the titlepage. 


Ein frage des gantzen heiligen Ordens der Kartenspieler vom Karnoffel, 
an das Concilium zu Mantua gebessert 1537. @* IL* 4 leaves. 
4". [1537.] 


Fragmenta vetustissimorum autoru, summo studio ac diligentia nunc 

recognita. pp. 102, 

4°. Basileae, Apud Jo. Beb[elium]y 1530. 

Prancis, of Assisi, Saint. 

La Vita del glorioso Santo Francesco da scesi. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
40. [Venice, 1525?] 
With a tvoodcut. 

Prontinus (Sextus Julius) 

Sextus lulius Frontinus . . . de re militari. Flavius Vegetius . . . de 
re militari. Aelianus de instruendis aciebus. Modesti libellus de 
uocabulis rei militaris. 98 leaves, 
fol. Bononise, Plato de Benedictis, 1496. 


Frotola d'un vilan dal Bonden che se voleua far Cittadin in Ferrara. 
[A ballad.] 4 leaves. 
4". [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 



Frotola nova dc imo Bergamasco cho donianda a corte done so hfino 
debisogno de uno faniegliu. Co certe altre gotileze. [In verse.] 
4 leaves. 

4". [Venice, Francesco Bindoni,] 1527. 
With a woodcut. 


Frotole none composte da piu autori, cioo Tu to parti o cor mio caro : 
con la risposta. Che fera dela mia vita, etc. 2 loaves. 
4". [Venice, Francesco Bindoni, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Frugoli (Antonio) 

Pratica e Scalcaria d' Antonio Frugoli Lucchcse. Intitolata Pianta di 
Delieati Frutti da seruirsi a qualsiuoglia Mensa di Prencipi e gran 
Signori, etc. pp. 464. 
4". Boma, Francesco Caualli, 1631. 

Galenus (Claudius) 

Galeni . . . exhortatio ad bonas arteis . . . D. Eras. Roter. intorprete. 

32 leaves. 

8". Basileae, Apud loan. Froh., 1526. 

Gallo (Paolo) 

lesu Maria. Modello breve di contemplarc il Rosario di Maria Vergine. 
10 leaves. 

4°. Venetia, i Guerra fratelli, 1586. 
With woodcuts. 

Gamucci (Bernardo) 

Libri quattro dell' Antichita della Citta di Roma, raccoltc sotto brevita 
da diversi antichi et moderni Scrittori, etc. pp. 200. 
4°. Venetia, ])er Gio. Varisco, e Comjjagni, 1565. 
With woodcuts. 

Gangra, Council of. 

Ein Alt Christlich Concilium, fur zwelff hundert jaren zu Gangra inn 
Paphlagonia gehalten, wider die hoch genante heiligkeit der Monchen 
und Widerteuffer . . . Durch ... J. Kynieus . . . verdeudsoht und 
ausgelegt. Mit einer Vorrhede D. M. Lutheri. ©, It, 38 leaves, of 
which the fourth is blank. 
4**. Wittemberg, Joseph Klug, 1537. 

Garlandia (Joannes de) 
See UouTULANU.s, p»cu(Z. 


Garzoni (Joannes) 

Jo. Garzonis Bononiensis do Rebus Saxoniae, Thuringiae, Libonotriae, 
Misnae, et Lusatiae, libri duo. pp. 60. 
4°. Basileae, a^md lo. Frobenium, 1518. 

Gauricus (Pomponius) 

Pomponii Gavrici NeapoHtani de Scvlptvra, etc. pp. 47. 
4". Norimbergae, Apud Johan, Petreium, [1542 ?] 

Gaza (Tbeodorus) 

Theodori Gazae . . , Liber de Mensibus Atticis, Joanne Perrello interprete, 

etc. GrJc. <& Lat. pp. 151. 

8". Basileae, Per BaltJiasarem Lasium & Thomam Platterum, 1536. 

Gazius (Antonius) 

De Conservatione Sanitatis. 118 leaves, the last blank, 
f ol. Venetiis, per loliannem de forliuio & Gregorium fratres, 1491. 
With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi PircJcheimer." 


Schone Trostliche und einbrunstige Gebettlein auss H. Gottlicher schriffb 

genomen, ete. (^» H. 48 leaves. 

32«. [Dantzig, Andreas Hiinefeldt, 1G27 ?] 

Genesis, Book of 

See Bible. — Genesis. 

Georgius, Trapesuntius. 

Georgii Trapesuntii . . . Rhetoricorum liber primus, etc. 100 leaves, the 
first blank. 

fol. Med[iolani^, in Libraria Leonardi Pachel officina, 1493. 
With MS. notes. The title is taken from sig. a it. 

German Requiem. 

Das Teiitsch Requiem der verbranten BuUen und Bapstlichcn Rechten. 

[By Martin Luther.] ^. E, 4 leaves. 

4°. [Augsburg'? Sigismund Grimm and Marcus Wirsung'? 1520?] 

GiambuUari (Pier Francesco) 

Historia della Europa. ff. 166. 

4°. Venetia, appresso Francesco Sencse, 1566. 

With a woodcut portrait of the author on the verso of the titlepage. 

Giraldus (Lilius Gregorius) 

Lilii Graegorii Ziraldi Ferrariensis Syntagma de Musis. 16 leaves 
4". Argantorat., Matthias Schilrerius, 1511. 
With woodcuts. 


Giustiniani (Leonardo) 

Questi strambotti scrisso di sua inano in preposito di ciascaduno amatore 
il nobile Misser Leonardo Justiuiano. 2 leaves. 
40. [Venice, Uy25t] 
With a woodcut. 

Glareanus (Henricus) 

See Loritus (Henricus) Glareanus. 

Gnidius (Mattha?us) 

Defensio Christianorum de Cruco, id est, Lutheranoruni. Cum pia 
admonitione F. Thomae Murnar, etc. 12 leaves, the last blank. 
4«. [Strashurg, Johann Schott, 1520.] 


Governo de fameglia. Historia noua a preposito de ciascaduno padro 
ouer gouernadore de fameglia, etc. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
4«. [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Gregory, Saint. 

Divini Gregorij Nyssae Episcopi . . . Libri Octo. I. De Honiine. IT. De 
Anima. III. De Elementis. IV. De Viribus animtw. V. De Volutario et 
involutario. VI. De Fato. VII. De Libero arbitrio. VIII. De Provi- 
dentia. flP. 60. 

fol. Argentorati, ex officina lihraria Matthias Schurerij Selestensis, 1512. 
With the bookplate : " Liher Bilihaldi Pirckheimer." 

■ In Ecclesiastem Solomonis metaphrasis Divi Gregorii neocaesariensis 

Episcopi. Interprete CEcolampadio, etc. 16 leaves. 
4". [Augustse Vindelicorum, in ojjicina Sigismundi Grim, ac Marci Vuir- 
8ung, 1520.] 

Imperfect, wanting all except the first four leaves. 

Gretser (Jacob) 

Jacobi Gretseri . . . Bavius et Maevius ; ille, ut delirus Alchymista, 
antimonio, hie tanquam insipiens prsedicans, hellebore nigro curatus, 
etc. pp. 387. 
4**. Ingolstadii, Ex Tjipographia Adami Sartorii, 1605. 

With the arms of Henry Howard, first Earl of Northampton, on the 

Gretzinger (Benedict) 

Ein vniiberwindtlich Beschirm buchlein von Haubt Artickeln, unnd 
furnemlichen puncten der gotlichen geschrifft. Auss dem Alten vund 
Kewen Testament. ©♦ ?t, 44 leaves. 
80 [1523?] 


Greyffenberger (Hans) 

Die Welt sagt sy sehe kain besserung vonn den, die sy Luterisch mennet 
was besserung sey, ein wenig hierin begriffen. ©, ?l, 4 leaves, the last 
40. 1523. 

Guagninus (Alexander) 

SarmatiflB Europeic descriptio, quse regnum Poloniae, Lituaniam, Samo- 
gitiam, Russiam, Massoviam, Prussiani, Pomeraniam, Livoniam, et 
Moschovise Tartariseque partem complectitur, etc. ff. 119. 
fol. Spirse, Apud Bernardum Alhinum, 1581. 
With woodcuts. 

Guainerius (Antonius) 

Practica Antonij Guainerij papiensis doctoris clarissimi. Et omnia 

opera, ff. 146. 

fol. Venetijs, per Joannem hertzog, 1500. 

Gualtieri, Marquis of Saluzzo. 

Historia celeberrima di Gualtieri Marchese di Saluzzo, il quale elesse di 
maritarsi in Griselda, etc. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
4«. [Femce, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Gualtieri, Misser. 

Egloga pastorale t moralissima composta per il clarissimo poeta Misser 
Gualtieri. 4 leaves. 
4«. [Fen/ce, 1525?] 
With woodcuts. 

Guarini (Giovanni Battista) 

II Pastor Fido, tragicommedia pastorale . . . Ora in questa xxvii impres- 
sione di curiose & dotte Annotationi arrichito, & di belissime Figure in 
rame ornato. Con un Compendio di Poesia tratto da i duo Verati, 
etc. 2 pts. 
4**. Venetia, Appresso Gio. Battista Ciotti, 1602. 

With engraved plates, and engraved portrait of the author. 


La guerra del Turcho e la presa de Modone. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
4«. [Femce?] 1526. 
With a woodcut. 

Guethel (Caspar) 

Schuczrede widder eczliche ungetzembdte frecho Clamanten, wilche die 
Evangelischen lerer Schuldigen wie das sie eynen newen Glawben 
predigen, etc. ^.IL. 16 leaves. 
4°. [Wittenberg, Johann Bhau, 1522.] 


Guiducci (Mario) 

Discorso delle Cometc. pp. 54. 

4°. Firenze, Pietre Cecconcelli, 1619. 

Gulielmus, de Sallceto. 

Begin [sig. a. ii recto :] In nomine domini nostri iesu Christi. . .Libor 
magistri Gulielmi placentini de saleceto. In scientia naedicinali : t 
specialiter peifectis incipit : qui summa conseruationis i curationis appel- 
latur, etc. 178 leaves, 
fol. Venetljs, [J. &, O. de Gregoriis.] 1490. 

Gussubelius (Joannes) 

Oratio a loanne Gvssvbelio Longicampiano coram Vniversitate Ingols- 
tatensi habita p D. lo Capnione [i.e Reuchliu] . . . cum in lingua 
Hebraica &, Graeca ludum literariu ex conducto aperiret III Nonas 
Martias m.d.xx. 8 leaves, the last blank. 
4". Augustse Vindelicorum, ex officina Siluani Otmari, 1520. 

Gutterius (Andreas) 

Gramatica Andree Gutterij Cerasiani ex alexandri i alioru preceptis 
compcdiose pro iunioribus cutexta. (©. H. 66 leaves, 
fol. Basileq, in officina Michaelis Wenssler, 1486. 

Haly Abbas. 

Begin [fol. 1 verso :] Incipit tabula omniu3 libroruj halyabatis tarn 
partis theorice ^ practice, etc. ff. 186. 
fol. Venetiis, o^a hernardini ri^ij de Nouaria, 1492. 
With the hookjilate : " Liber Bilihaldi Pirckheimer." 

Hartmannus (Georgius) 

Perspectiva Communis, etc. 56 leaves. 
4°. Norimhergae, apud Johan Petrcium, 1542. 
With woodcuts. 

HegendorflBnus (Christopborus) 

Somnium Spoudei de liberalium artiii altercationo &. pstutia Christophoro 
Hegcdorffino authore. Ejusdem sermo panegyric' in laudeni sanctissimg 
virginis & martyris Catharine. Ejusdem Cariuen quoddam de disputa- 
tione Lipsensi, etc. 12 leaves. 
4". Li])czk, Valcntinus Schuinan, [1519.] 

Heliodorus, Bishop of Tricca. 

Historia de Heliodoro delle cose Ethiopiche. . .Tradotta dalla lingua 
Greca nella Thoscana da Leonardo Gliuci. pp. 399. 
8°. Vcncgia, Gabriel Giolito de' Ferrari, 1556. 


Henry VIII, King of England. 

Serenissimi ac potentissimi Regis Anglie . . . Ad clarissimos Saxonig 
principes, de coercenda abigendacg Lutherana factione, <fe Luthero ipso, 
Epistola. Item . . . Ducis Georgii ad eundem Regem rescriptio. 10 leaves. 
4". Li])sie, excussit Wolffgangus Monacensis, [1523.] 

With a MS. note on the titlepage : " ///""* Dno ac principi Dno 
Frederico Duct Saxonis, etc." 

Assertio Septem Sacramentorum adversus Martinum Lutherum, siedita 

ab inuictissimo Anglise & Francise Rege & Do. Hyberniae Heurico eius 

nominis octauo. 76 leaves, the last blank. 

4". Apud Antuerpiam, in sedihus Michaelis HilleniJ, 1522. 

See Luther (M.) Contra Henricvm Regem Angliae M. Luther, etc. 

4°. [1522.] 

See Luther (M.) Antworth deutsch . . . auff Konig Heinrichs . . . 


4°. 1522. 

See Luther (M.) Epistola M. Lutheri ad ... D. Henricum . . . 

Anglise. . .Regem. Ejusdem . . . Regis . . . Responsio, etc. 

4°. 1527. 

Hermes Trismegistus. 

Mercvrii Trismegisti Liber de postestate et sapientia Dei per Marsilivm 

Ficinvm tradvctvs, etc. 32 leaves. 

4*^. Venetiia, per Damianum de Mediolano, 1493. 

Hero, of Alexandria. 

Di Herone Alessandrino de gli Automati, ouero machine se moventi 
libri due. Tradotti dal Greco da Bernardino Baldi. Q\ 47. 
4°. Venetia, Gio. Battista Bertoni, 1601. 
With engraved titlepage and illustrations. 

Heronis Alexandrini Spiritalium liber, a F. Commandino ... ex Gra!co 

nuper in Latinum conversus. pp. 163. 

4". Parisiis, apud ^gidium Gorhinum, 1583. 


Herodoti Halicarnasei libri novem. (Laurentii Vallcn. conuersio de 

Graeco in Latinum.) fF. 134. 

fol. Venetiis, per loannem & Gregoriu de Gregoriis Fratres, 1494. 

With the bookplate. " Lihcr Bilihaldi Pirclcheimcr " {jnutilated). The 
first page of the text has a fine woodcut border, 


Begin. Bonnini Mombritii Mediolanensis pra^fatio ... in hesiodi Ascraji 

theogoniam. 24 leaves. 

4°, Ferrarie, Per Andrea Gallu, 1474. 


Hessus (Symon) 

Argument dises biechleins. Symon Hessus zeigt an D. Martino Luther 
ursach, warumb die Lutherische biecher vo den Coloniensern uu Lovan- 
iensern verbrent worden sein . . . Frag und antwort Symonis Hessi und 
Martini Lutheri newlich niiteinander zii Worms gehalten, etc. (?5, %, 
30 leaves. 
4". [Franlcfort on the Main ? 1521.] 


'H(rv)(Lov AiiiKov. 198 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, in ^dibits Aldi (f; Andrese Soccri, 1514. 
With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Hevelius (Joannes) 

De Incendio Heveliano Gedanensi quod A. C. mdclxxix. l^ Septembris 
pro dolor ! contingit, Epistola Dantdsco Hamburgum missa, compendi- 
arium ejus narrationem continens : ex germanico in latinum translata 
Sermonem. pp. 5 
4°. Hamburgi, typis Bebenlini Gymnaaii Typogr., 1679. 


Hieroclis philosophi. . .in Aureos Versus Pythagorai opusculum, etc. 

91 leaves. 

4**. Pataviiy Bartholomaeus de Val de Zoccho, 1474. 


Der Himelwagen. In welchem angezeygt wirt das gleich als der wagen 
auff vier redern geet, etc. ^, E, 6 leaves. 
4°. Niirnberg Jobst Gutknecht, 1519. 


Parva Hippocratis Tabula per . . . Petru Burckhard . . . quibusda familiar- 
ibus Scholiis & aucta & illustrata, etc. 18 leaves. 
4". Vuittenberge, in officina Joannis Grunenbergii, 1519. 
With a woodcut on the iitlepage. 


Historia celeberrima di Gualtieri Marches! di Saluzzo, il quale clesse di 
maritarsi in Griselda, etc. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
4«. [FcH/ce, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Ija historia de Florindo l Chiarastella. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 

4°. [Fen/ce, 1510?] 

With a woodcut. 

Hystoria de la Regina Oliua. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 

4«. [Venice, \b1b1] 

With a woodcut. 



Historia de Liombruno. (In verse.] 4 leaves. 

4". [Venice, 1525?] 

With a woodcut. 

Hystoria de Orpheo. [In verse.] ©, It* 4 leaves. 

4«. [Venice, 1510?] 

With a woodcut. 

La hystoria de tutte le Guerre fatte : e del fatto darme fatfco in 

Geredada col nome de tutti li condutteri : Fatta nouamote. [In verse.] 
4 leaves. 

4". [Venice,] Per Francescho Bindoni, 1525. 
With woodcuts. 

Hystoria del Geloso da Fiorenza. [In verse.] <&, E, 4 leaves. 

4". [Femce, 1525?] 

With a tooodcut. 

La hystoria di Gineura de Glialmieri : che fu sotterrata per morta, etc. 

[In verse.] 4 leaves. 

4°. [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

• Hystoria di Lazaro Martha i Magdalena. [In verse. By Joannes 

Fiorentino.] 4 leaves. 
4°. [Venice, 1525 ?] 
With a woodcut. 

La hystoria di Milon i Berta marito e moglie i del nascimento do 

Orlando suo figlio. [In verse.] 6 leaves. 

40. [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

■ La hystoria 1 il Paternoster n il prego de sancto zuliano. [In verse.] 

4 leaves. 

40. [Venice, 1525?] 
With woodcuts. 


History of the Works of the Learned, or an impartial account of books 
lately printed in all parts of Europe, January 1700. 
4°. London. Printed for H. Rhodes, 1 700. 

This is Vol. II., pt i. of a -periodical publication issued during the years 
1699 to 1711. 

Holy Ghost. 

Des heylgen Geysts deutlicher warnungbrieffe unnd Brandtzeychen, 
dabey die teiiffels lerer &c. ufFs allerkurtzest unnd gewie.szlichst 
czuerkennen sindt, etc. ©» H, 18 leaves, of which the last is blank. 
4«. 1526 

With two woodcuts. 




i Works.] Begin. [sig. A. I. :] Bornardus Nerlius Petro Medicae 
jauientii filio S. ED, PR. 439 leaves, 
fol. [Florence, B. and N. T. Nerlius,] 1488. 

With th: hoohplates : "Liber Bdihaldi Pirckheivier " and ' Bilihaldi 
Virkeymheri J'JJiyies.' 

Homeri poetae Bathrachomiomachia per karolum Aretinu traducta. 

8 leaves. 

4«. [Venice? 1490?] 

Homerus de Bello Troiano. [Translated by Thebanus Pindarus.] 

24 leaves. 

4°. [Venice, Filippo di Pietro, 1477.] 

- EwTa^tou . . . 7rap€K|8o\at cis tt^v 'Ofxr]pov IXiaSa Kat 'OSvcrceiav, etc, 
2 vols. 

fol. Basilese, Frohen[iu8], 1559-60. 


Ori Apollinis . . . Hieroglyphica, per B. Trebatium . . . de Graecis translata. 

pp. 54. 

4°. Basileae apud loannem Frobenivm, 1518. 

Horatius Flaccus (Quintus) 

Horatius. [Edited by A. P. Manutius.] 144 leaves, the last blank. 
8 . Venetiis, apud Aldum Romanum, 1501. 


Hortulus Animge. Lustgarten der Seelen : Mit schonen lieblichen 
Figuren. &* It, 124 leaves, the last blank. 
4°. Wittemherg, Georg Bhaw, 1558. 
The woodcuts are by Lucas Cranach. 

Huarte Navarro (Juan de Dios) 

Essame de gl' ingegni de gl' huomini, per apprender le scienze. . . 
Tradotto dalla lingua spagnuola da M. Camillo Camilli, etc. pp. 367. 
8°. Venetia, Presso Aldo, 1586. 

Hume (Tobias) 

Captaine Hvmes Poeticall Musicke. Principally made for two Basse- 
Viols, yet so contriued, that it may be plaied 8 seuerall waies upon 
sundry Instruments with much facilitie. 26 leaves, 
fol. London. Printed by John Windet, 1607. 
Imperfect, loanting twelve leaves, sig. A to F. 

Hutten (Ulrich von) 

Vlrichi de Hvtten. . .ad Bilibaldum Pirckheymer. . .Epistola vitie suae 

rationem exponens, etc. 12 leaves. 

4". Augustae Vindelicoif, in ojjicina Sigismundi Grim & Marci Vuyrsung, 



Hutten (Ulrich von) 

Hoc in volumine hsec continentur, Vlr. de Hvtten Eq. Ad Caesarem 
Maximil. vt bellum in Venetos coeptum prosequatur Exhortatorium. 
Ejusdem ad Cses. Maximil. Epigram, liber I. De piscatura Venetoruni 
Heroicu ejusdem. Ejusdem Marcus Ileroicum. De non degeneri 
German, statu Heroic, ejus. Eodem autore ad Maximil. Cses. Epl'a Italiie. 
Autore Helio Eobano Hesso Maximiliani ad Italiara responsoria. Item 
varia Hutteni epigram. & ejus apud Hadrianii Card. . . . pro Capniono 
intercessio, etc. 76 leaves. 

4°. [Augsburg,] la ojiclna excusoria Joannis Miller, 1519. 
With woodcuts. 

Vlrichi de Hvtten... ad Principes Germanise, ut bellum Turcis 

inuehant Exhortatoria, etc. 20 leaves. 

4°. Augustq, in ojicina excusoria Sigismundi Grim & Marci Vuyrsung, 

Vlrichi de Hvtten. . .Avla. Dialogvs. 16 leaves. 

4*^. [Augsburg,'] la ojicina excusoria Sigismundi Grimm & Marci 
Vuyrsung, 1518. 

With M.S. note on the titlepage : " Bilibaldo Pirckheymer Norinibergen 
viro forti et amico fideliss." 

Vlrichi ab Hvtten cum Erasmo Roterodamo . . . expostulatio. 36 leaves, 

the last blank. 

4°. [Strasburg, Johann Schott, 1523]. 

With a woodcut on the titlepage and one on fol. 35. 

Vlrici de Hvtten Eq. de Gvaici Medicina et Morbo Galileo liber vnus 

44 leaves. 

4°. Mogvntise, in sedihvs loannis Scheffer, 1519. 
With woodcuts on the first and last leaves. 

Contenta. Ulrichi ab Hutten . . . Exclamatio in incendium Lutheranum. 

Chunradi Sarctoris. . .de eadem re ad Germanos Oratio. Carmen 
elegans ... in Hieronymu Aleandrum . . . Conclusiones decern Christian- 
issimg per Andrea Bodenstein, de Carlostad. Vuittenbergje disputate. 
10 leaves. 

4°. [Strasburg, Johann Schott, 1520.] 

Ain clag iiber den brandt der Luterischcn biichor zii Montz. €>. U.. 

4 leaves. 

4«. [1521.] 

Febris ; dialogvs Hvttenicvs. 4 leaves. 

4". [Mainz, Johann Schoffer,] 1519. 

Hvlderichi ab Hvtten ... in Hicronymum Aleandrri, & Marinum 

Cai'acciolum . . . Invectiue singule. In Cardinales Episcoposife Sacei'dot«s 
Lutherum Vuormacie . . . impugnantes Invectiva. Ad Oaroluin 
Imperatorem, pro Luthero . . . Exhortatio. 32 leaves. 

4«. [Strasburg ? Johann Schott f 1521 ?J 
With a woodcut on the first leaf. 

E 2 


Hutten (Ulrich von) 

OvTLs. Keino. 12 leaves. 
4". AmjustfT, in officina Millerana, [1518.] 
With n woodcut titlcpage, coloured by hand. 

- Phalarismvs, dialog vs Hvttenicvs. 6 leaves. 
4". [Maim, Johann Schojfcr,] 1517. 

With woodcuts on the titlepage and the last leaf. 

• Hoc in volvmine haec continentvr. Vlrichi Hutteni . . . Super inter- 

fectione propinqui sui Joan. Hutteni . . . Deploratio. Ad L. 
Huttenum super interemptione filii Consolatoria. In VIrichum Vuirten- 
pergensem orationes v. In eundem Dialogus cui titulus Phalarismus. 
Apologia pro Phalarismo & aliquot ad amicus epistolte. Ad Franciscum 
Galliarum regem epistola ne causara Vuirtenpergen tueatur, 
exhortatoria. 106 leaves. 

4". In arce Stekelberh, \ Mainz, Johann Schojer,^ 1519. 
The titlepage hears a MS. note : " D. Hieromjmo fiichs Canonico Amico 
symero Ulrichus de Hutten donat." With looodcuts on sigs. D. vi. and 

X. a. 

Ulrichs von Hutten verteiitscht clag an Hertzog Friderich zu Sachsen, 

etc. i^. %. 8 leaves. 

[Augsburg? 1520.] 

Huttichius (Joannes) 

Collectanea Antiquitatum in urbe atque agro Moguntino repertarum. 
22 leaves. 

fol. Moguntiee, Ex sedihus loannis Schoeffer Moguntini, 1520. 
With woodcuts. 

Hylacomylus (Martinus) 

Instructio manuductionem prestans in Cartem Itinerariam Martini 
Hilacomili : Cum luculentiori ipsius Europae Enarratione a Ringmanno 
Philesio conscripta. ff. 21. 
4**. Argentorati, Ex Officina Impressoria loannis Gruninger, 1511. 


Insonnio de Daniel. Questo sie el mode de veder le significatione de 
Daniel propheta secondo li di de la Luna. 4 leaves. 
4«. [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Interiano (Paolo) 

llistretto delle Historie Genovesi. ff. 233, 
4**. Lucca, per lo Busdrago, 1551. 
With engraved titlepage. 



Isocratis Oratio de Pace, Honofrio Bartholino Archiepiscopo Pisano 
interprete. Lat. dt Gr. 48 leaves, the first and last blank, 
8«. [1525?] 

Imperfect, wanting the first blank leaf. 

Graece et Latine. IsocratLs oi'atoris disertissimi Parsenesis ... ad 

Demonicu. Ejusdem prsecepta qbus melior evasurus sit princeps . . . 
Agapeti ad Justinianii Irnperaturem de eadem re sermo exhortatorius. 
Adjecta sunt hiis apendieis uice Grajcorum quorunda illustrium 
epigrammata . . . Ottomaro Luscinio . . . interprete. 80 leaves. 
8". Augnstie, Per Simpertum ruff, expensis D. Sigismundi grim, 1523. 
With MS. notes. 

Italian Tracts. 

[A collection of 49 Italian tracts, chiefly ballads and poems, illustrated 
with woodcuts ; for the most part printed in Venice in the first quarter 
of the 16th century. The volume is in the original boards of an 
embossed leather binding, probably of English workmanship, bearing 
the binder's initials : T. P, Each tract will be found separately 
entered in this catalogue.] 

Jacobus, Paduanus. 

See DoNDis (Jacobus de). 

Jerome, Saint. 

Epistola Sancti Hieronymi ad Evagrium de potestate Fapac. Cum 
priefatione D. Martini Lutheri. 8 leaves, the last blank. 
4°. Vitehergsp, apud Nicolaum Schirlentz, 1538. 

Exposico Symboli Gloriosi Jeronimi contra Jouinianii hereticum. 

[By Tyrannius Rufinus.] (J^, H, 30 leaves, the last blank. 
4°. [Cologne, Ulrich Zell, 1470?] 
Rubricated throughout. 

Jerung (Henricus) 

Begin [fol. 2.] Incipit Elucidarius scripturarii feliciter. (?^, lt» 201 
leaves, the last blank. 

fol. In regia citiitate Nurmbergcii., per Fridericum Grcussner, 1476. 
With the initial letters illuminated. 


Tres-Humble Remonstrance et Requeste des Roligieux de la Compagnie 
de Jesus, presentee au Tres-Chrestien Roy . . . Henry IITI. Avec 
I'attestation de Messieurs I'Evesque k Magistrats de la ville d'Anvers 
contre la calomnic; du libelle diftVimatoire cy devant public soubs tiltre 
de I'Histoire Notable du Pere Henry brusle, etc. ff. 64. 
8**. Jovxte la Coj pi e Imj.iimec, [Bordeaux i~\ 1603. 


Joannes, Ferrariensis. 

Liber nouiter editus. Do celesti vita, etc. ff". 71. 
fol. [Venice,] per Matheum Capcasam Parmcsem, 1494. 

Joel, Book of. 

See Bible.— Joel. 

Johann, von Eck. 

Disputatio et excusatio Domini Johanis Eccii Adversus criminationes 
F. Martini Lutter ordis Eremitaz;. (©. H,. 4 leaves. 
4**. [Leipsic, Martin Landesherg, 1519.] 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

See Luther (M.) Disputatio et excusatio Fratris M. Luther 

adversus Criminationes D. J. Eccij. [1519.] 

— Disputatio . . . lohannis Eccij & Andree Carolostadij q cepta est 
Lipsio xxvii Junij An. m.d.xix. Disputatio secunda . . . Johannis 
Eccij & Andree Carolostadij q cepit xv Julij. Disputatio ejusdem . . . 
Johannis Eccij &, . . . Martini Lutheri . . . q cepit iiii Julij. @, |l» 
62 leaves. 
4°. [Erfurt, Matthes Maler, 1519.] 

— — Disputatio domini Johannis Eccii et Pa. Martini Luther in studio 
Lipsensi futura. @, H, 4 leaves. 
4". [Leipsic, Martin Landesherg, 1519.] 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

See RuBius (J.) 

Solutiones . . . wit. Doctorum in publica disputatioe Lipsica cotra 
fuhnia Eckiana, etc. [1519.] 

■ Excusatio Eckii ad ea que falso sibi Philippus Melancbton . . . super 

Theologica disputatione Lipsica adscripsit. ©, it* 4 leaves. 
4°. [Leipsic, Martin Landesherg, 1519.] 
With a woodcut. 

See Mrlanciithon (P.) Defensio P. Melanchthonis contra J. 

Ekivm, etc. 1519. 

• Audi Lector Joannis Eck ij . . . Orationes . . . tres . . . Denobilitate 

literis exornuda, & laude Maichionii Brandenbur^ensiii. Oratio. 1. 
De fidei Christianas amplitudino vltra relicjuas infideliu sectas. Oratio. II. 
De Germania exculta cotra Grilles. Oratio. III., etc. 26 leaves, the 
last bearing ihe printer's device. 
4*^. Augustse, ex ojjicina excusoria Mlllcrann, 1515. 

With a MS. note on the titlepage : '■'■ VniUihaldo iiirclieimmero Norim- 
hergeus dono Eckii." 


Johann, von Eck. 

Die verdeutscht antwort der die Doctor Eck in seinem SeudbriefF an 
den Bischoff zu Meyssen hat die vngelarteu Lutherischen Thunilieru 
genandb. Anno m.d.xx. &. U. 8 leaves. 
4**. [Nuremhurg, Jobst GutknecJd, 1520.] 

John XXL, Pope. 

Tesaurus Pauperum. 68 leaves. 
4**. Stampatain Venecia, 1500. 

Jonas (Justus) 

Adversvs Joannem Fabrum Constantieu. Vicariura scortationis patroiiuni 
pro coniugio sacerdotali lusti lonae dofensio. 34 leaver, the last blank. 
4*^. Tiguri, [Christoph Froschauer,] 1523. 


Jornandes de Rebus Gothorum. Paulus Diaconus Foriuliensis de Gestis 

Langobardorum. 2 pts. 

fol. Augustse VindcUcorum, solerti opera loannis Miller, 1515. 

With the bookplate: " Liber JJilibuldi Pirckheimer." By an error of 
binding in this copy, pt. 2 precedes pt. 1. The idlepage is woodcut. 

Joseph ben Gorion. 

Josephus Hebraicus ... ex Constantinopolitano exemplari juxta 
Hebraismum opera S. Munsteri versus & anuotationibus . . . 
illustratus, etc. Ltd. tk Heb. 2 pts. 
fol. Basilcee, Apud Henricam Petrum, 1541. 

Josippus de Bello Judaico. Deinde decern Judatorum captivitates & 

Decalogus cum eleganti commentariolo Rabbi Aben Esra. [With a 
Latin translation by S. Munster.] Hisce accesserunt Collectanea aliquot 
quae Sebastianus Lepusculus Basiliensis colligebat . . . Omnia 
Hebi'aicolatina. pp. 23. 96. 342. 
8*^. Basdeae, Per Nenrichvm Petri, 1559. 

Josephus (Flavius) 

Josephi Machaciae filii Hebraei genere sacerdotis ex llierosolyniis de 

Bello Judaico, etc. 213 leaves. 

fol. Veronne, per Magistrum Petriiz Mavfer Gallicnm, 1480. 

With the bookplate: ^'^ Liber Bilibuldi Piickheimcr." 


iSee Joseph ben Gokion. 

Judas Nazarei. 

See Nazakei (Judas) 


Julius II., Po}jc. 

Bulla Tertio Sessionis habite in Sacrosancto Concilio Latoranen Tertio 
Non Decebris M.n.xil. pontificatus S. D. N. Dni Julij diuina prouidetia 
Papo Socundi Anno Decimo. 6 leaves. 
4". [Bank-? 1513.] 

Junius (Adrianus) 

Hadriani Junii . . . Batavia. In qua prsBter gentis & insulae antiquatatem 

originem . . . aliiujue ad cam historiam pertinentia, declaratur quai 

fuerit vetus Batavia, etc. pp. 18, 411. 

4°. [Antwerp,] Ex officina Plantiniana, Apud Franciscum Raphelengium. 


Two leaves, containing the " Auctorum. CatalogvH," have been, in binding, 
misplaced brttaeen pp. 410 and 411. 

Justiniano (Leonardo) 

Sec GiUSTiNlANi (Leonardo) 

Juvencus (Caius Vettius Aqualinus) 

Jvvenci Presbiteri Hispani. . .de Evangelica historia libri quatuor, etc. 

60 leaves. 

4°. Viennse Pannonise, per loannem Singrenium, 1519. 

Ketham (Joannes de) 

Fasciculus medicine compositus p. . . Joannem de Ketham Alamanum : 
tractans de anothomia i diuersis infirmitatibus, etc. la, IL, 34 leaves, 
fol. Venetijs, per Joannem l Gregoriu de Gregorijs fratres, 1500. 
With woodcuts. The title is tali en from the verso of the second leaf, 

Khrypffs (Nicolaus) de Cusa. 

Propositiones Domini Cardinalis Nicolai Cuse de li non aliud. Conradi 
Cfltis [i.e. Celtis] Carmen seculare. 4 leaves. 
4«. [L500?] 

• Quadratura Circuli. pp. 93. 

fol. Norimbergae, per loh. Petreium, 1533. 

Kimhi (David) 

See David ben Joseph Kimciii. 

Kimhi (Moses) 

See Moses ben Joseph Kimciii. 


Eyn Clag und bitt der deutsche Nation an den almeditigon gott umb 
erlosziig ausz dem gefencknis des Antichrist. &, It. 4 hvnes. 
4". [Wittenlxrg? 1520?J 

With a woodcut hi/ Lucas Cranach. 


Konigsperg (Johan von) 

See Mueller (Johann) Begiomontanns. 

Krantzius (Albertus) 

Albert! Krantzii, rerum Germanicarum historic! clariss. Saxonia, . . 
Denuo, <k quidem, accuratius emendatiusq ; quam auto, edita. Cum 
prsefatione 1). Nicola! Cisneri, etc. pp. 354. 
fol. Francofurti ad Moenum, Apud A. Wechelum, 1575. 

Lafrerius (Antonius) 

Inlustrium Viroruin, ut exstant in urbe express! vultus. [52 engraved 

plates, with engraved titlepage.] 

fol. liomse, formis Antonij Lafrerj, 1569. 

■ Speculum Romanae magnificentiae, omnia fere quascunq. in urbe 

monumenta extant, partim juxta antiquam partim juxta hodiernam 
formam accuratiss. delineata reprsesentans, etc. 
fol. liomse, Antonius Lafreri, [1575]. 

Lambertus (Franciscus) 

F. Lambert! . . . Commentari! de causis excsecationis multoru sreculorum, 
ac veritate, denuo & novissime De! misericordia revelata, etc. tf. 96. 
8«. [Strasburg? 1530?] 

Landi (Ortensio) 

Commentario dalle p!u notabil! et mostruose cose d' Italia, & altri 
luoghi, d! lingua Aramea in Italiano tradotto . . . V! si e po! aggionto 
un bi'eue catalogo dell! inuentori delle cose, che si maugiano, etc. ff. 75. 
8°. Vinegia, 1548. 

Lettere de molts valorose donne, etc. [By Ortensio Land!.] fF. 161. . 

8°. Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1548. 
The date in the colojjhon ix 1549. 

Langius (Joannes) 

Oratio loannis Langij Lanibergij, Encomium theologica3 disputationis, 
Doctorum loannis Eckij, Andrese Carolostadij, ac Martini Lutherij 
coplectens, etc. 8 leaves. 
4°. Lii)siiv, apud Melchiorem Lottherum, 1519. 

Largelata (Petrus do) 

See Ahoellata (Petrus de) 


Lascaris (Constantinus) 

Begin [sig. a. i recto :] In hoc libro hjec continentur. Constantini 
Lascaris Erotemata cii interpretatione latina. De Iris graecis ac 
diphthogis et queadmodu ad nos ueniat. Abbreviationes quibus 
frequent isslrae graici utuntur. Oratio Dominica & duplex salutatio 
Beata) Virginis. Symbolum Apostolorum. Evangelium diui Joannis 
Euangelistaj. Carraina Aurea Pythagorte. Phocilidis uiri sapientissimi 
moralia. Omnia supvascripta habente regione interpretatione Latina 
de uerbo ad uerbu. 2 pts. 
4**. Venetiis, Litterts ac impensis A. Manucii Romani, 1494, 95. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." Sig. C. i. is 
mutilated, and has been restored in MS. 

Latomus (Jacobus) 

De Trium Linguarum, & Studij Theologici Ratione Dialogus. ©, IL. 

pp. 39. 

4«. [Antwerp? 1517.] 


Legenda delli sette dormienti : li quali dormirono anni trecento settanta 
tre, etc. 33, It, 4 leaves. 
4*'. [Venice], Per Francesco Bindoni, 1524. 
With a woodcut. 

Leo X., Pope. 

Bulla Apostolica Contra Errores Martine Lvtheri &l Sequaciu. [15 July, 

1520.] 8 leaves. 

Antuerpise, ^ Guilhelmu Vorsterman, [1520?] 

• [Another edition.] BvUa Decimi Leonis, contra errores Martini 

Lutheri, & sequacium, [With notes by Ulrich von Hutten.] 22 leaves, 

the last blank. 

4°. [Strasburg, Johann Schott, 1 520.] 

(S'ee EuBULUS (C.) Jlforenfm('«. Oratio.. de uirtute Clauiii ifc Bulla 

condemnationis Leonis Decimi contra M. Lutherum, etc. 


See Luther (M.) Adversus execrabilem Antichristi Bullam, etc. 


Bulla sive Cedula materia uniuersalis Pacis i destinationis Legatory 

de latere : per S. dum nostrum dnm Leonem X. Pont. Max. sacro 
approbante Concilio edita. Lecta per llevereii. Patrem dominii 
Archiepm Seneu in Octaua Sessione in Lateraii. basilica celebrata. 
4 leaves. 

4«. [Borne, 1513.] 

[Another edition.] Bulla seu Cedula in materia fidei : edita. per... 

Leonem X.. . .f^'acro approbante Concilio. Lecta. . .in Octava sessioue, 
etc. [19 Dec. 1513.] 4 leaves, the last blank. 

4«. [Borne, 1513.] 

Leo X., Pope. 

Sanctissimi domini nostri Papae Leonis decimi vna cum coetu cardinalium 
Christianissimoruraque regum & principu oratoruin cosultationes pro 
expeditioe cotra Thurcu, premissa. . .A. Puccii apostolice sedis legati 
exhortatione. 10 leaves. 
40. [1518.] 

Leoni (Giovanni Battista) 

Considerationi di Gio. Battista Leoiii supra 1' Historia d' Italia di M. 

Francesco Guicciardini, etc. pp. 180. 

8". Venetia, Gio. Battista Ciotti Senese, 1599. 

Leonicenus (Nicolaus) 

See Nicolaus, Leonicenus. 

Leonicenus (Omnibonus) 

See Omnibonus, Leonicenus. 

Leonrodt (Hans von) 

Hymelwagen. Auff dem, war wol lebt und wol stirbt, fert in das ewig 
laben, Hellwagen, Autf dem, wer iibel lebt und iibel stirbt, fert in 
die ewigen verdamnuss, etc. (©. H. 88 leaves. 
4°. Augspurg, durcJi Silvanum Otmar, [15] 18. 
With woodcuts by H. L. Schduffelein. 


Lettere di molte valorose donne, nelle quali chiaramente appare non 
esser ne di eloquentia ne di dottrina alii huomini inferiori. [By 
Ortensio Landi.] fF. 161. 
8°. Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1548. 
The date in the colophon is 1549. 

• Lettere di Principi, le quali si scrivono da principi, o a principi, c 

ragionan di principi, etc. 3 vols. 

4". Venetia, Giordano Zlletti, 1562-77. 

Levita (Elias) 

Sec Elijah ben Asher, tlie Levite. 

Lewenklaw (Hans) 

ISTeuwe Chronica Turckischer nation, von Turcken pelbs beschrieben. . . 
Durch Hausen Lewenklaw. . .gefasst, etc. pp. 535. 
fol. Franckfurt am Mayn, bey Andres Wechsels seligen Erben, nemlich, 
Claudi de Marne und Johan Aubri, 1590. 

■ Neuwer Musulmanischer Histori, Tiirckischer Nation, von ihrem 

Herkonimen, Geschichten, und Thaten, drey Bucher, etc. pp. 104. 
fol. Franclcfurt am Meyn, bey Andres Wechsels seligen Erben, nemlich, 
Claudi de Marne und Johann Aubri, 1590. 


Liber Fidei. 

See Fagius (Paulus) 


Libro do la natura di caualli : k el modo di releuarli : raedicai'li : k 
domarli, etc. ff. 44. 

4". Venetia, per lohane Baptiste Scssa, 1502. 
With woodcuts. 

Linck (Wenceslaus) 

Ein hailsame lore wie das hertz oder gewissen durch die siben seligkeyt : 
als siben sewlen des geystlichenn bawes : auf das wort gottes gebawet 
wirdt, etc. €>. %. 56 leaves. 
4". Nurnherg, Johst Gulknceht, 1519. 
Imperfect, wantln<j the last leaf. 

Wie der "robe me ch iinscro herren Esel sein sol : in traiio : un niit 

jm oingecsiigen Hierusale zu beschawen fruclitparlichen das leyden 
christi. Nach lere des heylige Bernhardi : geprediget zu Niirnberg im 
Augustiner closter Anno m.d.xviii. (©. %,. 4 leaves, the last blank. 
4". Niirnberg, Johst Gutknecht, 1519. 
With a woochut on the titlepage. 


A€iTovpyiat twv dy/wv Trarepwi', etc. pp. 179. 
fol. Pnrisiis, Apud Giul. Morelium, 1560. 

Liutprandus, Ticinensis. 

Liutpriidi Ticinensis ecclesife Leuitae Rerum gestarum per Europam 

ipsius praisertiin temporibus Libri Sex. fF. 42. 

fol. [Par«s,] ab Jodoco Badio Ascensio (fc Joanne Parvo, 1514. 

Livius (Titus) Patavinus. 

[Historiarum Decades I., ill., iv.] 419 leaves. 
f..l. [FeH^ce,] Vindelinus [de Spira^, 1470. 

[Historiarum Decades.] Begin, [sig. a. 1.] Jo. An. Episcopi 

Aleriensis...epistola. End. Has Titi Livii Decades a Luca porro q 
diligentissime recognitas, etc. 328 leaves, the last blank. 

fol. Taruisii, Joannes Vercellius, 1482. 

With the bookplate: " Liber Bililaldi Pirdheimer." 

Titi Livii Patavini, Romanae Historiie Principis, libri omnes...Vna 

cum doctissimorum virorum in eos lucubrationibus post omnes aliorum 
editiones.. recogniti &, artificiosis picturis..,exornati, etc. — Chronologia 
in Titi Livii Historiam, etc. 2 torn. 

fol. Francofiirti ad Moenum, impensis et opera Georgii Corvini, Sigismundi 
Feierabcnti, et haeredinn Wigandi Galli, 1568. 


Livius (Titus) Patavinus. 

[Les Decades... de Tite Live mises en langue frant^oise.] Vol. ii. 
La Troisiesme Decade... con tenant la seconde guerre punique, mise en 
Francois par Jehan Hamelin de Sarlat, et depuis re.suyvie presque 
tout a neuf par 13.D.V. — La Quatriesrae Decade ...contenant la guerre 
Macedonique ; ct cc qui reste de la cinquiesme, de la traduction de 
Antoine de la Faye. 
fol. Paris, Jaqves Do Pols, 1580. 

Imperfect ; wanting Vol. I. The binding hears the device of Mary, 
Queen of Scotland, when she was Queen Consort of Francis II. of France. 

In the cypher, M stands for Marie, ^ for Francis. The motto " Sa vcrtu 
matire" is an anagram on the name "Marie Stuuarte." 

Di T. Livio Padovano delle Historie de Romani dall' edificatione della 

citta, libri xxxv, etc. [Translated by Francesco Sansovino.] 2 vols. 
40. Venetia, 1567. 


Das lob der Pfarrer von dem unnutzen kosten der gelegt wirt von dem 
germainen unverstendigen volck aufF mesz lesen, etc. [By J. Eberlein.] 
i^. %. 6 leaves, of which the last is blank. 
40. [Ulm? 1521]. 


Etlich Cristlich lider Lobesang, un Psalm, dem rainen wort Gottes 
gemesz, ausz der heylige schrifft, durch mancherley hochgelerter 
gemacht, in der Kirchen zii singen, wie es dann zum tayl berayt zU 
Wittenberg in iibung ist. @. IL. 12 leaves. 
4". [Nuremberg f Jobst Gutknecht? 1524.] 

Lonicerus (Joannes) 

Contra Romanistam fratrem Augustinu Alvelden. Franciscanu Lipsicii 
Canonis Biblici publicu lectore 1 tortore ejusdem. F. Joaiies Lonicerus 
Augustinianus. 22 leaves. 
4°. Wittenbergae, apud Collegium Novum, [Johann Rhau,] 1520. 

Lopis Stunica (Jacobus) 

Conclusiones Principaliter Suspectg & scadalosg quae reperiutur in libris 
Erasmi Roterodami, etc. 6 leaves. 
40. [1524?] 

Erasmi Roterodami Blasphemije et Impietates per locobum Lopidem 

Stunicam, nunc primum propalatae, ac proprio volumine alias redargutse. 

28 unnumbered leaves, the last blank. 

4°. Bomse, per Antonium Bladum de Asula, 1522. 

Loritus (Henricus) Glareanus. 

D. Henrici Glareani...De Geographia liber unus. ff. 35. 
4° Pasileae, Joannes Faher Emmeus luliacensis, 1527. 
With woodcuts. 


Louvain. — Academia Lovanienais. 

Acta AcadeniiiB Lovaniensis contra Lvthervm. [A satire.] 6 leaves, 

the last blank. 

40 [Basle,] 1519. 

Lucanus (Marcus Annaeus) 

[Pharsalia.] Begin, [sig. a.] M. Annei Lvcani Cordvbensis Pharsaliao 
liber primus, etc. LWith the commentary of Omnibonus Leonicenus 
surrounding the text.] ff. 175. 
fol. Brixise, per Jacobum hritannicum Brixtanum, 14^86. 


Luciani de ueris narrationibus, Luciani de asino auro. Luciani philo- 
sopho2? uite. Luciani Scipio. Luciani tyranus, etc. 112 leaves. 
4^. Venetiis, per Simone hevilaqua papiese, 149 4. 

Luciani Erasmo interprete Dialog! & alia emuncta...Qusedam etiam a 

Thoma Moro latina facta : & qusedam ab eodem concinnata. ff. 139. 
4°. [Paris,] In sedibus Ascensianis, 1514. 

With a tooodcut on the tiilepage. 

• Luciani Samosatensis. Opera qufe quidem extant omnia, e Grjeco 

sermone in Latinum, partim iamolim diuersis autoribus, partim nunc 
demum per lacobum Micyllum...translata. Cum Argumentis& annota- 
tionibus eiusdem, passim adjectis. ff. 347. 
fol. Francoforti, apud Christianum Egenolphum, 1538. 

Luther (Martin) 

Acht Sermon D. M. Luther's von jm geprediget zu Wittemberg in der 
fasten. Darinn kurtzlich begryffen den Messen, Byldnussen, bayderlay 
gestalt des sacraments von de speysen uii haimlichen beicht. ic. 
Wittemberg, 1523. &. %. 16 leaves. 
4**. [Augsburg, Heinrich Steyner, 1523.] 

Acta Academiae Lovaniensis contra Lutherum. [A satire.] 6 leaves, 

the last blank. 

4". [Basle,] 1519, 

• Acta F. Martini Luther August, apud D. Legatu Apostolicu Augusts. 

12 leaves. 

4°. [Leipsic, Melchior hotter the elder, 1518.] 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Ad j^gecerotem Emserianvm M. Lvtheri additio. [In answer to 

Emser's " De disputatione Lipsicensi."]. 12 leaves. 

4". Vuitlenberge, per JoannH Grunenherg, 1519. 

See Emser (H.) De disputatioe Lipsicensi, etc. 


See aho infra: An den Bock zu Leyptzck, etc. [1521.] 


Luther (Martin) 

Ad DN. Carol um V. Austrium Imp. C^s. Aug. doctoris Martini 

Lutheri...epistola post abitionem ex conuentu Iniperiali Wormaciae 
M.D.xxi. etc. 4 leaves. 

4«. [Wittenberg? 1521?] 

• Ad Johannem Ecciu Martini Lutheri Epistola super expurgatioe 

Ecciana. 4 leaves. 

4°. Vuittenberg^, I.G. [i.e. Johann Griinenberg], 1519. 

Ad librvm eximii magistri nostri magistri Ambrosii Catharini 

defensoris Silvestri Prieratis acerrimi. Respousio Martini Lutheri. 
Wittenbergse. Mense Aprili. Cum exposita visione Danielis. viii. De 
Antichristo. 52 leaves, the last two blank. 

40. [1521.] 

Offinbarung des Endchrists aus dem Propheten Daniel wydder 

Catharinum. Martinus Luther. Wittemberg. m.d.xxiiii. [Translated 
from "Ad librum. . .Ambrosii Catharini."] (©. H. 102 leaves, the 
last blank. 

4". [Wittenberg? Michael Loiter the younger ? 1524.] 

Ad Schedulam inhibitiois sub nomine Episcopi Misnen editam sup 

sermone de Sacramento Eucharistie Martini Lutheri Augusti Responsio. 
8 leaves. 

40. [Wittenberg? 1520.] 

■ ■ Adversus execrabilem Antichristi Bullam, Mar. Lvthervs, Wittem- 

bergae. Anno, m.d.xx. 10 leaves. 

4". [Wittenberg, Melchior hotter the younger, 1520.] 

See Leo X., Pope. Bulla Apostolica Contra Errores Martini 

Lvtheri, etc. [1520 ?] 

Aliqvot nomina propria Germanorum ad Priscam etymologiam restituta, 

per quendem antiquitatis studiosum [" i.e. M. Luther," according to a 
MS. note in the handwriting of Melanchthon]. 16 leaves. 

4**. Vitemhergse, per Nicolaum Schirleniz, 1537. 

An den Bock zu Leyptzck [i.e. that of H. Emser] Doctor Martinus 

Luther. Vuittemberg. m.d.xxi. @, H. 4 leaves. 

4**. [Wittenberg, Melchior Lotter the younger, 1521.] 

With a MS. note on the titlepage: " Dnoet patri suo Bilibaldo pirckei- 
mer, F.I.Z.P.A." 

See Emser (H.) De disputatioe Lipsicensi, etc. [1519.] 

An den Christlichen Adel deutscher Nation; von des Christlichen 

standes besserung : D. Martinus Luther. Vuittenberg. &. %. 47 leaves. 
4". [Wittenberg, Melchior Lotter the Younger, 1520.] 


Luther (Martin) 

An die Radherrn aller stodto dcutsches lands : das sie Christliche 

schulcn auflrichton und hallton sollon. Martinus Luther. Wittem- 
berg. M.D.xxiiii. €>. Vl. 20 leaves, the last blank. 

4". \^Wittcnherg, Lucus Cranach and Christian Doring, 1524.] 

De Constituendis Scholia Mar. Lutheri Liber donatus latinitate. 

[Translated from " An die Radherrn aller stedte deutsches lands." 
With a preface by Melanchthon.] 32 leaves. 

8". ITaganose, per Johannem Seccrium, [1525?] 

Die ander Epistel S. Petri und eyne S. Judas gepredigt und ausgelegt 

durch Mart. Luther Wittemberg. M.D.xxiiii. &. %. 47 loaves, the 
last blank. 

4°. Wittemberg, Hans Uifft, 1524. 

Antwortt deutsch Mart. Luthers auff Konig Henrichs von Engelland 

buch [" Assertio septem Sacramentorum "]. Lugen thun myr nicht, 
Warheyt schew ich nicht. @. U. 24 leaves. 

4". Wittemberg, Nickell Schijrlentz, 1522. 

See Henry viii.. King of England. Assertio Septem Sacra- 
mentorum adversus Martinum Lutherum, etc. 

Appellatio D. Martini Lvtheri ad Concilivm a Leone Decimo, denuo 

repetita &, innouata. Wittembergse. 6 leaves. 

4°. [Wittenberg, MelcMor Loiter the younger l\ 

Artickel, so da hetteii sollen auffs Concilium zu Mantua, oder wo es 

wiirde sein, uberantwortet werden von unsers Teils wegen...D. Mart. 
Luth. Wittemberg. m.d.xxxviii. (@, U. 32 leaves. 

40. Wittemberg, Hans Lufft, 1538. 

— — - Assertio omnivm articvlorum M. Lutheri, per Bullam Leonis X. 
nouissima damnatorii. Wittemberga;. Anno m.d.xx. 34 leaves. 
4". [Wittenberg, Melchior Lotter the younger, 1520]. 

[Another copy.] 

Auslegung deutsch des Vater unnser fuer dye einfeltigen leyen Doctor 

Martini Luther Augustiner tzu Wittebergk. Nicht fur die gelerten. 
©, H. 36 leaves. 

4". Aus Melchiar Lotters druckcrey tzu Leyptzk, [1519.] 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] Auszlegungc deutsch des vater unn.ser four dyo 

eynfeltigcn leyen Doctoris Martini Luther Augustiner tzu witteubcrgk. 
^» %, 38 leaves. 

4<^. Leyptzk, Melchior Lotther, 1520. 


Luther (Martin) 

Den auszerwelton lielien Gottes, alien gelydcrn Christi zu Augspurg, 
seyneu lieben herren uu briidern Martinus Luther. Wittemborg. 
M.D.xxiiii. #. It. 4 leaves, the last blank. 
4«. [Strashurg ? Johann Knoblauch ? 1524?] 

Ein Betbuchlia beyde dem alter und der jugent nutzbar. Item ein 

Spruchbuchlin den waren christen gar heylsam [Mart. Luth. ?]. m.d.xxxvi. 
<J^» lt» 51 leaves. 

8«. [Augsburg ?] 1536. 

With woodcuts on the first and last leaves. The tUlepage is mutilated. 

Eyn brieff an die Christen zu Straspurg widder den schwermer geyst. 

Martini Luther . . . Wittemberg. #, H, 6 leaves. 

4**. [Wittenberg, Lucas Cranach and Christian Doring, 1524.] 

- Eyn brieff an die Fiirsten zii Sachsen von dem auffriirischen geyst. M. 
Luther, Wittemberg, m.d.xxiiii. (©. It, 8 leaves. 

4«. [Wittenberg f Joseph Klug"? 1524.] 

- [Another copy.] 

- Doc. Marti. Luther. Christiana & incosternata Resposio Csesaree 
majestati, Principibus & Dominis Wormatie facta Anno M.v.xxi. etc. 6 

40. [Strasburg, Martin Flach, 1521.] 
Imperfect; wanting ff. 3, 4. 

- Ain Christlicher trostbrieff an die Millteuberger, Wie sy sich an iren 
seynden rechen sollen, ausz dem 119 Psalm. Doctor Martinus Luther, 
Wittemberg. m.d.xxiiii. ©♦ E. 8 leaves. 

4«. [Augsburg? 1524.] 

- Confitendi Ratio. 8 leaves. 

4°. Vuittenbergq, in ^dib. loan: Grunenhergij, 1520. 

- Ein heylsams Buchlein von doctor Martinus Luther . . . vo dor 
Beicht gemacht durch Georgiii spalatinii geteutscht. [Translated from 
" Confitendi Ratio."] @. ?t. 12 leaves. 

4°. Wittenbergk, durch lohan Grunen., 1520. 

- Contra Henricvm Regem Angliae Martin vs Luther, VVittembergao, 
1522. 24 leaves. 

4**. [Wittenberg, Johann Bhau, 1522.] 

See Henry viii. King of England. Assertio Septem Sacrament- 

oruni adversus M. Luthorum, etc. 


Luther (Martin) 

Contra nialignum Johannis Eccii judicium, super alicjuot articulis, a 
fratribus quibusdam ei suppositis Martini Lutlieri defensio. Errores 
it(!m liaoretici xxiiii ox Eccii fratrumquo dogmatibus consectanei. 16 
leaves, the last blank. 
4". [Lcipsic, Mi'chior Latter the elder , 1519.]- 

With a MS. note on the titlepmje : " Mmjnanimo Hit BtlihaJdo 
jiircknymer, etc." 

[Another copy.] 

With a MS. note on the fttJejmge : " NoJnli duo Wdihaldo Pirckheimer 
Norimhgen, etc." 

Das Eltern die Kinder zu der Ehe nichts zwinge noch hindern. Und 

die kinder on der alltern willeu sich nicht verlobea sollc. M. Luther. 
<J^. ?L. ff. 4. 

4". [1524.] 

De Abroganda Missa Privata Martini Lutheri sententia. 44 leaves, 

the last blank. 

4". [Wittenhcrgf 1522 ?] 

De Captivitate Babylonica Ecclesiae, Pra;ludium Martini Lutheri. 

44 leaves. 

4°. Vuittembergse, [MeJchior Latter the younger, 1520.] 

With a MS. note on the titlepage : " Clarissimo et praestatiss'imo 
viro, Bilihaldo pirclinimcro Norimhergen. senator!, suo domio obstruddiss. 
AmhrofflHS lieiter, d.d." 

[Another edition.] De Captivitate Babylonica ecclesiie, Pra;lvdivm 

Martini Lutheri. 58 leaves ; the last blank. 

4«. [1520.] 

With a woodcut portrait of Luther. 

• De servo arbitrio Mar. Lutheri ad D. Erasnium Iloterodauunn, 

Wittembergse, 1525. 192 leaves. 

8". Wittembergae, apud Johannem Lnfft, 1525. 

Das der freie wille nichts sey, Antwort D. INIartini Luther an Erasmum 

Roterdam : V^erdeutscht durch Justum Jonam. Wittemberg. [Trans- 
lated from " De servo arbitrio."] €>, 31, 188 leaves. 

4». Wittemberg, Hans Lufft, 1526. 

■ De Votis Monasticis Martini Lvtheri jvdicivm, Wittembergfe. 

60 leaves. 

4^. [Wiiterdjcrg, Melchior Latter the younger, 1522?] 

See Brif.ssmann (J.) Ad Gasparis Scatzgeyri. . .responsio. . .pro 

Lvtherano libello de Votis Monasticis, etc. 
4". 1523. 


Luther (Martin) 

Decern Praecepta Yuittenbergensi predicata populo per P. Martinum 
Luther Augustianum. 52 leaves, the last blank. 
4°. Lipsiae, ex sedibus Valentini Schuman, 1518. 
With a woodcut on the verso of the titlepage. 

Deutsch Auszlegug des sieben uu sechtzigste Psalme, v5 dem Ostertag, 

Hymelfart und Pfingsten, D. Martinus L[uther]. ©♦ E, 18 leaves. 
40. [Wittenberg'? JohannBhauf Ib-ll.] 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Deiitung der grewliche Figur des Munchkalbs zii Freyberg inn Meyssen 

gefunden. D. Martini Luther. (©, H, 4 leaves. 

4«. [Erfurt? 1523?] 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Disputatio domini Johannis Eccii et Pa. Martini Luther in studio 

Lipsensi futura. (©, 3l, 4 leaves. 

4°. [Leipsic, Martin Landsberg, 1519.] 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Dispvtatio D. Martini Lvther Theologi, pro declaratione virtvtis 

indvlgentiarvm. (m.d.xvii.) 4 leaves. 

40. [1517?] 

The original edition in hook form of the Ninety-five Theses which Luther 
affixed to the gate of the University of Wittenberg. 

[Another copy.] 

Disputatio et excusatio Fratris Martini Luther adversus Criminationes 

D. Johannis Eccij. (S, It. 4 leaves. 

4**. [Leipsic, Martin Landsberg, 1519.] 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

See JoHANN, von EcJc. Disputatio et excusatio Domini J. Eccii 

adversus criminationes F. Martini Lutter, etc. 

Drey schon Sermo gepredigt zii Born durch Doctor Martinum Luther, 

etc. @. H, 14 leaves. 

4''. Straszburg, durch Johannem Schwan, 1524. 

' Epistel Sanct Petri gepredigt und ausgelegt durch Mart. Luther. 

Vuittemberg. m.d.xxiii. @. 2. 104 leaves. 
4°. Wittemberg, Nickel Schyrlentz, 1523. 

Sequil Epistola ilia, qua M. Lutherus, ad Vincilaum Lyncum 

Normbergam, scripsit, q in libello suo . . . est omissa, etc. 4 leaves, the 
last blank. 

4«. [1528.] 

Epistola Lvtheri ad Wolfgangum Fabricium Capitonem Theologian 

utilissima. 4 leaves. 

4«. [Wittenberg? 1522.] 

p 2 


Luther (Martin) 

Epistola Lvtheriana ad Leonem decimvm svraravm Poutificeni. 
Tractatvs do libertate Christiana. 18 leaves, the last blank. 
4". Vuittemhcrysp, [Johann JJ/mw,] 1520. 

[Anotlier copy ; which is imperfect, wanting the lower half of the first 

leaf and all after the fourth leaf.] 

Von der Freyheyt eynisz Christen menschen, Martinus Luther. 

Vuitteml)ergae. 15:^0. [Translated from " Epistola Lutheriana ad 
Leonem."] (©♦ H, 12 leaves. 

4°. [Wiitcnhcrg, Johann Ehau, 1520.] 

Epistola Martini Lutheri ad Henricum viii. Angliie ac Franciju 

Regem, &c. In qua veniam petit eorum quae prius stultus ac pneceps in 
eundem Regem effuderit, offerens palinodiam se cantaturum. Responsio 
dicti. . .Regis. . .ad singula prtefatse Epistolae capita. 1527. 24 leaves, 
of which the last is blank. 

8°. [Wlttcnbenj? 1527.] 

Epistola Martini Lvtheri ad illvstrissimum Principem ac Dominvm 

D. Henricum, hujus nominis octavum Angliae & Francise Regem. 
Ejvsdem. , .Regis. . .Responsio. Admonitio Johannis Coclaji in utrancg 
Epistolara. Responsio item Lvtheri contra Regis epistolam, cum ejusdera 
Johannis Cocljti annotationibus, etc. 26 leaves. 

4". Colonise, in sedibus honesti ciuis Petri Quentell, 1527. 

■ Martini Lutheri Epistolarum farrago. . .cum Psalmorum aliquot inter- 

pretatione, etc. 144 leaves. 

S°. Haganox, Johan Secer, 1525. 

Erklerung Doctoris Martini Luther etlicher Artickcl : in seinem 

Sermon : von dem heyligen sacrament. @. It, 4 leaves. 

4". [Nuremher<j, Joist Guthnecht, 1520.] 

Exustionis Antichristianorum decretalium acta. [An account of the 

burning by Martin Luther, at Wittenberg, 10 Dec. 1520, of the Papal 
Decretals and the " Bulla contra errores M. Lutheri."] 4 leaves. 

4°. [Lcqjsic, Valentin Schumann, 1520.] 

With a MS. note on the titlepagc : " Dulci sua parenii Ouilihald 
Pirckamer, F.I.Z.P." 

Evangelium Von den tzehen auszsetzigen vordeutscht und auszgelegtt 

M. Luth. Wittenberg. @. H, 44 leaves, the last blank. 

4". [Wittetiherg 1 Melchior Lotter the younger ? 152 11] 
Tlie tltlejage has a woodcut border by Hans Cranach. 

Formula Missae et Communionis pro Ecclesia Vuittembergensi. 

8 leaves, the last blank. 

4«. [Wittenberg, Nickel Schirlenz, 1523.] 


Luther (Martin) 

Ein weyse Chi'istlich Mess zu halten vnd zum tisch Gottes zu gohen. 
Martinus Luther. [Translated from " Formula Missae."] ©. U. 
16 leaves. 
4:^*. [W'iitenher(j, Lucas Cranach and Christian Doriwj, 1524.] 

Ein freyheyt des Sermons Bebstliehen ablasz vnd gnad belangend 

Doctoris Martini Luther . . . wider die voi'legiig. so zu schraach .sein 
vnd desselben Sei-mons erdichtet. ^, H, 8 leaves, the last blank. 

4". [Nuremberg, Johst Guiknecht, 1518?] 

■ D. Martin Luthers und anderer gottseligen Leuthe Geistliche Lieder 

und Kirchengesange. pp. 280. 

32*^. Dantzig, Andreas Hiinefeldt, [1627?] 

■ Eyn geschicht wie Got eyner Erbarn kloster Jungfrawen aussgeholffen 

hat. [Written in the name of Florentina von Ober- Weimar, but 
probably by Luther.] Mit eynem Sendebrieff M. Luthers an die 
GraflTen zu Manszfelt. ©, H, 8 leaves, the last blank. 
4°. [Nuremberg?] 1524. 

■ Das Gloria in excelsis deo. Anno 1524. Do. Mar. Luth. Wittenberg. 

@. H, 4 leaves. 

4*^. [Nuremberg, Hermann Hamsing, 1524.] 

Die Herrliche Auslegung iiber das Erste Buch Mosi, etc. 

fol. Wittemberg, Thomas Klug, 1558. 

Vol. 10 of the ten-volume edition of Luther's works published 1539-58. 

Der hundert un xxvii Psalmen aussgelegt ; an die Christen zfl Rigen, 

in Lifliandt, im Jar 1524. Do. Mart. Luth. Wittenberg. (gt, iL. 
16 leave.s, the last two blank. 

4«. [Augsburg? 1524?] 

. Judicium D. Martini Lutheri de Erasmo Roterodamo. Philippi jNfe- 

lanohthonis de Erasmo, & Luthero Elogion. Ratio discendi, per eundem 
tradita. Ejusdem, Quo judicio Augustinus, Ambrosias, Origines, ac 
reliqui Doctoi-es legend! sint. D. Martini Lutheri ad A'^iiolfgangum 
Fabritium Capitonem theologum, epistola utilissima. 11 leaves. 
4«. [1522.] 

Judicium Martini Lutheri de Votis, scriptum ad Episcopos & Diaconos 

Vuittenibergen EcclesisB. 8 leaves. 

4*^. Vuittcmbergse, [Melchior Lottcr the younger, 1521.] 

KaTr/_i^->;crts MapretvoC AovOepov rj KaXovfiivr) ftLKpii, iXXr] 'LKoXaru'r]. Cato- 

chosis Martini Lutheri parva, Grteco-latina ... a ivlichaele Neandro 
Soraviensi edita. pp. 243. 

8". Basileo}, Per Joannem Oporinnm, 1558. 

■ Eyn Kurtz form das Pater noster tzu vorstcon und t/.u lietluMi. Fur 

(lye J uiigen kinder im Christenglaubon. M. L. »C>, IL, 10 loaves. 
8". Leipssgk, Wolf gag Stockcl, 1519. 


Luther (Martin) 

[Another edition.] Eyn kurtze form djus Pater noster zu versteen unnd 
zu l)ett€n : fur die jungen kinder im christliclien glauben, Doctoris 
Martini Luther Aui^ustiner zu Witt<Mil)eig. &, It, G loaves. 
4". [Niirciiihcnj, Juhst Gnt/cnccht, lOli) or 1520.] 

Eyn kurtz form der zehen gebott D. Martini Lu. Eyn kurtz form des 

Glaubens. Eyn kurtz form des Vatter unsers. ©, It, 16 leaves. 

4°. [WHtcmherg? Melchior Loiter the younger? 1520.] 

Ein kurtz underweysung wie man beichten sol, etc. ©, It, 8 loaves, 

the last blank. 

4**. LeyptzJc, aus vordruiig Melchior Lotthers, 1519. 

- [Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

Eyn Kurtze ani-ed zu alien missgiistigcn Doctor Luthters und der 

Christenlichen freyheit. ©, It, 4 leaves. 

4". [Nuremberg,] 1522. 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

[Another copy.] 

Ein Kureze vniid gute ausslegung des hayltgen Vatcr unszers firsich 

un hindersich von Doctor Martinus Luther . . . gemacht. &. It, 
4 leaves. 

8". [1520?] 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Eyn Kurtze vnterrichtiig, warauff Christus seine Kirchen, oder 

Gemain gabawet hab Martinus Luther. Wittenberg, m.d.xxiiii. ©. It, 
6 leaves. 

4«. [Nuremberg, Jobst Gutlcnechi, 1524.] 

• Die Lugend von S. Johanne Chrysostomo, an die Heiligen Veter jrin 

deni vermeinten Concilio zu IVlantua, durch D. Marti. Luther gesand. 
Wittend)erg m.d.xxxvii. (&, It, 16 leaves, the last blank. 
4". Witteniberg, Hans LuJJ't, 1537. 

■ Das Magnificat Vorteutschet und auszgelegt durch Martinum luther 

Aug. Vuitteuiberg. €>, It, 44 leaves. 

4". [Wittenherg, Melchior hotter the younger, 1521] 

Ein nutzlichs lietbiichlcin sambt andcrn heylsaiiien Icereu ein Christ- 

lich k'ben zii unteiiichten seer dienstlich, etc. [15y Martin Luther.] 
^, It, 1<S4 leaves. 

8". Niiruberg, durch Jen»iiinuia Foruischneyder, [1536.] 
With woodcuts by II. S. Bcliani. 


Luther (Martin) 

Ordenug eyns gemeynen Kastens. Radschlag wie die geystlichen 
gutter zu handeln sind Martinus Luther m.d.xxiii. ©. U. IG leaves. 
4". [Wittenberg, Lucas Cranach and Christian Boring, 1523.] 

Eyu predigt vnd warnuug, sich zu hiiten fur falschen Propheten, auff 

das Evangelion Matthei vii. . . . Mart. Luther. Wittemberg. 1525. 
<&. '^. 14 leaves, the last blank. 

4°. Wittemberg, Jorg Bhaw, 1525. 

• Der Prophet Jona, ausgelegt durch Mart. Luth. (©. K.. 46 leaves. 

4*^. Wittemberg, Michel Lotterus, 1526. 

Rationis Latomianse pro Incendiariis Louaniensis Scholte Sophistis 

redditae, Lutheriana Confutatio. Vuittembergse. 76 leaves. 

4^. [Wittenberg, Melchior hotter the younger, 1521.] 

Resolutioes disputationum F. Martini Luther Augustiniani, de indul- 

gentiaiy! virtute, ab ipso earz;i autore, a pluribus uiendis repurgatae. 
Vuittenbergae. 60 leaves, the last blank. 

4^. Lipsise, apud Melchiorem Lottherum, 1519. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Resolutiones Lutheriane super Propositioibus suis Lipsie disputatis. 

26 leaves. 

4*^. Wittenbergse, [Johann Bhau,^ 1519. 

[Another edition.] Resolutiones lutherianae super propositionib' suis 

lipsiae disputatis : emedatae. ff. 22. 

4". Lipsise, apud Melchiorem Lottherum, 1520. 

Ain schoner newer Passion. [An account, in Biblical language, of 

Luther's treatment at the diet of Worms. ] ^. IL. 4 leaves. 

4". [1521 ^ 

Ein schoner Sermon, vff Sontag nach dc3 Christag geprcdigt zii 

Wittenberg. <&. %. 4 leaves. 

4:°. Jhen, Michell Buchfiirer, 1524. 

Eyn Schrecklich geschicht und gericht Gottes uber Thomas Muntzer, 

daryn Gott offentlich desselbigen geyst lugenstraft't und verdanuiet. 
({^. H. 6 leaves. 

4". [1525?] 

Eynn sehr gute Predig Doct. Martinus Luther August, vo czweyerley 

gerechtickeyt. ©. E. 8 leaves. 

4°. Leypczig, durch Valter Schuman, 1520. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Ein Sendbrieff an die ersamen und woyscn llxn-i'ii r>ui-g(M-nu>vst<>i-, 

Rhatt und gantze Gemeyn der stadt Miilhausen. M. Luther, m.d.x.miu. 
(©. E. 2 leaves. 

4^ [1524.] 


Luther (Martin) 

Eia sondobrieff D. Mart. Lut. an Jhan von sclileynitz zu Janszhauszen 
eyner heyrath halben. Vuittemberg, ©. H. 4 loaves, the last blank. 
4«. [Wittenberg? Nickel Shirlentz, 1523.] 

Eyn sendebrieff von dem harten buchlin wider die Bawrn. €f. S,. 

12 leaves. 

4«. [Wittenberg f Nickel Schirleniz? 1525.] 

Sermo de digna Praeparatione cordis pro suscipiendo Sacramento 

Eucharistije. 4 leaves. 

4^^, [Leipsic, Valentin Schumann, 1518?] 

Eyn gutto trostliche predig vo der wirdigen bereytug zu dem hochwir- 

digen sacraniot. D. Martini Luther Augustiner zu wittenbcrgk : Item 
wie das leyden Christi betrachtet sol warden. [Translated from " Sermo 
de digna Pricparatione, ctc."^ (©, U, 6 leaves, 

4". [Nuremberg, Jobst Gutknccht, 1518.] 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

[Another edition.] Eyn gutte trostliche predig vo der wirdigen bereytiig 

zu de hochwirdigen Sacrament Doctor Martini Luther Augustiner tzu 
Wittenberg. Item wie das leiden Christi betrachtet soil werdenn. ©, it, 
8 leaves, the last blank. 
4^*. [Leipsic, Valentin Schumann, 1518 ?] 
With a icoodcut on the titlepage. 

- [Another copy.] 

- Sermo Doct. Martini Lutheri Wittembergcnsis de Meditatione 
Dominicg Passionis e vernaculo in latinii versus. 4 leaves. 

4". Wittcmberg^, 1521. 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

- Sermo de Peuitentia. &. H, 4 leaves. 

i^. Lipsie, in edibun Vuoljf'gangi Monacenss., 1518. 

- Sermo de Triplici iusticia. 4 leaves. 

4". Lipsiae, ex scdibas Melchioris Lotthcri, 1519. 

- Sermo de uirtute excomunicationis Fratri Martino Luther Augustiniano 
a Unguis tertijs tandem euerberatus. 4 leaves. 

4". Lipsiae, ex aedibns Valentini ScJimnaii, 1518. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

- [Another edition.] Sermo de virtute excomunicationis Fratri Martino 
Lutlier Augustiniano a liiiguis terciis tandem euerberatus. m.d.xvui. 
6 leaves, the last blank. 

4". [Augsburg, Silvanus Otmnr, 1518.] 

With a MS. note on the titlepage: ^^ Mitto tibi sermoniJ de quo tibi 
scripsi T.n.A." 


Luther (Martin) 

Ain Sermon am xxi sontag nach dem Pfingstapr, von der rechten art 
des glaubens. Von der art vnd bosshayt des teiiffels unsers widersachers 
... Martinus Luther, m.d.xxvi. ©, IK., 8 leaves. 
4°. [Augsburg? 152Q.] 

The titlepage has a woodcut border, by Holbein. 

• Ain Sermo, an dem tag des hailigen Sant Johanes des TiifTers Jhesu 

Christi, geprediget vo D. M. L[utber]. Ecclesi. Witten. Anno. 1522. 

^« H, 4 leaves. 

40. [Augsburg ? Heinrich Steyner ? 1522.] 

Eynn Sermon durch Doctor Martinus Luther, Ecclesia zu Wittemberg. 

Geprediget von dem Evange : Jhesus wart vom geyst yhiT dye wusten 
gefurt. &, It, 4 leaves. 

4«. [Erfurt? I52i1] 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Ain sermo durch Marti. Luth. Ecclesia. zu Witten. Geprediget von 

den Bildtnussen. Im lar m.d.xxii. Witenberg. (©, IL, 4 leaves. 

4°. [Augsburg, Melchior Mamminger, 1522.] 

■ Eyn Sermon gepredigt an Sant Stephans tag durch M. Luther. 

©♦ It. 6 leaves. 

4°. [Strasburg ? Johann Knoblauch ? 1524.] 

Ein Sermon geprediget zu Leipssgk vffm Schloss am tag Petri vnd 

Pauli ym. xviiii. Jar, etc. &, It, 4 leaves, 

4*'. Leypssgk, Wolff gag StocJcel, 1520. 

With a woodcut portrait of Luther on the titlepage. 

■ Ein sermon von dem ablasz vnd gnade, durch den wirdigen Doctorem 

Martinii Luther Augustiner zu Wittenbergk gemacht. 0, It, 

4 leaves, 

40, [Nuremberg, Jobst Gutknecht, 1518?] 

[Another edition.] Eyn Sermon von dem Ablass und gnade, durch 

den wirdigen doctorn Martinii Luther Augustiner zu Wittenburg 
gemacht. <&^ It, 4 leaves. 

4°. Lcypszgk, Wulffgang StocJcel^ 1519. 

Eyn Sermon von dem bann Docto. Martini Luther Augustiner tzu 

Vuittenbergk. (©, It, 12 leaves, the last blank. 

4«. Leyptk, Melchior Lotther, 1520. 

Ein Sermon von dem elichen standt Doctoria Martini Lutter 

Augustiner zu wittenburgk gepredigt im tauseut funf hundert uu 
neuntzehenden Jar. @, It, 4 leaves. 

4". Lcypszgk, Wolff gang Stockel, 1519. 

■ [Another edition.] Eyn Sermon von dem Elichen standt vorendert 

uud corrigiret durcli D, INIartinu Luther Augustiner tzu "Wittenbergk. 

(C), It, 4 leaves. 

4". Wittenbarglc, [Johann Ithau,] 1519. 


Luther (Martin) 

Eyn Sermon von dem gopeet unncl procession, yn dor Croutzwochen 
. . . Martinus Luther. ©, E, 4 leaves. 
4°. L<'i/pKii(jh, Wolff []ang Siochel, 1520. 
With a icoodcat on the titlej^aijc. 

[Anotlier edition.] Eyn Sermon von dem gepeet un procession, in der 

Creutz-vvochen. Doctoris Martini Luther Augustiucr zu Wittonbergk. 
©, U. 4 leaves. 

4". Wllteiihergk, (lurch Joan. Griinnenhcnjh, 1520. 

Ein sermon von dem heyligen hochwirdigen Sacrament der Tauffe, 

Doctoris Martini Luther Augustiner zu Wittenbergk. (©, E. 8 leaves. 
4°. {Nuremberg, Joist Gutknccht, 1520.] 

Eyn Sermon von dem Hochwirdigen Sacrament des heyligen waren 

Leychnamsz Christi. Und von den Bruderschafften D. M, L. A. Fur 
die Leyen. &, V., 12 leaves. 

4". Wittenher(jk, dutch Johannern Grunenherg, 1519. 
With looodcufs on the titlepage and last leaf. 

Eyn Sermon von dem sacrament der pusz. D. M. Lu. Aug. czu 

Vuitte. ^, E. 8 leaves. 

4°. Leipsieh, Melchior Lotther, 1519. 

[Another edition.] Eyn Sermon von dem Sacrament der pusz. D. M. L. 

(©, ?L. 8 leaves. 

4". Wittenberg, [Johann Bhau ?] 1519. 

[Another edition.] Ein sermon von dem Sacrament der busz Doctoris 

Martini Luther Augustiner zu Wittenburgk. (&, E. 8 leaves, the 
last blank. 

4°. [Nuremberg, Jobst Guthiecht, 1520.] 

Eyn Sermon von de Wucher. D. M. L[uther]. ^, H, 4 leaves. 

4*'. Wittenberg, [Johann Ithau,'] 1519. 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

[ Another edition.] Eyn Sermon von dem Wucher Doctoris Martini 

Luther, Augustiner zu Wittenbergk. <©, It, IG leaves. 

4". Wittenbergk, durch Joan. Griinenhergk, 1520. 
With a tooodcut on the titlejjage. 

[Another edition.] Ein Sermon von dem wucher. Doctoris Martini 

Luther Augustiner zu wittenbergk. <&, ?1, 14 leaves. 

4". [Nuremberg, Jobst Gutknccht, 1520.] 

Eyn Sermon von der bereytung czum stcrben Doctoris Martini Lutlieri 

Augu. (&. ?L. 10 leaves. 

4. [Leipzig i Melchior hotter the elder 1 1519 ?] 


Luther (Martin) 

[Another edition.] Ein niitzlich und fast trostlich predig oder under- 
richtung wie sich ein christen mensch mit freiiden bereyten sol zu 
sterbun. JJcschribendurch Doctor Martiiiu Luther Augustiuer. ©, It, 
12 leaves. 

4«. Basel, Adam Petri, 1520. 
With woodcuts. 

• Eyn Sermon von der Beycht und dem Sacrament. Item vom brauch 

und bekentnis christlicher freyheit Martinus Luther. Vvittemberg, 
1524. (©. m.. 18 leaves, the last blank. 
40. [Wittenberg,] Hans Lufft, 1524. 

Ein Sermon von der beschneydung, am Neiiwen jars tag. Item ein 

geystliche auszlegung der Zeichen in Sonn, Mon vnnd gestirn. D. M. 
Luther. Wittemberg m.d.xxiiii. (J?j, H, 4 leaves. 
40. [1524?] 

Eyn Sermon von der Betrachtung des heyligen leydens Christi D. 

Martini Luther zu Wittenberg. (J§, K, 6 leaves, the last blank. 

4°. Wittenberg, [Johann Bhau,] 1519. 
With a woodcut on the lltlepage. 

[Another edition.] Eyn Sermon von der Betrachtung des heyligen 

leydens Christi D. Mar. Luther zu Witteberg. ©» 3t, G leaves. 

4*^. Leyjjczygk, [Melchior hotter the elder,] 1519. 
With a looodcut on the title/page. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another edition.] Eyn sermon von der betrachtug des heyligen 

leydens christi. ((§, IL, 4 leaves. 

40. [Nuremberg, Jobst Guthiecht, 1519 1] 
With a wuodeut on the titlepage. 

Ain sermon von der wirdigen empfahung des hailigen waren leychnanis 

Christi, gethon am griindonerstag zii Wittenberg. . . . D. M. Luther. 
M D.xxi. &, %. 6 leaves, the last blank. 

4*^. [Augsburg 'i Sylvan Otmarf 1521.] 

[Another edition.] Eyn Sermon. Von der Entpfahung und zubereyt- 

tung, desz hochwirdigen fron leychnams Jesu Christi, etc. ©. E. 
4 leaves. 

4". Zwic]caw,Jorg Gastel,[\5-2'i1] 

With a woodcut on the titlepage, and one at the end, by Hans Weiditz. 

Eyn Sermon von sanct Peter uiind Paul den heyligenn tzwolff boten voni 

vortrawe. Cepredigt zu Uuittomberg durch D. Martinum Luther. 
(&, If., 4 leaves. 

4". [Erfurt i Matthcs Malcr ? 1523.] 

Luther (M.vrtin) 

Die Sieben buszpsalm mit deustcher auszlej^ung nach deni schrifftlichen 
synne tzu Chiisti vnd gottes gnaden, neben seyns selben. ware erkentniss 
grundlich gerichtet. @, 'liL, 44 leaves, the last blank. 
4". Lc'i/ptzk, (lurch den vorsichtigen man Jacobnm Thanncr, 1519. 
With a woodcut on the titl('p(uje. 

Das TauflTbuchlin verteiitschct durch Martinum Luther. ©, It, 

8 leaves, the last blank. 

4«. [Augnhunj^ 102^1] 

■ Tessaradecas Consolatoria pro laboratibus q oneratis M. Lutheri Aug. 

Vuittenbergeu. 18 leaves, the last blank. 

4°. Vulttenhergij, per Johannem GrunenhergJc, 1520. 

With a MS. note on the titlepage : " Her Willibalden Pirckheymer. 
In Nurmherg, 1520." 

Ein trostliclis buchlein Doc. Martini Lutheri Augustiners : in aller 

widerwertigkeyt eynes ygliche Christglaubigen nienschen : newlich 
gedeutscht durch Magistrum Georgium Spalatinum. [Translated from 
" Tessaradecas Consolatoria."] €>. It. 36 leaves, the last blank. 

4". Leyptzl, Melchlor Loither, 1520. 

Das Teiitsch Requiem der verbranten Bullenund Biipstlichen Rechten. 

[By Martin Luther.] (S, It, 4 leaves. 

4". [^Augsburg? Sigismund Grimm and Marcus Wlrsung'? 1520?] 

Eyn trew vormanung Martini Luther tzu alien Christen. Sich tzu 

vorhuten fur auffruhr unnd Emporung. Vuittemberg. (©, H, 
10 leaves. 

4''. [Wittenberg ? Melchior hotter the younger ? 1522.] 

Eyn trost brieff an die Christen zu Augspurg Martinus Luther 

Wittemberg. m.d.xxiiii. ©, It. 4 leaves. 

4°. Wittemberg, Hans Lufft, [1524.] 

Doctor Martinus Luther Augustiners Vnterricht auff ctlich artickel die 

im von seynen abgunnern aufF gelegth und tzu gemessen werden. (©, it, 
4 leaves. 

4**. Leypszgh, Wolffgang Stockel, 1519. 

[Another copy.] 

Urteil D. Martin Lutliers und Philippi Meianchthonis von Erasmo 

Roterdam. Ein Christlicher sendtbrieff D. Martin Luthers an 
D. Wolfgang Fabritiuni Capitonem . . . Christus Ablassz brieil". 
©, U, 8 loiives, the last blank. 

4". [StraisbHrgf Johann Schott ? 1523.] 

. Doctor Martinus Lutthers verteutschte schrifft an das Capitel zii 

AVitteberg wie man die Ccreraonie der Kiroho bessorn soil alien Ilohen 
vnnd Nydcrn Stift'ton ser dienstlicli. ©, It, 4 leaves. 
4". [Augsburg? 1524.] 


Luther (Martin) 

Ain volkomne unnd Griinndtliche vndterricht. Wie man sich gegen 
Yederman, der Ergernus halben, hallto soil unnd sonderlich in fasten 
unnd flayschessen, etc. (©, H, 6 leaves. 
40. [Altenburg? 1524.] 

Von dem aller nottigisten. Wie man diener der kirchen welen vnd 

eynsetzen sol. Mart. Luther. (@, E. 36 leaves, the last blank. 

4". Wittemberg, MelcMor Loiter, der Junger, 1524. 

Vonn dem hailigen leyden Christi wie wir das zii der zeit unsers 

sterbens soUen brauchen, etc. [Extracted and translated by N. Mair, 
from Luther's Lucubrationes in Psalmum xxi.] (®, It, 28 leaves. 

4". [Augsburg? J. Bamming er ?] 1524. 

Von den Conciliis und Kirchen. D. Mart. Luth. Wittemberg. 

1539. (g. H, 132 leaves. 

4°. Wittemberg, Hans Lujt, 1539. 

Von den guten werckenn : D. M. L. Vuittenberg. ^, H, 58 leaves. 

4°. Wittenberg, bey dem iungen MelcMor Lotther, 1520. 

With a woodcut. 

Von der Christlichen hoffnung, ein trostlich leer fiir die kleinmiitigen 

Martin luthers iiber on ein de letsten versz des f iinfFten Psalmen, Verba 
mea auribus, etc. &» It, 24 leaves. 

40. [Nuremberg? 1525?] 

Von der frucht uii nutzparkayt des heyligen Sacrariiets. Do. Mart. 

Luth. Anno m.d.xxiiii. (J5, iL, 6 leaves. 

4°. [Nuremberg, Hermann Hamsing, 1524.] 

Von der heiligen Tauffe : predigten. D. Mart. Luth. Wittemberg. 

M.D.xxxv. (©, H, 58 leaves, the fourth blank. 

4°. Wittemberg, durch Georgen Bhaw, 1535. 

Von kauffshandlung vnd wucher. Martinus Luther. Vuittemberg. 

1524. (@. H. 36 leaves. 

40. Wittemberg, Hans Lufft, [1524.] 

Von mennschenn lere zu nieyden. Antiwortt auff spriiche szo man 

furet menschen lere tzu sterckenn. D. Marti. Luther. Wittemberg. 
M.D.xx.ii. &, %» 12 leaves. 

4**. [Wittenberg, Joliann Bhau, 1522.] 

• Von ordenung gottis diensfc yfi der gemeyne. Doctor Martin' Luther. 

Wittemberg. m.d.xxiii. @, It, 4 leaves. 

4°. [Wittenberg? Lucas Cranach and Christian Dortng? 1523.] 

[Another copy.] 

Vo Reyche Gottis Was es sey und Wie 16. D. Mart. Luther. (©. ?t, 

8 leaves, the last blank. 

4°. Aldenburgk, Gabriel Kantz, [1524.] 

Von zweyerley menschen wie sie sich, in dem Gelawben halden soll<^, 

unnd was der sey he. [By Martin Luther.] (©. 3t. 8 leaves. 

8°. [1523 ?] 


Luther (Martin) 

Wariunb des Bapsts und seyner Jungerii bucher vou D. Martino 
Luther vorbrat seynn, etc. &. %. 7 leaves. 
40. Wittembergk, [Johann Rhau,] 1520. 

Wider das Bapstum zu Rom vom Teuffel gestifft. Mart. Luther D. 

&. %. 104 leaves. 

4". Wittemhery, Hans Lnfft, 1545. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Widder das blind vnd toll verdamnis der siebenzehen artickel von der 

elenden schendlichen vniversitet zu Ingolstat ausgangen. Martinus 
Luther. Item der Wienner Artickel widder Paulum Speratum sampt 
seyner antwort. ©. H. 20 leaves. 
4<^. [Nuremberg 1 Hans Hergot i 1524.] 

Wider den Bischoft zu Magdeburg Albrecht Cardinal. D. Mar. Luth. 

&. %. 36 leaves. 

4". Wittemherg, Hans Lufft, 1539. 

Wider den newen Abgot und alten Teiifell, der zu Meyssen sol erhaben 

werden. M. Luther. Wittemberg. m.d.xxiiij. &. %. 12 leaves. 
40. [Nuremberg ? Hans Hergot ? 1524.] 

With two looodcuts at the end, one of them a portrait of Luther after 
Lucas Cranach. 

Wider die Antinomer. D. Mar. Luther. Wittemberg. 1539. 

(&. It. 12 leaves. 

4°. Wittemberg, Joseph Klug, 1539. 

Widder die hymelischen propheten von den bildern vnd Sacrament 

id. Martinus Luther. (?5. IL. 44 leaves. 

4°. Wittemherg, [Lucas Cranach and Christian Doring, 1525.] 

Das ander teyl widder die hymlischen propheten vom Sacrament. 

jMartinus Luther. ©. H. 60 leaves. 

4^'. Wittemberg, [Lucas Cranach and Christian Doring, 1525.] 

Die tzehen geboth gottes mit eyner Kurtzen auszlegung yrer erfullung 

und ubertretung vom Docto : M. Luther . . . gemacht. @. i. 4 leaves. 
8^. Leypszgk, Wolff gang Stockel, 1519. 

[Another edition.] Die zehen gepot gottes mit einer Kurtzen auszle. 

gung irer erfullung und vbertretug. von Doctor Martinus Luther 
Augustiner gemacht. @. H. 4 leaves. 

40. [Nuremberg, Jobst Gutknecht, 1520?] 

[Another copy.] 

Miscellaneous References to Luther. 

See Cellarius (J.) Judicium Joannis Cellarij de Martino Luthero. 



Luther (Martin) 

See DoBNECK (J.) CocMseus. Historia dc Actis et Scriptis Martini 

Lutheri, etc. 


See Erasmus (D.) Erasmi Roterodami Dvo Epistolia de cavsa Lvterana. 


See Henry viii., King of England. Serenissimi . . . Regis Anglie 

... ad clarissimos Saxoni^ principes, de coercenda abigendacg Lutherana 
factione & Luthero ipso. 


See Hessus (S.) Argumentum dises biechloins. Symon Hessus zeigt 

an D. Martino Luther ursach, warumb die Lutherische biecher vo den 
Coloniensern un Lovaniensern verbrent worden sein, etc. 


See HuTTEN (U. von.) Ain clag iiber den brandt der Luterischen biicher 

zu Mentz. 

See HuTTEN (U. von), Contenta. Ulrichi ab Hutten . . . Exclamatio, 

in incendium Lutheranum, etc. 


See Mazzolini (S.) da Prierio. R. P. Fratris S. Prieratis ... in 

psumptuosas M. Luther coclusioes de ptate pape dialog'. 


See Mazzolini (S.) da Prierio. Epitoma Responsionis ad M. Lvther. 


■ See Oecolampadius (J.) Oecolapadij iudiciii de doctore M. Luthero. 


See Paris. — University. Determinatio theologicse facvltatis Parisien. 

Svper doctrina Lutheriana hactenus per earn visa, etc. 


See Paris. — University. Determinatio secunda alme facultatis Theologig 

Parisieii. Super Apologiam P. Melanchthonis pro Luthero Scriptam, etc. 


See Rhadinus Todischus (T.) Thome Rhadini : Todischi. . .ad Illus- 

triss. et invictiss. Principes. . .in M. Lutherti Vuittenbergosem Here. 
Nationis gloria violatem : Oratio. 


Sec Spengler (L.) Schiitzred un christenliche antwurt. . .Mit antzai- 

gunge wariib Doctor Martini Luthers leer nit saiTi unchristulich 
verworffon. . .werden soil, etc. 



Macchiavelli (Niccolo) 

Historie Fiorentine. ff. 224. 

4°. Firenze, Bernardino di Giunta, 1532. 

Imperfect ; xoanting the leaves {after sig. EE.) which contain the Lint of 
Errata and the printer's device. 

Macedonia (Ladislaus de) 

Oratio habita Norinibergae coram Senatu Principum et omniu Ordinum 
Sacri Ro. Imperii, pro expeditione in Turcos suscipienda, iij Cal'. 
Decembr. mdxxii. 

4«. [Nicrembcrgf Friedrich Peypus? 1522?] 
Imperfect, wanting all except the first four leaves. 


Somnium Scipionis ex Ciceronis libro de Republica excerptum. — Macrobii 
. . .in Somnium Scipionis expositionis liber. — Macrobii. . .Conviviorum 
primi diei Saturnatiorum liber. S. 90. 
fol. Venetiis, 1492. 

Mago (Agogo) 

Opera nobilissima composta per lo excel lente Maestro Agogo Mago. De 
tutte le passion ^•ien a Falconi Astori e Sparaueri. 4 leaves. 
4°. [Venice,] 1523. 

Maino (Jason de) 

Repertorium D. lasonis de Maino . . . Summa diligentia ac fide . . . 
recoguitii, etc. 195 leaves, 
fol. Venetiis, 1560. 

Imperfect, wanting all after sig. z. vi. 

Mains (Junianus) 

Begin. [Sig a. i. verso :] Juniani Maij parthenopei ... in libruni do 
priscorum proprietate verboru prologus fceliciter iucipit. @, %, 
330 leaves. 

fol. Tarnisidse, per BernardU de Colonia, 1477. 
With MS. notes. 

[Another edition.] 348 leaves. 

fol. [Venice, Johannes Biihens,] 1490. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Malachi, Book of. 

See Bible. — Malachi. 

Malaciola (T. Curtius) 

Dialogvs, Bvlla, T. Curtio Malaciola. Equit. Burlassio. Autore, etc. 
4 leaves, the last blank. 

4". CdUi/rius Trnlla, apiid Bnrlassiam Cataduppx regis Stratiotarum 
Mdropolliii, Excxdvhaf, [1520?] 


Malherio (Petrus Alfonsus) 

Gesta proxime per Portugalenses in India : Ethiopia : i aliis orinetalibus 

[sic] terris. &. %. 6 leaves. 

4'*. Borne, per Joannem BesicJcen, 1506. 


Le malicie i sagacita de le donne : Narrando tutti li lor belletti. . ,che 
usano per farse belle. Et el consiglio de un Philosopho date a qiielli 
che se voleno maridare . , . Coii un capitolo de una Cortisana tirata in 
caretta. [In verse.] 4 leaves. 
4°. [Venice, 1525 '<] 
With a woodcut. 


Le inalitie de Vilani co aliquant! Straraotti alia Bergamascha. Et uno 
contrasto de uno Fiorentino & uno Bergamascho. [Ballads.] 4 leaves. 
4". [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Manardus (Joannes) 

Epistolae Medicinales in quibus multa recentiorum errata et antiquorum 

decreta reserantur, etc. ff. 72. 

4*^. Fenarise, Bernardiiius de Odonino, 1521. 

Manfredus (Hieronymus) 

De Medicis et infirmis collectanea in ordinera centiloquij congesta. . . 
Insuper in viginti octo mansiones Lunse . . . loannis Schoneri Mathematici 
collectanea. 24 leaves, the last blank. 
8". Nuremhergae, Sumptu Georgii Vuachter, 1530. 

Manilius (Marcus) 

Begin, [fol. 1. recto :] Marci Manilii astronomicon liber primus incipit. 
78 leaves. 
4°. [1480?] 

Manliis (Joannes Jacobus de) de Bosco. 

Luminare maius. ff. 98 [of which only 1-94 are foliated], 
fol. Venetijs, per Mgruz albertinu, verccUcsH, [1510 ?] 

Mantuanus (Baptista) 

See Spagnuoli (Baptista) 

Manuzio (Paolo) 

De gli elementi, e di molti loro notabili effetti. if. 34. 
4«. Venetia, Aldus, 1557. 

Marcellinus (Ammianus) 

Ammiani Marcellini rerum gestarii libri xviii, a decimo quart<^ ad 
trigesimum primum ; nam xiii priores desiderantur, etc. pp. 513. 
8*^. Parisiis, Ex officina Boh. Siephaui, 1544. 



Margaret, Queen Comfort of Henry 11., King of Navarre. 

L'lleptamonm, ou Histoiros des Airian.s fortunez des nouvelles de 
trcs illu.str(». . , Princosso, Marguerite de Valois lloyrie de Navarre, etc. 
pp. 812. 
16". A Lyon, Pour Loytt Cloqiiemin, 1572. 

[Another edition.] pp. 801. 

16'\ X Paris, Chez Gabriel Bnon, 1581, 

Marinello (Giovanni) 

La prima parte della Copia delle Parole scritta per M. Giovanni 
Marinello : one si niostra una nuoua arte di diuenire il piu, & 
eldiuente dicitore nella lingua uolgare, etc. — ^La seconda parte, etc. 2 pts. 
8". Venetia, Vincenzo Vahjr.'si, 1562. 

Martialis (Marcus Valerius) 

Doniitii Calderini Veronensis Commentarii in M. Valerium Martialem, 
etc. 218 leaves. 

fol. Inclyta in Venetiarum Ciuitate im^jressum, ciira & diligentia 
Thomse Alexandrini & sociorinn eius, 1482. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." The title is taken 
from sig. a. ii. 

Mascardi (Vitale) 

Festa fatta in Rfinia, AUi 25. di Febraio, mdcxxxiv. [on the 
arrival of Prince Charles of Poland]. E data in luce da Vitale Mascardi. 
pp. 135- 
4". Roma,[lQ:}5.] 

With engraved titlepage and plates. 

Matthaeus, Westmonasteriensis. 

l^'lores Historiarum per Matthfeum Westmonasteriensem collecti : 
prjtcipue de Kebus Britannicis ab exordio mundi usque ad annum 
Domini Mcccvii. ; et Chronicon ex chronicis ab initio mundi usque 
ad annum Domini Mcxviii deductum, auctore Florentio Wigorniensi 
nionacho ; cui accessit continuatio usque ad annum Christi mcxli. 
per quendam ejusdem coenobii eruditum, etc. pp. 69. 6. 
fol. Fraricofurti, Typis Wechelianis apud Claudinm Marnimn and heredes 
loannis Aubrij, 1601. 

Matthew, Gospel of. 

See Bible. — Mattheto. 

Mazzochius (Jacobus) 

Epigrammata Antiqua^ XJrbis. fT. 189. 
fol. Pomve, in aedib lacobi Mazochii, 1521. 
With woodcuts. 


Mazzolini (Silvestro) da Prierio. 

Epitoma Responsionis ad Martinvm Lvtlier Vuittenbergic, ad laudeni & 
gloriam oranium hostium Christiana} ueritatis. Anno, M.ixxx. [With 
a preface by Luther.] 14 leaves, the last bhmk. 
4". [Wittenberg, Melchlor hotter the youmjer, 1520.] 

' ^" ^L ^^^^^^^ Siluestri Prieratis. . .in psumptuosas Martini Luther 

coclusioes de ptate pape dialog'. &. H. 12 leaves. 
4°. [Leipsic, Melchior Loiter the elder, 1520?] 

With two MS. notes on the titlepage : " Deest reposio ad prierat.," and 
" ConsuUiss. Patritio Bilihaldo Pirckheymer." 

Medici (Lorenzo de') 

Ballatette del Magnifico Lorezo de medici & di messere Agnolo Politiani 
& di Bernardo giaburlari & di molti altri. 36 leaves. 
4". [Florence? 1510?] 

With a woodcut on si(j. a. i. The title is taken from sig. a. it. 

Medici (Srsto de') 

De Latinis Numerorum notis. &. 24. 
4". Venetlis, 1557. 

The above date is on the titlepage. That given in the colophon is 
November 1556. 

Mela (Pomponius) 

Cosmographia . . .Compendio Joannis Coclei Norici adaucta, etc. ff. 27, 
followed by 32 unnumbered leaves, the last blank. 
4°. [Nuremberg, Johann Weyssenburger, 1512.] 

Melanchthon (Philipp) 

Annotationes Philippi Melanchthonis in Epistolas Pauli Ad Rhomanos 
Et Corinthios. [With a preface by Luther.] 
4°. Norimbergse, per Johannem Stuchs, 1522. 

Ph. Melanchthonis de arte dicendi declamatio. Ejusdem do corrigendis 

studiis sermo. R. Agricolse de formandis studiis epistola . . Luciani in 
Calumniam oratio . . . Item Luciani opusculum ad indoctum &, multos 
libros ementem. 60 leaves, the last blank. 

8". Ex Foilicissima Haganoa, per Johan. Secerium, [1536 ?] 
Imperfect, loanting the blank leaf at the end, 

De artibus liberalibus oratio a Philippo Melanchthone Tubingae habita. 

10 leaves. 

4". [Hagenau,] Ex Charisio Thomae Anshelmi, [1517 ?] 

Declamativncvla in D. Pauli Doctrinara j Epistola ad lohannem 

Hessum Theologum Philippi Melanchthonis. 14 leaves. 

4°. Vuitlenbergm, apud Melchiorem Lottherum, 1520. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Defensio Philippi Melanchthonis contra lohannem Eki^^n Theologiae 

Professorem. 6 leaves. 

4«. [Wittenberg, Johann lihau,] 151<). 

G 2 


Melanchthon (Philipp) 

Didymi Faventini adversvs Thomam Placentinvin [i.e. H. EmserJ, pro 
Martino Lvthero theologico, oratio. Philippo Melanchthone avctore. 
Anno M.D.xxi. 42 leaves. 
4«. [Basle, Adam Petri,] 1521 

See Paris. — University. Determinatio Secunda alme facultatis 

Theologig Parisien. super Apologiam P. Melanchthonis pro 

Luthero Scriptam, etc. 


Epistola de Lipsica Dispvtatione. 4 leaves. 

4**. [Wittenberg? Johann Grunenherg? 1521.] 

With a MS. note, in the handwriting of Melanchthon, on the tiilepage : 
" Summo viro D. Billihaldo Pircaimer Noricse urhis Decori." 

Philipps Melanchthons Handtbiichlein, wie man die kinder zii der 

geschrifft und lerelialtensol. Wittenberg m.d.xxiiu. ©» IL. 24 leaves. 
8«. [1524?] 

Lypsicje Dispvtationis Epitome, cvm defensione D. Eccii adversvs 

Melauehthonem, et Melanchthonis modestiss. responsione. 16 leaves, 
the last blank. 

[Augsburg, Sigismund Grim and Marcus Wirsung], 1519. 

See Jon ANN, von EcJc. Excusatio Eckii ad ea que falso sibi p. 

Melanchton . . . Super Theologica disputatione Lipsica adscripsit. 

- Sentential Sanctorum Patrum de Coena Domini, bona fide recitata;, 
&, editaj Vuiteberga; a P. Melanchthone anno 1530. Nunc iterum 
excusaj. 24 leaves. 

8«. 1561. 

- Unterricht der Visitatoren an die Pfarhern im Kurfiirstenthum zii 
Saohsen. Wittemberg m.d.xxviii, [By Melanchthon. With a preface 
by Luther.] @. H. 

8«. [1528?] 

Imperfect ; wanting all after sig. C. 

- Urteil D. Martin Luthers und Philippi Melanchthonis von Erasmo 
Koterdam, etc. (&. it, 8 leaves, the last blank. 

4". [Strasburg ? Johann Schottf 1523.] 

- Vocabula Mensurarum et Rei Numariae. 8 loaves (the last blank) and 
one plate. 

8". Norimbcrgse, Joach.'mus Petrcius, 1529. 

- Von Ergernis des glawbens vnnd der Hebe Philip{)us Melanchthon. 
Ttiiui vom gehorsam und gewalt des schwcrts. (J^. IL. 16 leaves. 

8". 1524. 



Von zweyerley. menschen wie sie sich, in dem Gelawben halden solle, 
unnd was der seyhe. [By Martin Luther. 1 @. It. 8 leaves. 
8". [1523?] 

Merula (Georgius) 

Begin. Georgius Merula Alexandrinus Bartholomeo Chalco Ducali 
Secretario sa. dicit. 10 leaves. 
4". [1515?] 

Mesue (Joannes) 

Omnia opera Diui Joannis mesue cum expositione Mondini super 
canones universales, etc. ff. 355. 
fol. Venetijs, 1502. 

The title is taken from the colophon. With the bookplate: "Liber 
Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Mezler (Bartholomeus) 

Ministrorum vevbi apud Constantiam, etc. [1524.] 
Sec Vannius (J.), WiNDNEK (J.) and Mezleh (B.) 

Micah, Book of. 

See Bible. — Micah. 

Milton (John) 

Paradise Lost. A Poem in twelve books. The Author John Milton. 
The second edition, revised and augmented by the same Author, pp. 333. 
8*^. London, Printed by S. Simmons, 1674. 

With an engraved portrait of Milton, J>y W. Dolle, as frontifpiece. 

Minadoi (Giovanni Tommaso) 

Historia della guerra fra Turchi et Persiani, di Gio. Thomaso Minadoi 
da Rouigo. . .l3air istesso nouamente riformata, tfe aggiuiitini i succossi 
deir anno m.d.lxxxvi., etc. [With an engraved map.] pp. 383. 
4". Venctia, Appresso Andrea Musckio d Barezzo Barezzi, 1588. 

[Another copy.] 

Mirabella e Alagona (Vincenzo) 

Dichiarazioni della Pianta dell' antiche Siracuso, o d' alcune scelto 
Medaglie d' esse, e de' Principi che quelle possedettero. 2 pis. 
fol. Napoli, Ljazzaro Scoriggio, 1613. 
With engraved plates and titlepage. 

[Another copy of pt. 2.] 



Ii('(j!n. [fol. 2 verso :] Annus habot xij racses, etc. [fol. 9 recto :] Incipit 
onlo niissalis ssm eonsuetudinem romane curie. ©. H. 256 leaves, 
without titlepage ; the first and eighth leaves are blank. 
4". Nu7'mher(/r, prr G('or(finm stnrhs de sultzhadi, 1484. 

Printed In red and hlark. Imperfect ; wantinif the two hlanh leaven. 
Fols.d, 114, 116, 117, 118, 119, 127, 1.30, 136, 1:38, 179, 192, 196, 230, 
are mutilated, harimj the illuminated letters cut out ; and the margin of 
fol. 115 has been cut. 

Missa D. loannis Chrysostomi secundum veterera usum Ecclesise 

ConstantinopolitaniP, a forma ilia tjuam magnus Dionysius depingit. 
a Leone Tusco Emanuelis Imperatoris Constantinopolitani Joannis F. 
Latinarum epistolarum magistro, jam olim conversa, . .Eadem recentius 
ab Erasmo Roterodamo tralata, etc. 48 leaves. 
4". Colmariae, per Barptholomeum Gri/eninrferum, 1540. 

Modius (Franciscus) 

Gynjeceum, sive Theatrum Mulierum, in quo praecipuarum omnium 
per Europam in primis, nationum . . . ftumineos habitus videre est 
artificiosissimis . . .figuris. . .expressos a I. Amano. Additis ad singulas 
figuras singulis octostichis Franoisci Modii, etc. tf. 118. 
4". Francoforti, impensis Sigismundi Fei/rahendiJ, 1586. 

Montenay (Georgette de) 

Georgije Montaneie . . . Emblematum Christianorum centuria, cum 
eordundem Latina interpretatione. — Cent Emblemes Chrestiens, etc. 
Fr. & Lat. 

4^. Tiguri, Apud Christopliorum Froschouerum, 1584. 
With engraved plates. 

Montereggio (Joannes de) 

See Mueller (Johann) Begiomontanus. 

Montreux (Nicolas de) 

Histoire Universelle des Guerres du Turc, depuis I'an 1565. jusques a 
la trefve faicte en I'annee 1606, etc. pp. 1036. 
4". Paris, Bobert Foiiet, 1608. 

This is torn 2 of ^' Histoire generale des troubles de Hongrie" by Martin 
Fumee, Sieur de Oenille. With the arms of Henry Howard, ]st Earl of 
Northampton, on the binding. 

Morales (Ambrosio de) 

La Coronica General de Espana, etc. 3 vols. 

fol. Alcala de Henares, Juan Iniguez de Lequerica, 1574-77. 

With a MS. note on the titlepage to vol. 2 .- " Illusfrissimo Viro Henrico 
Howardo Comiti Northampton . . .Bobertus Cotton Eijues Auratus D.D." 


Morbachus (Achatius) 

Ad Lectorem. Dialogus festiuus in quo medicaster quidam a Philosopho 
de mala medendi ratioe coram Pnetore postulatur, multiplicibustg 
erroribus couencit, etc. 16 leaves. 
4°, [Nuremberg,] F. P. [i.e. Friedrich Peypus, 1525?] 
With a Woodcut. 

More {Sir Thomas) 

De Optimo reip. statu deque noua insula Utopfa libellus uere aureus . , , 
Epigrammata. . .Thomae Mori, pleracg e Grajcis uersa Epigrammata Des. 
Erasmi. pp. 355. 

4. Basilese, Apud lo. Frohenium, 1518. 
With woodcuts. 

Moreau (Philippe) 

Le Tableau des Armoiries de France. Auquel sont representees les 
origines & raisons des Armoiries, Herauts d'Armes, & des marques de 
Noblesse, pp. 444. 
8». Paris, Chez Bobert Foiiet, 1609. 

Mosellanus (Petrus) 

See ScHADE (Petrus) Mosellanus. 

Moses ben Joseph Kimchi. 

Rabi Mose Kimhi in Introductorio Grammaticje. Heb. fF. 78. 
4°. Hagenose, Ex Officina Thomse Anshelmi, 1519. 
With a woodcut. 

Moses Maimonides. 

[The Thirteen Articles of the Jewish Faith] Heb. 10 leaves, the 

last blank. 

4«. [Ismjf 1542?] 

Moses of Coucy. 

[The Great Book of Commandments, composed by Moses of Coucy.] 248 

leaves. Heb. 

fol. [Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1522.] 

Mueller (Johann) Begiomontanus. 

Canon Joannis de monteregio in Ephemerides. (@. H. 4 leaves. 
4°. [Venice? 15101] 

Doctissimi viri . . . loannis de Regio Monte de Triangulis omnimodis 

libri quinque. . .Accesserunt hue in calce pleracg D. Nicolai Cusani de 
Quadratura circuli, etc. pp. 137, 93. 

fol. Norimbergse, sedibus lo. Petrei, 1533. 

Kalendar. [For 1475-1513. Eclipses for 1475-1530.] Ends: 

Kalenders nucz vnd toglichait nach meine slechten tewtsche vnd 
chlainein vermogen. M. Johan von kongsperg. €>. %. 30 leaves. 

4". [Nuremberg, M. Johan von Itongsperg, 1474?] 
Coloured by hand, throughout. 


Muenster (Sebastian) 

Chaklaica Grammatica, etc. pp. 212. ff<'?>, &, Lat. 
4". Banilrae, Ajiud Jo. Froh[cn!uiii]., 1527. 
The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Kalendariii Hebraicum, etc. pp. 200, followed by fourteen unnumbered 


4". Basileae, Apud Jo. Frobleniuni]., 1527. 

With woodcuts. The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Musurus (Marcus) 

'ErvfJioXoytKov /Acya Kara aXcf)aPr]Tov, iraw wcfieXifiov. 224 leaves, 
fol. [FemVe?] 1499. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi PircJcheimer." The second leaf 
is illuminated. 

• [Another edition.] Meya ^ErvfioXoyiKov. ff. 175. 

fol. Venetijs, apud Federieum Turrisanum, 1549. 

Nachtigall (Ottmar) 

Graece et Latine. Moralia quajdam instituta, ex varijs authoribus, 
etc. 164 leaves. 

8". Augustae Vindelicorum, per Simpertum rujf, Expensis D. Sigismundi 
Grim, 1523. 

Nannini (Remigio) Fiorentino. 

Orationi Militari. Raccolte per Remigio Fiorentino, da tutti gli 
historic! greci e latini, antichi e moderni. Con gli etfetti, in questa 
seconda editione, cho elle fecero negli animi di coloro che 1' ascoltarono, 
etc. pp. 1004. 
8". Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito dc' Ferrari, 1560. 

Nannius (Jonnnes) 

See Annius (Joannes) 

Naso (Joannes') 

loannis Nasonis Siculi Panhormis de spectaculis a Panhormitanis in 
Aragonei regis laudem editis Barchlnonia iu fidem eius recepta. 24 
leaves, the first and last blank. 
8«. [Naples? 1473?] 

Only two other copies of this work are knoion- 

Natalis (Hieronymus) 

Adnotationes et Meditationes iu Evangelia quie in sacrosancto niissaj 
.saeriticio toto anno leguntur, etc. \>\i. 595. 
fol. Antaerpise Murtimis Nuiius, 1594. 


Natalis (Hieronymus) 

Adnotationes et Meditaiiones in E vangelia . . . Secunda editio. pp. 636. 
fol. Antuerpioe, Martinus Nutius, 1595. 

Evangelicae Historiae Imagines ex ordiiie Evangeliorum, quae toto anno 

in Missse sacrificio recitantur, in ordinem temporis vitse Christi digestas. 
[153 engraved plates, preceded by an engraved titlepage and five 
unnumbered leaves, of which the last is blank.] 
fol. Antverpise, [Martinus Nutius,] 1593. 

[Another copy.] 

Without the blank leaf following the preliminary matter. 

Nazarei (Judas) pseud, [i.e. Joachim voii Watt.] 

Vom alten und niien Gott, Glauben, und Ler. 0. E. 40 leaves, of 
which the last is blank. 
40. [Basle, A. Petri,] 1521. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage, 

De veteri et novicio Deo, de veteri et nova fide, sive Origo idolatriae. 

[Translated by Hartmannus Dulichius.] 34 leaves, the fourth and the 

last blank. 

4°. Wittemhergae, [Melchior Lotter the younger? 1522?] 

Nicolaus, Bishop of Modrusch. 

Oracio in funere Reuerendissimi domini diii Petri Cardinalis, sancti 

sixti. d^. H. ff. 8. 

4°. Padue, j». mathett. cerdonis, 1482. 

Nicolaus, Cardinal. 

See KiiRYPFFS (Nicolaus) de Cusa. 

Nicolaus, Leonicenus. 

Nicolai Plinii et aliorum niedicorum erroribus liber, t'<<;'. 

pp. 318. 

4**. Basileae, Henrieus Petrus, 1529. 

Niger (Franciscus) 

P. Francisci Nigri, a. Veneti. Sacerdotis artiumcg doctoris : breuis 
griimatica, etc. 145 leaves. 
80. Venetiis, 1492. 

The title is taken from sig. a. Hi. 

Francisci Nigri : Veneti : doctoris : In faustis.simu principem Sigis- 

mundii . . . p foelicissimo nouae sposae epilhalamio : carminu libellus, 
etc. 14 leaves. ©. It. 
4«. [1485?] 

Opusculum epistolarum famili.ariu & artis eorudcm scribendi, etc. 

37 leaves. 

4". Venetiis, arte <t inqjcnsis llcrmdni Liechtenstein cvlunicnsis, 1488. 


Niphus (Augustinus) 

Augustini Niphi Medicis libri duo. De Pulchro, primus. De Amore, 

secundus. pp. 277. 

4°. Lugduni, Apud Godefridum, & Marcellum, Beringos, fratres, 1549. 


No expetto gia mai : co molte altre cazone. ©. %. 4 leaves. 
8°. Venetia, per Francesco Bindoni, 1527. 
With a woodcut. 

Noricus (Joannes Cocleus) 

See DoBNECK (Joannes) CocMseus. 

Notitia Dignitatum 

Notitia vtraqve dignifcatvm, cvm Orientis, tvm Occidentis vltra Arcadii 
Honoriiqve tempora. Et in earn Guidi Panciroli Coramentarium. 
Ejusdem authoris de Magistratibus Municipalibus liber... Ultima editio, 
auctior et correctior. 2 pts. 

fol. Lugduni, ex Offic. Q. H. aPorta : Apud lo. de Gabiano, 1 608. 
With woodcuts. 

NuUus, Lipsiensis. 

Nullus Lipsensis [Joannes Cellarius ?] respondet Nemini Wittenbergensi 
[Joannes Montano?]. <J5. It. 4 leaves. 
4°. Lipsise, Vuolffgangus Monacen, 1519. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Nuremberg Chronicle. 

See SciiEDEL (Hartmannus) 

Odassi (Tifi) 

[La Macharonea.] Begin. Est auctor tiphis, leonicus, atque parenzus, 
Flora leonicu, retinet phrosina tiphetum. ©. H. 10 leaves. 
40. [Milan, U901] 

Odoni (Rinaldo) 

Discorso di Rinaldo Odoni, per uia Peripatetica, oue si dimostra, se 
r anima, secondo Aristotele, e mortale, o immortale. ff. 36. 
4°. Venetia, Aldus, 1557. 

Oecolampadius (Joannes) 

Oecoliipadij iudiciii de doctore Martino Luthero. 4 leaves. 
40. [Wititnherg? 1520?j 

Oecolampadij iudiciG de doctore Martino Luthero. Item responsum... 

Priderici, ducis Saxonie datum Legatis Roma : Pontificis apud Coloniu 
Agrippina. 4 leaves. 
4«. 1521. 


Oecolampadius (Joannes) 

Dragmata Grsecse Literaturse, a lo. Oecolampadio congesta. pp. 253. 
8«. Basilise, Ex ^dibus Andrese Cratandri et Servaiii Cruft, 1518. 

With the xjortrait by Albrecht Biirer of Bilibaldus Pirckheimer, and the 
latter' s bookplate designed by Biirer and engraved by the Master I. B., 
1529. On the titlepage, which has a woodcut border is a MS. note as 
follows : " B. Billibaldo PyrcJcaymer, jjatritio et senatori Norinbergen, 
dno suo CEcolampadius dono mittit." 


Oificio della gloriosa i sempre vergine Maria, tradotto in lingua 

toscana per Antonio Bruccioli. fF. 192. 

12°. Vinegia, per Francesco Bindoni et Mapheo Pasini, 1539. 

Omnibonus, Leonicenus. 

Clarissini Omniboni Leoniceni de Vincentia libellus de arte metrica. 
12 leaves. 
4°. [1470?] 


OTnriavov 'AXuvtlkwv ^if3Xia irevTe. ED. PR. 72 leaves. 
8*^. Florentise, in ^dibus Philijjpi luntse, 1515. 

Osiander (Andreas) 

Conjectvrae de ultimis temporibus, ac de fine mvndi, ex sacris Uteris. 

36 leaves. 

4°. Norimbergse, apud Johan. Petreium, 1544. 

Ostrofrancus (Christopher us) 

De Ratisbona Metropoli Boioarise et subita ibidem Judaeorum 

proscriptione. 21 leaves. 

Auguste, in fdibus Siluani Otmar, 1519. 

Ovidius Naso (Publius) 
Opera. 2 pts. 

fol. [Few/ce,] A Matheo Capcasa, 1489. 
With MS. notes. 

Publii Ovidii Nasonis Epistolarutn Heroidum liber primus, etc. 66 

leaves, the first blank. 

fol. Venetiis, p Thomd de Alexandria, 1485. 
The title is taken from sig. a. ii. 

Metamorphoseon Pub. Ovidii Nasonis libri XV. Eaphaelis Eegii 

Volterrani luculentissima explanatio, cum nouis Jacobi Micylli... 

additionibus, etc. pp. 340, 

fol. Venetiis, Apud haeredes Petri Bavani et socios, 1549. 

■ [Another edition.] pp. 342. 

fol. Venetiis, loan. Gryphus, 1556. 


Paccioli (Luca) 

Suma de Arithmetica Geometria Proportioni n Proportionalita. €>. %. 

2 pts. 

fol. Venetiia, Paganinua de Paganino, 1494. 

Pace (Richard) Dean of St. Paul's. 

Richardi Pacei.,.De Fructu qui ex doctrina percipitur liber, pp. 114. 
4°. Basileae, Apud lo. Frobenium, 1517. 

Padovani (Giovanni) 

Delia Computatione de' Tempi... Composta dal Reuer. Sig. D. Giouanni 
Padouiano, & di nouo da lui tradotta in lingua Italiana. pp. 97. 
4°. Verona, Girolamo Discepolo, 1590. 

Paltz (Johann von) 

Diss biiechlin wirt genant die hymelisch Fundtgr{\b. Das gar nutzlich 
ist zfl lesen vu betrachten das ley den Christi vnsers herzen. ©. It. 
24 leaves. 

4**. Strassburg, Cunrat Kerner, 1517. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Pamphilus, Maurelianus. 

Panphylus de amore. ^. IL. 18 leaves, the first and last blank. 
4«. [1495?] 

Panvinius (Onuphrius) 

Fasti et Triumphi Rom. a Romulo Rege usque ad Carolum V Caes. 
Aug. . . . Additse sunt . . . uerissimse Icones, ex vetustissimis numismatis . . . 
delineatfB, etc. pp. 228, followed by 101 leaves containing the Index, etc, 
fol. Venetiis, Impensis lacobi Stradse Mantuani, 1557. 

Veterum Rom. ornatissimi amplissimicp Thriumphi, ex antiquissimis 

Librorii, Lapidii, & nummoru monumentis desumpti, etc. pp. 19, and 

an engraved plate. 

fol. Antverpi^ Sumtibus Cornelii de Judseis, 1596. 

On the titlepage, which is engraved, is a MS. note : " Clarissimo viro, 
Dno Abrahamo Ortelio. . .Cornelius de Judaeis L.M. D.D. a. 1596." 

Papal Rights. 

Die verteiitschte Text aus den Bebstlichen Rechten ; und vil andren 
glaubwirdigen geschrifite, etc. €>. %. 26 leaves. 
4«. [Strasburg, J. Knoblouch, 1521.] 

Parabosco (Girolamo) 

Delle Lettere Amorose di M. Girolamo Parabosco. Libro secondo con 

alcune sue Novelle et rime. ff. 55. 

8". Vinegia, per Panola Ghcrardo, 1548. 


Paris University. 

Appellatio Universitatis Parisiensis. 4 leaves. 
4«. [1517.] 

Ueterminatio theologicee Facvltatis Parisien. svpor doctrina Lvtheriana 

hactenus per earn visa. Apologia [by Melanchthon] pro Lvthero 
adversus Decretu Parisiensum. Wittembergte. An. m.d. xxi. 
20 leaves. 
4*^. [Hagenau, Thomas Anshelm, 1521.] 

Determinatio secunda alm^ facultatis Theologig Parisierl. super Apolo- 

giam Philippi Melanchthonis pro Luthero scriptum. Liber primus. 

Annexa est ratio determinationis primg. Liber secundus. Tortius 

Liber habet quasdam regulas intelligendi scripturas. 10 leaves, the last 


4«. [Wittenhergf Johann Bhau? 1521.] 


Ain schoner newer Passion. [An account in Biblical language, of 
Luther's treatment at the Diet of Worms.] @. H. 4 leaves. 
40. [1521 ?] 


La Passione del nostro signore in stanze. 4 leaves. 
4«. [Venice, 15251] 
With a looodcut. 

Patricius (Franciscus) Bishop of Gaeta. 

Francisci Patricii Egloga de Cristi Nativitate, etc. 4 leaves. 
4". [Vicenzaf Leonat-dus Achates? 1490?] 

Paulo, Fiorentino. 

See Attavanti (Paulus) 

Paulus, ^gineta. 

Pauli Aeginetae salubria de tuenda ualetudine prtecepta, Guilielmo 
Copo Basileiensi interprete. 80 leaves, the last blank. 
8". Norimbergae, Apud Joannem Petreium, 1525. 

Paulus, de Middehurgo, Bishop of Fossombrone. 

Paulina de Recta Paschae Celebratione : et de die Passionis Domini 

Nostri Jesu Christi. 2 pts. 

fol. Forosempronii, per spectabile OctauianH petrutiil, 1513. 

Paulus, Diaconus. 

See Warnefridus (Paulus) 

Paulus, Pergulensis. 

Compendium perclarum ad introductione iuucnum in facultate Logico, 
etc. GO leaves. 
8". Venetiis, 1481. 



JIavcrai'ia<;. (Pausaniae commentarii Graeciam describentes.) Grk. 

pp. 282. 

fol. Vcneiiis, in acdihns AIM, el Andreae Soceri, IHIG. 


Sventurato Pellegrino. [In verse] 2 leaves. 
4«. [Venice?] 1527. 
With a woodcut. 

Pelletier (Pierre) 

Refutation des erreurs et impertinences du Sieur du Plessis, remarquees 
a I'ouverture de son Livre intitule Le Mystere dTnicjuite. ff. 234. 
8**. a Parts, De VImprimerie de Francois Huhij, IGll. 

Perottus (Nicolaus) 

Nicolai Peroti de generibus metrorum. 29 leaves. 
4°. [Venice? 1475?] 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirchheimer" 

Petrarca (Francesco) 

Sonetti, Canzoni e Trioniphi di M. Francesco Petrarca, con la spositione 
di Bernardino Daniello da Lucca, ft'. 237, followed by three un- 
numbered leaves. 
4*'. Vinegia, per Pietro d- Gioanmaria Fratelli di Nicolini da Sabio, 1549. 

Petrus, de Ravenna. 

See ToMMAi (Petrus) 

Peutingerus (Conradus) 

Romanae Vetustatis Fragmenta in Augusta Yindelicorum et ejus 

dioecesi. 6 leaves. 

fol. [Augsburg,] Erhardus Hatold' Augustensis. 

Pflaum (Jacob) 

Almanach noua, etc. 1513. See Stoeffler (J.) and Pflaum (J.) 


Von dem pfrundtmarckt der Curtisanen und Tempelknechten. €>. %. 

10 leaves. 

4°. [Basle, A. Petri.] 1521. 

Philelfus (Franciscus) 

See FiLELFO (Francesco) 

Philesius (Ringmannus) 

See RiNGMANN (Matthias) 


Philo Judseus. 

Philonis Judsei. . .libri quatuor ; quorum primum est, Ue mundi fabrica- 
tione, qujB est a Moyse descripta ; secundus, Do decern prseceptis, qu}« 
capita legum sunt ; tertius, Do magistratu seu principe xieligendo ; 
quartus, De officio ludicis ; iam primum de Grajco in Latinum conversi : 
loanne Christophorsono Anglo interprete. pp. 149. 
4''. Antverpiae, Joannes Verwithagen, 1553. 

Piccolomini (Alessandro) 

Delia grandezza della terra et dell' acqua. ff. 43. 
4°. Venetia, Appresso Giordano Ziletti, 1558. 

Ff. 41 and 43 are misnumhered 42 and 41 respectiveli/. 

Pimenta (Mcolaus) 

Nova relatio historica de rebus in India Orientali a Patribus Societatis 

Jesu Anno 1598 & 1599 gestis. pp. 200. 

8". Moguntiae, Ex Officina Typographica Joannis Alhini, 1601. 

Pirckheimer (Bilibaldus) 

Priscorum Numismatum ad Nurenbergensis Monetae valorem facta 

sestimatio, etc. fF. 36. 

8'^. Tahingse, per Huldenrichum Morhardum, 1533. 

Pirckheimer (Bilibaldus) and Spengler (Lazarus) 

Begin. Hochwirdige fiirst un herr, etc. [A letter to the Bishop of 
Bamberg, signed by Pirckheimer and Spengler.] @. H. 2 leaves. 
4°. [1520.] 

Pithopoeus (Lambertus Ludolphus) 

L. L. Pithopoei. . .de studio poetices, oratio 1, etc. ff. 52. 
4". Eitelbergse, typis Jacohi Mylii, 1586, 

Pittoni (Battista) 

Imprese nobili et ingeniose de diuersi Prencipi et d' altri personaggi 
illustri nell' arme et nelle lettere. . .Con le dichiai'ationi in uersi di M. 
Lodovico Dolce e d' altri. 71 leaves. 
4**. Venetia, Girolamo Porro, 1578. 
Engraved throughout. 

Imprese di diversi Principi, Duchi, Signori, e d' altri personaggi, et 

huomini illustri. Nouamente ristampate. Con alcune stanze, Sonetti 

di M. Lodouico Dolce. 48 leaves. 

4". Venetia, Gio. Battista Bertoni, 1602. 

Engraved throughout loith the exception of the leaf containing the 


Pius II., Po^ie. 

[Cosniographia. pt. 1.] Begin. Pii. II. Pontificis Maxinii. Historia 
rerum ubique gestarum cum locorum descriptiouc non finita Asia Minor 
incipit. ED. PR. 105 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, per Johannem <h colonia aociumq^ ejus Johanncm Manihen 
de Oherrctzen, 1477. 

La discrittione de 1' Asia et Europa di Papa Pio II., e 1' historia de Ic 

cose memorabili fatte in quelle, con 1' aggionta de 1' Africa, etc. ff. 380. 
8". Vlnegia, Vincenzo Vaiigris, 1544. 

Le historie costumi et successi dolla nobilissima Prouincia delli Boemi, 

composti da Pio II. . , . Nouamente di Latino in Italiano tradotti, etc. 
flf. 110. 

8". Vlnegia, per Bartholomeo detto V Imperador, 1545. 

TractatuP p Enea Silviii editus ad Regem bohemie Ladislaum. [On 

the education of boys.] (©. U. 44 leaves. 

4". [Cologne, Ulrich Zell, 1475?] 

Ruhricated throughout. With a few MS. notes. 

Placentinus (Gulielmus) de Saliceto. 
See Gulielmus, de Saliceto. 

Placentinus (Thomas) pseud. 
See Emser (Hieronymus) 


Ein kurtze underrichtug heilbarer krefftiger ertzeney, mit welchen sich 
der mensch, wider die pestilentz bewaren, auch die ienigen die do mit 
begriffen hulfF zureychen mag. 6 leaves, the last blank. 
4°. Leiptzch, Melchior Lotther, [1500 ?] 

Ein kurtz Regiment auss vil treffenlichen zusamen geprachten tractaten 

verstendiger arzt gezogen wie sich zu zeite der pestilenz zuhalten sey. 
@. E. 8 leaves. 

4". Nurmberg, durch Fryderichen Peypus, 1520. 

Planudes (Maximus) 

'AN©OAOriA AIA4>0PnN 'EnirPAMMATfiN, etc. ed. pr. 272 loaves. 
4°. Florentine, per Laurentium Frdcisci de Alopa Venetum, 1494. 
One of the earliest Greek books printed in capital letters. 


^kiravra to. tov IlXaTwvos. ED. PR. pp. 502, 439. 
fol. Venetiis, In aedib. Aldi et Andreae Soceri, 1513. 
With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Platyna (Bartholomseus) 

See Sacchi (Bartholomteus) de Platina. 


Plautus (Titus Maccius) 

Plautinae uiginti comoediae . . . magna ex parte ite:^ emeadatae per 
Georgium Alexandrinum. 243 leaves, the first blank, 
fol. Tarvisii, opera & impendio Pauli de Feraria ; atq^ Dionysii dc 
Bononia, 1482. 

Imperfect, wanting the blank leaf at the beginning. With MS. notes. 
The title is taken from the colojihon. 

M. Plauti linguae latinae Principis comoediae xx. recens ex coUationo 

multorum codicum . . . recognitae. Item eaedem comoediae oibus fere 
locis comentationibus ornantur : quas Bernardus Saracenus adcg Joannes 

. Petrus Valla scriptas olim reliquere. Nee desunt quocg observatioes 
quaepiam Pii Bononiensis sparsim collocatae, etc. fF. ccxxvni., CLXXXix. 
fol. Venetiis, per Lazarum soardum, 1511. 
With woodcuts. 

Plinius Caecilius Secundus (Caius) 

Hoc in Volumine haec continentur. C. Plinii Secundi . . . Epistolarum 
Libri octo . . . Pansegyricus Neruse Imperatori dictus . . . De Viris Illus- 
tribus Liber. 108 leaves. 
4«. [Venice? 1450?] 

The title is taken from sig. n. vi. verso. 

Prima (Secunda) pars Plyniani Indicis editi per Joanne Camerte, etc. 

226 leaves, of which the last is blank. 

4°. Viennse Pannonise, per Hieronymum Vietorem Joannemq^ Sigreniu, 

With the bookplate: "Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 


[Moralia.] Plutarchi opuscula Lxxxil. ed. pr. pp. 1050. 
fol. Venetiis, In sedibus Aldi & Andreae Asulani Soceri, 1509. 

Tou ao<fi<DTaTov UXovrapx^ov ITapaWryXov. Biot Pw/xato)v km EXAt^vwv. 

ff. 344. 

fol. Flore.ntise, in sedibus Philijjpi iuntse, 1517. 

Plutarchi Vitae. fF. 145, 144. 

fol. Venetiis, per Joannem Bigatium de Montcfcrrato, 1491. 
With woodcuts and 3IS. notes. 

The lives of the noble Grecians and Romanes . . . Translated out of 

Greeke into French by James Amiot . . . and out of French into English 
by Thomas North, pp. 1173. 

fol. London, Bichard Field for Bonham Norton, 1595. 

Sitne rationis aliqua in bestiis vis, turn utro animantiu plus hujus 

habeant, terrestriane, an aquatica, Plutarchi libellus . , . Simone Grynieo 
interprete, etc. 1 1 2 leaves. Grk. & Lat. 

8°. Basilese, Apud Jo. Bebelinm, 1534. 




Hypnerotonmchia Polipliili, iibi humana omnia non nisi sonmiuin esse 
(locet, at(iue obiter plurinia scitu sjine (^uaui digna conimemorat. [By 
Francisco Colonna.] ed, pr. 234 loaves, 
fol. Venetlis, in sedilms Aldi Manuin, 1499. 
With woodcuts. 


Polybius Historicus de Primo Bello Punico, at Plutarchi Paralalia. Lat. 

32 leaves. 

fol. Brixise, per Jacohum 3ritdnicum, 1498. 

Nicolai Perotti in Polybii Historiarum libros prooeniium . . . Polybii 

Historiarura libri quintg : Nicolaus Perothus . . . e graeco traduxit, etc. 
102 leaves. 

fol. Venetlis, Bernardinus Venetus, 1498. 

Polydorus (Chrysogonus) 

In hoc volvmine de Alchemia continentur haec. Gebri...De investi- 
gatioe pfectionis inetalloz;! ;. . .Speculu Alchemise . . . Rogerij Bachonis ; 
Correctoriii Alchemia3...Richardi Anglici, etc. [Compiled by Chryso- 
gonus Polydorus. With woodcuts.] pp. 373. 
4**. Norimhergae, Apud Joh. Petreium, 1541. 

Pommer (Johann) 

See BuGENHAGKN (Johann) 

Pompilius (Paulus) 

Pauli Pompilii liber. L. Annali Senecae Vita. 25 unnumbered leaves- 
4". Bomse, Per Eucharimn Silber alias Franck, 1490. 

Pomponius Lsetus (Julius) 

Romanse Historise Compendium ab interitu Gordiani Junioris usque ad 

Justinum iii. 60 leaves. 

4^*. Venetlis, ^ier Bernardinnm Venetu, 1499. 

Pontanus (Joannes Jovianus) 

Joannis Jouiani Pontani Opera. 147 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, per Bernardinum Verccllensem, 1501. 

- Joannis Joviani Pontani. . .Opera, ii mendis expurgata, & in quatuor 
Tomos digesta. 4 vols. 

8^. Basilese, Ex Officina Henricpetrina, 1556. 

Pontani De immanitate liber vnvs, cvm scholiis Spiegel Sletstadien. 

if. 57, preceded by three unnumbered leaves. 

4**. Anifustse Vindeltcorum, in officina Siijismundi Grim 3Iedicinse doctoris, 

at' Marci Vuirsumj excma, 1519. 


Possevino (Antonio) 

Antonii Possevini. ..Moscovia, et alia opera de statu hujus seculi, 
adversus Oatholicae Ecclesise hostes, etc. pp. 392. 
fol. [Golojne,] In officina Birckmannica, 1587. 

La Moscovia d' Antonio Possevino. . .Tradotta di Latino in volgare da 

Giovambattista Possevino. fF. 295. 

8°. Ferrara, Benedetto Mammarelli, 1592. 
The first eiijlit leaves are mutilated. 

Potho, a Benedictine, of Priiffling. 

D. Pothonis. . . De Statu Domus Dei, libri quinc^. Ejusdem, de Magna 
Domo Sapientise, liber unus, etc. ff. 88. 
8**. Haganose, per Joan. Seceriam, 1532. 

Pratus (Antonius) Cardinal. 

See Du Peat (Antoine) Cardinal. 

Prieras (Sylvester) 

See Mazzolini (Silvestro) de Prierio. 

Probus (Marcus Valerius) 

Valerii Probi Grammatici de Literis Antiquis opusculum. 24 leaves. 
4«. [Mainz, Johann Schojer, 1520?] 

Hoc in volumine h?ec continentur. M. Val. Probus De Notis Roma. 

Ex codice manuscripto castigatior, auctiorque, quam unquam antea, 
factus. Petrus Diaconus de eadem re... Demetrius Alabaldus de Minutiis. 
Idem do Ponderibus. Idem de Mensuris. Ven. Beda de compute per 
Gestum digitorura. Idem de Loquela. Idem de Ratione vnciarum, etc. 
ff. 81. 

4°. Venetiis, In sedibus loannis Tacuini Tridinensis, 1525. 
Fol. 81 is misnumbered 79. 

Proclus, Diadochis. 

Procli . . . Compendiaria de Motu disputatio, etc. pp. 47. 
8". Basilese, Per lo. Behcliam et Mich. Ysingrinium, 1531. 


Prophetia trouata in Roma intagliata in marmoro : in versi Latini. 
Trata in volgar sentimcto : Con unaltra prophetia latina. €>. IL. 2 lejives. 
4°. Roma, per Maestro Francesco da Udene, [152-5 ?j 
With a woodcut. 

Proverbs, Book of. 

See Bible. — Proverbs. 

Psalms, Book of 

See Bible. — Psalms. 



^uXt^^Ihov. [Edited by Juatinus Decadyus.] 150 leaves. 
4". 'Kyf)d(}>r) £v cvcTi'at? cv otKciu "AXSou tov fxavovT lov, \\i07 ij 
Printed in red and black. The woodcut border to suj. a. Hi, and the initial 
letter, have been coloured by hand. 

Ptolemseus (Claudius) 

III hoc opera haec continentur. Noua translatio primi libri geographiae 
CI. PtolomiL'i...Ioaiine Vernero Nurembergen. intorprete, etc. 68 leaves, 
fol. Nurembergse, a loanne Stuchs, 1514. 

Pulci (Bernardo) 

La vendetta che fece Tito i Vespasiano contra la citta di Hierosaleme p 
la morte di Jesu Christo. [In verse. By Bernardo Pulci.] 4 leaves. 
4". Venegia, per Francesco di Alessandro Bindoni, 1526. 
With a woodcut. 

Pulci (Luigi) 

Stramotti % Fioretti nobilissimi damore. In ciaschadun verso c canto 
al suo proposito. Nouamente trouati 7 composti per el nobile homo pulci Firentino. 4 leaves. 
4". [F<;?2?ce,] Per Francesco Bindoni, [1525?] 
With a woodcut. 


Qucrimonia Ecclesije. pp. 235. 

4". Londini, Ex Typographia I. Windef pro Bichardo Watkins, 1592. 

Quintilianus (Marcus Fabius) 

Begin [.sig. a. ii, after three leaves containing the Table and Dedication :] 
M. Celius Fabius Quintilianus Triphoni Bibliopolle saluteni. End [sig. 
D. iii.] M Fabii Quintiliani Oratoriaruni Institutiouuui libri duodeciuii 
et ultiini finis. 200 leaves, 
fol. [Treviso? Johannes Bubeus ? 1480?] 
With MS. notes and additions. 


Eyn bewert Recept wie man das holtz Gnagaca fur die Frantzosen 

brauchen sol. ©. ?l. 4 leaves. 

4", [Nuremberg, J. Gutknecht,] 1518. 

Ain Recept von ainem holtz zii brauclien fiir die kranckhait der 

Fi-antzosen . . . auf hispanischer sprach zu Tc^iitsch gfMiiacht, etc. 

€>, it. 6 leaves, the last blank. 

4". Aiigpurg, Uanns von Erjj'ort, 1519. 


Regius (Raphael) 

Raphaelis Regii epistoipe Plynii : qua libri naturalis historiic Tito Ves- 

pasiano dedicantur : enarrationes, etc. 37 leaves. 

4°. Venctiis, Gulielmus Tridinevsis cognomento Anima mla, 1490. 

Reisch (Gregorius) 

Margarita Philosophica. 300 leaves, the last blank. 
4°. [Strasburg,] Opera Joannis SchoUi, 1504. 

With woodcuts. Imperfect, wanting sig. d. viii. With the bookplate of 
H. Dircks. 

Remigio, Fiorentino. 

See Nannini (Remigio) 

Reuchlinus (Antonius) 

Tabvlse viginti, institvtiones in lingvam sanctara absolvtas coniplectentcs, 
ex selectissimis Hebreorum Gramaticis, pr.iesertini ex libris, quos de re 
Grammatica scripsit Elias Leuites coUeetai . . . Accessit his exegesis 
dictionvm in Psalmos sex, etc. 2 pt. 
fol. Basilese, per Henrichum Petri, 1554. 
The Latin title is preceded by one in Hebrew. 

Reuchlinus (Joannes) 

De accentibus et orthographia linguae Hebraicae . . . libri tres, etc. 
fF. 83 and five unnumbered leaves. 

4**, Hagenose, In sedibus Thomse Anshelmi Badensis, 1518. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Joannis Reuchlin . . . De Rudimentis Hebraicis liber, pp. 620. 

fol. Phorce, In aedib. Tho. Anselmi, 1506. 

Reuschius (Joannes) 

Declamatio de vero philosopho, et de philosophise origine, ac partitione, 

etc. 10 leaves. 

4°. Lipsiae, ex sedibus Valentini Schuman, 1518. 

Praecavendae et cvrandse pestilitatis methodus. 16 leaves. 

B*'. Lypsiae, Nicolaus Fahri, 1527. 

Rhadinus Todischus (Thomas) 

Thome Rhadini Todischi ... ad TUustriss. et invictiss. Principes et 
populos Germanie, in Martinii Lutherii Vuittenbergesem or. Here. 
Nationis gloria violatem : Oratio. 34 leaves. 
4". Lipsise, apud Melchiorem Lottherum seniorH, 1520. 

Rhodiginus (Ludovicus Caelius) 

See RicHERius (L. C.) Bhodiginua. 

Richeome (Louys) 

Plainte apologetique au Roy . . . pour la Compagnie de Jesus. Contra 
le libelle de I'Autheur sans nom [i.e. Antoine Arnauld] intitule Le Franc 
& veritable Discours, &c. Avec quelques notes sur un autre libelle (lit 
Le Catecliisme dos Jesuites [by Etieniie Pasquier]. ff. 178. 
8". [Bordeaux '/] Juuxte la Coppie Imprimee, 1 603. 


Richerius (Ludovicus Caelius) Rhodiginus. 

Sicuti Antiqiiarum Lectionum oomraeiitarios concinnarat olim vindox 
Ceselius, ita nunc cosdom per incuriam interceptos reparavit Lodovicus 
Caelius Rhodiginus, etc. j)p. 862. 
fol. Veuetiis, In aedibus Aldi, et Andreae Soccri, 1516. 

Ripa (Cesare) 

Iconologia, overo descrittione delle Iinagini universali, Cauate delle 

Statue, & Medaglie antiche, & da buonissimi Auttori Greci, &. 

Latini, etc. pp. 301. 

8". Milano, Girolamo Bordone d- Pieiro Martire Locarni compagni, 


Inconologia, overo descrittione d'imagini delle Virtu', Vitij, Affetti, 

Passioni humane, Corpi celesti, Mondo e sue parti, etc. pp. 552. 

4". Padoua, per Pietro Paolo Tozzi, 1611. 

With woodcuts. The date in the colophon is 1610. 


Ritratti et Elogii di Capitani illustri. pp. 295. 
4". Roma, Andrea Fei, 1635. 
With engraved plates. 

Rocca (Bernardino) 

Des Entreprises et Ruses de Guerre : et des fautes qui par fois 
surviennent es progrez & execution d'icelles : ou le vray pourtrait d'un 
parfait general d'armee : tire de I'ltalien par le Seigneur de la 
Popelliniere, Lancelot du Voesin, etc. ff. 191. 
4". Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1571. 

Du Maniement et Conduite de I'Art et Faictz Militaires ... Mis 

en fran^ois par Fran^oys de Belle-Forest, pp. 535. 

4". Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1571. 

Roman History. 

[Varii Historiae Romanae Scriptores, etc. Vol. 4.] 
8". [Geneva, H. Stephanus, 1568.] 
Imperfect, toanting vols. 1-3. 

Rome, Church of. — Conclave. 

Tsta Slit Capitula facta in conclaui que debcnt obscruari cum summo 
potitice M.D.xiii. ^, U. 2 leaves. 
4*'. [Borne? 1513.] 

Rome! (Annibal) Count. 

Discorsi del Conte Annibal Romei . . . divisi in cinque Giornato, etc. 
4". Venetia, Apprcsso Francesco Ziletti, 1585. 
Imperfect, icanting all after j^. 185. 


Rommingius (Joannes) 

Paruulus Philosophiae moralis, ad Philosophi aemulatione exaratus, etc. 

68 leaves. 

4°. Nurnhergse, Fredericus Pei/pus, 1516. 

Rossi (Ottavio) 

Le Memorie Bresciane. Opera istorica e simbolica. pp. 340. 
4°. Brescia, Per Bartolomeo Fontana, 1616. 
With engraved illustrations. 

Royal Society of London. 

Philosophical Collections. Nos. 1-7. 

4°. London, Printed for John, Martyn [no. I], for Moses Pitt [no. 2], for 

Bichard Chiswel [nos. 3-7], 1679-82. 

With engraved plates. A note, signed J. West, on the flyleaf of the 
volume states : " This is the original set of Transactions j)resented to King 
Charles the Second." 

The History of the Royal Society . , . By Thomas Sprat, Bishop of 

Rochester, pp. 438. 

4". London, 1667. 

With an engraved frontispiece by Hollar, and two plates. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

With a MS. note on the frontispiece : "Presented to the B. Society from 
the author by the hands of Dr. John WilJcins, Oct. 10, 1667." 

Rozonus (Marcus Antonius) 

M. A. Rozoni Copendium de leuitate Vaticinatium futuros reiii euetus. 
&, vanitate pnosticatium diluuium. S. 32. 
4°. Norimbergf, per Fridericum peypus, 1524. 

Rubeis (Josephus de) 

Insigniores statuarum urbis Romae icones. 49 plates. 
4«. Bomse, 1619. 
Engraved throughout. 

Rubius (Joannes) 

Encomiii Rubij Longipolli apud Lipsira in errores quos pueriliter 
comisit ad versus Vuittenbergeu . . . Nemo dictavit. ©.2.. 8 leaves, 
the last blank. 
4*^. Lipsi, Wolfgangus Monacen, 1519. 

Solutiones ac responsa wit. Doctorum in publica disputatioe Lipsica 

cotra fulmia Eckiana parii pfutura tumorcjj advetus et hniUtas eorii 
recessus. Per Jo. Ru. Longi. coportata. (©. E. 10 leaves. 

4**. [Leipsic, Martin Landsberg, 1519.] 

[Another copy.] 


Ruscelli (Girolamo) 

Le Imprese illustri del S""" Jeronimo Ruscelli. Aggiuntovi nuovain'* il 
quarto libro da Vincenzo Ruscelli da Viterbo. 2 pts. 
4". Venctin, Francesco de frdceschi Scncgi, 1584. 

With engraved tillepayes and illustrations. The titlepage to pt. 2 bears 
the date 1583. 

Lettere di Principi, le quali o si scrivono da principi 6 a principi, 6 

ragionan di principi . . . Nuovamente mandato in luce da Girolamo 

Ruscelli. 3 vols. 

4°. Venetia, 1562-77. 

Rusius (Laurentius) 

Liber Marescalcie copositus a Laurentio dicto Rusio. (©, H. ff. 99. 
4«. [Sprier? Conrad Hist f 1485?] 

Sacchi (Bartholomajus) de Platina. 

Bartholomaei Platynae Dialogus de flosculis quibusdam linguae Latinae 
ad Laelium. 52 leaves. 
4«. [1500?] 


La Sala di Malagigi. [In verse. By Christoforo Fiorentino.] 4 leaves, 
4''. [FemVe,] Per Fraeesco JBindoni, 1526. 
With a woodcut. 

Sallustius Crispus (Caius) 

L'Historia di C. Crispo Sallustio nuovamente per Lelio Carani ti'adotta. 
pp. 281. 

8^. Fiorenza, Lorenzo Torrentino, 1550. 
TJie titlepage is mutilated. 

La conjuracion de Catilina y la guerra de Jugurta. pp. 395. 

fol. Madrid, Joachin Ibarra, 1772. 

Sambucus (Joannes) 

Embkmata et aliquot nummi antiqui . . . Quarta editio, etc. pp. 352. 
16°. Antverpise, Ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1576. 
With woodcuts. 

Sancto Georgio (Benvenutus de) 

De origine Guelphorum et Gibellinorum, quibus olim Germania, nunc 
Italia exardet, libellus eruditus, etc. 6 leaves. 
4**. Basilese, Apud Andream Cratandrum. 1519. 

Sapia (Sebastianus) 

S. Sapig Oratio in funere . . . Jasonis maini habita. vii. Galen. Maias 

M.u.xix. &. %. 8 leaves, the last blank. 

4". Ticini, cvssa per Jacob de Burgofranco, 1519. 


Sauromannus Georgius) 

Hispaniae Consolatio. — Ad Hispanos post Aug. principis Caroli Ro. 
Regis El. discessum oratio. 24 leaves. 
40. [1520.] 

With MS. note on the titlepage : " Dfio Bijlihaldo Pijrchheijmero." 

Savonarola (Giovanni Michele) 

De Gotta la preservatione e cura, etc. @. H. 40 leaves, of which the 

last is blank. 

4°. Pauia, Jacob dal Borgofrdcho, 1505. 

Savonarola de omnibus mundi balneis. ff. xxxv. 

fol. Venetiis, per GristoferZ de Pensis de Mandello, [1497?] 

■ Practica Joannis Michaelis Sauonarole. fF. 277. 

fol. Venetiis, per Bernardinu Uercellesez, 1502. 
The last leaf is not numbered. 

Scamozzi (Vicenzo) 

Discorsi sopra I'Antichita di Roma . . . Con XL Tauole in Rame. 
54 leaves. 

fol. Venetia, Francesco Ziletti, 1583. 
With engraved titlepage. 

Schade (Petrus) Mosellanus. 

De Ratione disputandi, praesertim in re Theologica, Petri Mosellani . . . 
oro. . . . Epistola qusedam Erasmi ad Petrum Mosellanum, mire festiua. 
Epistola item Erasmica ad d. doctorem Martinum Lutherium. 16 leaves. 
4**. [Leipsic, Melchior hotter the elder, 1519.] 

Oratio de variarum linguarum cognitione paranda, etc. pp. 67. 

4°. Basileae, Apud loannem Frobenium, 1519. 

Schedel (Hartmannus) 

Begin. Registrum huius operis libri cronicarum cii figuris at ymagibus 

ab inicio miidi. fol. 299. 

fol. Nuremberge, Anthonius Koberger, 1493. 

The work known as the " Nuremberg Chronicle." Imperfect ; wanting 
the five leaves after the colophon. Fol. 1 is illuminated. Copiously illus- 
trated with woodcuts, and with a woodcut map at the end. 

Scheiner (Christophorus) 

Refractiones coelestes, sive solis elliptici phsenomenon illustratum, etc. 

pp. 132. 

4*'. Ingoldstadii, ex Officina Ederiana, apud Elisabetham Angermariam, 


So] elliptic : hoc est novum & perpetuum Solis contrahi Soliti Phamo- 

menon . . . nouiter inventum, etc. pp. 34. 

4''. Aiigustse Vindclicorum, tijpis Chrisiophori Mangij, 1615. 


Schenck (Jacob) 

Von warhafftigor Christlichor Buss, Wider die falsche vnchristlicho 
buss, so Georgius Witzel leret. &. %. 26 leaves. 
40. Witlemherg, Joseph Khuj, 1539. 

Scheurl (Christophorus) 

Epl'a D. Sehwrli ad Charitatem Pirchameram. Carmen Conradi Celtis 
ad eandem. Epistola Pilati ad Tyberium Ca'sarein . . . Utilitates 
Misse, etc. ©.It. 8 leaves. 
4°. Niiremherge, Joannes Wei/ssenhurgius, [15] 13. 

Schleinitz (Johanu von) Bishop of Meissen. 

Ad Schedulam inhibitiois sub nomine Episcopi Misnen editam sup 
sermone de Sacramento Eucharistie Martini Lutheri Augusti. llesponsio. 
8 leaves. 
4«. [Wittenberg f 1520.] 

Schoener (Joannes) 

Equatorii Astronomici omnium fermc Vranicarum Theorematii explana- 
torii Canones. @. %. 14 leaves. 
4". Nurebergf, per Foidericii peypus, 1522. 
Coloured by hand throughout. 

Schulherr (Johann Ulrich) 

Adversvs nvgacem F. Mathei Hiscoldi Benedictini epra3 Jo. Udalrichi 
Schulherr de Buoch verissima De Lipica disputatione Epl'a Exegetica, etc. 
©.It. 10 leaves, the last blank. 
4''. [Ingolstadt, Andreas Lutz, 1519.] 

Seneca (Lucius Annaeus) 

Seneca Moralis. ff. cxlvii. lxv. 

fol. Venetiis, per Bernardinum de Cremona (& Simonem de Luero, 1490. 

With MS. notes. 

L. Annaji Senecae Tragoediaj. Editae emendatiores studio Georjii 

Fabricii Chemnicensis. pp. 497. 

8°. Lipsiae, In officina Ernesti Va'gelini Constantiensis, 1566. 

Sepher Aemana. 

See Fagius (Paulus) 
Liber Fidei, etc. 

Serapion (Joannes) 

Practica Jo. Serapionis dicta breuiarium. Liber Serapionis de simplici 
medicina. Liber de simplici medicina dictus circa instans. Practica 
platearij. ff. 211. 

fol. Venetiis, per Bonetu LocatellU Brrgomrnsc^, 1497. 
With the hookpiate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 


Servius Maurus Honoratus. 

Marii Servii Centimetrum. 6 leaves. 
40. [1510?] 

[Commentaries on Virgil.] Begin [fol. 1. recto:] Virgilius Maro 

parentibus modicis fuit, etc. 344 leaves, 
fol. [Venice, G. Valdarfer,] 1471. 

Seven Sleepers. 

Legenda delli sette dorraienti : li quali dormirono anni trecento settanta 
tre, etc. 53. H. 4 leaves. 
4". [Venice,] Per Francesco Bindoni, 1524. 
With a woodcut. 

Shakespeare (William) 

Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies. Pub- 
lished according to the true Originall Coppies. The second Impression. 
3 pt. 
fol. London, Printed by Tho. Cotes, for Bobert Allot, 1632. 

The '^ Second Folio." Imperfect; wanting the preliminary leaf con- 
taining Ben Jonson's verses To the Beader and ff. 6, 7 of the eight 
unnumbered leaves which follow the titlepage. 

Siculus (Philippus) 

See Barberiis (Philippus de). 

Silvaticus (Matthseus) 

Liber pandectaruj medicine : omnia medicine simplicia cotines, etc. 
®. H. 232 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, ipedio Johdnis Colonic agrippinesis Johdnisq^ mdthen 
gheretzen socioz/., 1480. 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

Simlerus (Josias) 

Respublica Helvetiorum. . .Accesserunt xiii. Pagorum principuni 

Helvetise icones. pp. 207. 

8°. Tiguri, In Officina Wolphiana, 1608. 

Slusius (Renatus Franciscus) 

R. F. Slusii Mesolabum seu duse mediae proportionales inter extremas 
datas per circulum et per infinitas hyperbolas, etc. pp. 181. 
4°. Leodii Eburonum, apud Guilielmum Henricum Sireel, 1668. 

Smith (John) Governor of Virginia. 

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer 
Isles : with the names of the Adventurers, Planters and Governours . . . 
from 1584 to this present 1626... Also the Maps... of all those 
Countreys, etc. pp. 248. 
fol. London, Printed by I. D. and I. H. for Edward Blackmore, 1632. 

With engraved titlepage and four maps. Sheet O, containing pjK 97-104, 
was sujijiressed and is loanting in this and all other copies. 


Smith {Sir Thomas) 

Thoma3 Smithi Angli dc llcpublica Anglorum libri trcs. Item varii 
aliorum Discursus Poliiici dc Regno Angliie ejuscg Admiiiistratione. 
pp, 239. 

16**. Lug. Batavorutn, Ex njjicina Elzeviriana, 1625. 
The titlepage is engraved. 

Solis (Giulio Cesare de) 

L' Origine di molte citta del mondo, et particolarmente di tutta Italia, 

etc. pp. 75. 

4°. Bologna, per Alessandro Benacci, 1589. 

Spagnuoli (Baptista) Mantuanus. 

Fratris Baptistae Mant. Carraelitaj . . . de suorum temporii Calamitatibus 

Liber feliciter incipit. 64 leaves. 

4*^. Bon\onise], Franciscus Plato de Benediciis, 1489. 

With the hoohplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." The title is taken 
from sig. h. i. 

Fratris Baptistse Mantuani. . .Parthenice. 70 leaves. 

4°. Bononise, Francisciis Plato de Benediciis, 1488, 

The title is taken from sig. c. i. 

Spalatinus (Georgius) 

See BuRCKAUD (Georg) 

Spengler (Lazarus) 

Begin, [sig. a. 1 recto :] Hochwurdige fiirst, etc. [A letter to the 
Bishop of Bamberg, signed by Pirckheimer and Spengler.] @. H. 
2 leaves. 
4°. [1520.] 

' Ein Kurtzer begriff wie sich ein warhaffter Christi, in allem seinem 

wesen und wandel, gegen Got und seinem nechsten halten sol. ^. E, 
16 leaves. 
8". [1525?] 

Schiitzred uu christenliche antwurt ains erbarn liebhabers gott- 

licher warhait der hailigen geschrifft aufF ettlicher widersprechen, 
mit antzaigunge, warub Doctor Martini Luthers leer nitt saiTi 
unchristelich verworffen, sender mer als Christenlich gehatten werden 
soil, ic. Apologia. ©. H. 9 leaves. 

4°. l^Augsharg, Sylvanus Otmar, 1519.] 

[Another edition.] Schutzred unnd christeiiche antwurt ains erbern 

liebhabers gotlicher warhayt der heyligen schrifft. . .mit an zaygug 
warumb D. Martini Luthers leer nit als unchristenlich verworffen, . . 
werde sol ... Apologia. Dyalogus Defensorius, (^. %. 8 leaves, 

40. [Nuremberg, Johst Gutkncchf, 1520?] 


Spenser (Edmund) 

The Shepherd's Calendar containing twelve oeglogues, etc. — Calendarium 
pastorale. . .Carmine donatae a Theodore Bathurst. pp. 147. Eng. 
& Lat. 
8°. London, printed for M. M. T. C. and Gabriell Bedell, 1653. 

Sperlingius (Ottho) 

Otthonis Sperlingii. . .Boreas ejusq; laudes. pp. 264. 

9>°. Havniae, Ex Beg. Majest. d Universit. Typograplieo, 1707. 

Speroni degli Alvarotti (Sperone) 

Discorsi del Sig. Sperone Speroni . . . della Precedcnza de' Principi, c 
della Militia, pt. 1. 
8°. Venetia, Giouanni Alherti, 1598. 
Wanting pt. 2, containing the "Militia." 

Spontone (Ciro) 

Attioni de' Re dell' Ungaria, etc. pp. 140. 
fol. Bologna, per Vittorio Benacci, 1620. 

With a woodcut of the genealogical tree of the Hungarian kings 
descended from Attila. 

Sprat (Thomas), Bishop of Rochester. 

The History of the Royal Society of London, for improving of Natural 

Knowledge, pp. 438. 

4*'. London, printed by T. B. for J. Martyn, 1667. 

With an engraved frontispiece hy Hollar, and two plates. 

[Another copy.] 

[Another copy.] 

With a MS. note on the frontispiece : "Presented to the B. Society from 
the author by the hands of Dr. John Wilkins, Octob. 10. 1667." 

Sprigge (Joshua) 

Anglia Rediviva ; England's Recovery : being the History of the 
motions, actions, and successes of the Army under S^ Thomas Fairfax, 
K', Captain-General of all the Parliaments forces in England, pp. 335. 
fol. London, Printed by B. W. for John Partridge, 1647. 

With two engraved portraits of Fairfax (one inserted) and a plan of 
the battle of Naseby. 

Statius (Publius Papinius) 

[Works.] Begin, [sig. a. ii recto :] Thebaidos liber primus, etc. 

210 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, Per Magistru Jacobum de paganinis brisiensis, 1490. 

Staupitz (Johann von) 

Ain siiligs newes jar. Von der lieb gottes. €>. E. 32 leaves, the 
last blank. 
4«. [1518.] 

With a woodcut on the tithpage. 


Stella (Erasmus) 

Erasini Stellae Libonothani de Borvssiae Antiquitatibus libri duo. 

pp. 38. 

4". Basilese, Apud Joannem Frohenivm, 1518. 

Stephanus (Henricus) 

Ot T^s r)pwiKrj<; Troi-^creios TrpcjTcvovres TroLrjTal kol uXkoi rives . . . Poetae Grajci 
principes Heroici Carminis, et alii nonnuUi, etc. 2 vols, 
fol. [Pam,] Henricus Stephanus, 1566. 

Stiborius (Andreas) and Tannstetter Collimitius (Georgius) 

Andrse Stiborii . . . et Georgii Tannstetter Collimitii. . .De Iloniani 
Calendarii correctione Consilium in Florentissimo studio Vicnnensi 
Austrije conscriptum & seditura. if. 10. 
4". Viennae, Joannes Stngrenius, [1514.] (Johann) 

Calendarium Romanum Magnum, ff. 74, preceded by twelve and 

followed by sixty unnumbered leaves. 

fol. Tubing^, per Thomam Anshelmum, 1514. 

With woodcuts, including an astronomical plate loith movable pointer. 
A feio MS. notes. 

StoeflOier (Johann) and Pflaum (Jacob) 

Almanach noua plurimis annis Venturis inseruientia . . .& toti fere 
Europe dextro sydere ipartita. @. IL. 38 leaves. 
4*^. Sub hemispherio Veneto, Petrus Liechtenstein, 1513. 


Stramboti Composti nouamente da diuersi auctori, che sono in preposito 
a ciaschuno che e ferito Damore. 4 leaves. 
40. [Venice, 1525?] 
With a woodcut. 

Strambotti de Misser Rado e de Madonna Margarita : cosa nova. 

2 leaves. 

4«. [Venice, 1525?] 
With a tooodcuf. 

Stromerus (Henricus) 

Henrici Stromers. . .Sal uberrima adversus pestiletiam obseruationos, 

recens editae, etc. fF. 19. 

4*^. [Leijjsic,^ Impressore Valentino Schuman, 1516. 

Stunica (Jacobus Lopis) 

See Lopis Stunica (Jacobus) 

Suetonius Tranquillus (Caius) 

Begin, [fol. 1. recto :] Versus Ansonii in libros Suotonii . . . Caii Suetonii 
Tranquilli de vita xii Caesarum, etc. 162 leaves. 
4**. [Venice,] Nicoleos Jenson, 1471. 
JRubricated throughout. 


Sulpicius (Joannes) Verulanus. 

lo. Sulpitii uerulani , . . de octo partibus orationis libellus utilissimus, 

etc. 85 leaves. 

4°. Venetiis, per Christoforum de pensis de mandello, 1489. 


Begin, [sig. a. i :] AtoAo-yos areffxivov tov /xeXavos. [Sig. a. iii :] To /xev 
Trdpov /3t(3XLov, SoviSa, etc. 510 leaves. 

fol. Mediolani, impensa & dexteritate D. Demetrii Ghalcondyli loannis 
Bissoli Benedicti Mangii Carpensium, 1498. 

Sig. a. in is wanting, and has been supplied in MS. 

Syineoni (Gabriele) 

Illustnatione de gli epitaffi et medaglie antiche. pp. 174. 
4°. In Lione, Per Giovan di Tournes, 1558. 

Les Illustres Observations Antiques du Seigneur Gabriel Symcon 

Florentin, en son dernier voyage d'italie I'an 1557. pp. 134. 
4". A Lyon, Par Ian de Tournes. 1558. 

Tacitus (Publius Cornelius) 

C. Cornelii Taciti et C. Velleii Patercvli scripta exstant . . . 
additique Commentarii copiosissimi & Notai non antea editai, etc. 3 pt. 
fol. Parisiis, E. Typographid Petri Chevalier, 1608. 

Le Historie Auguste di Cornelio Tacito. Nouellamente fatte Italiane. 

ff. 422. 

8**. Vinegia, Vincenzo Vaugris, 1544. 
The titlepage and last leaf are mutilated. 

Tageno, Decanus Bathauensis. 

Clarissimo . . . Domino Arionisto . . . dedicatum. Expeditio Asiatica 
aduersus Turcas & Saracenos Imperatoris Friderici Primi Cajsaris 
Augusti, ex Suevia oriundi . . . Tageno Decanus Bathauosis . . . 
scripsit, etc. 10 leaves. 
4«. 1522. 

Tannstetter CoUimitius (Georgius) 

Andrse Stiborii . . . et Georgii Tannstetter CoUiuutii . . . de Ilomaiii 
Calendarii correctione Consilium, etc. tf. 10. 
4°. Viennse, Joannes Singrenius, [1514.] 

Taranta (Valescus de) 

Practica valesci de Tharata. que alias philonium dicitur : vna cii ilomini 
Joannis de tornamira indroductorio. &. it. ft', ccix. 
fol. Viiiietijs, [Peter Liechtenstein,^ 1502. 


Terracina (Laura) 

Discorso sopra tutti li primi canti d' Orlando Furioso. ff. 83. 
8". Vinetia, Gabriel Giolito di Ferrarii, 1550. 

With woodcut illustrations and portrait of the author. 

Tertullianus (Quintus Septimius Florens) 

Q. Soptiinii Florentis Tertulliani Apologeticus aduorsus gentes. 20 


fol. Venetiis, per Bernardinum Benalium, [1485?] 


[Seven Idyls, translated into Latin hexameters by Martinus Phileticus.] 
Begin, [fol. 1. recto :] Phileticus de vita Theocriti in libro do poetis 
antiquis. 20 leaves. 
4°. [Borne, Eucharius Silber, 1480 1] 


Theodosii de Sphaericis libri tres, a J. Vogelin . . . restituti et scholiis 
. . . illustrati. ff. 52. 

4**. Viennse, in officina Joannis Singrenii, 1529. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Theophylact, Archbishop of Achrida. 

Theophylacti ... in quatuor Evangelia enarrationes, Joanne Qilcolam- 

padio interprete. ff. 221. 

fol. Apud inclytam Basileam, In officina Andrese Cratandri, 1524. 

With a MS. note on the titlepage : " D. Bilibaldo Pyrckheimero dno atq. 
patrono suo And. Cratander. D.D." 

Thomas, Placentinus, pseud. 
See Ember (Hieronymus) 


Begin, [sig. a ii :] Laurentii Vallensis ... in Thucydidis historici 
translationem prooemium. [Sig. a. iii :] Thucydidis Historiarum Pclo- 
ponnensium liber primus, ed. pr. 134 leaves. 
ioL [Venice, Johannes Bubeus, 1485?] 

With the bookplate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckheimer." 

[Thucydidis Ath. de Bello Peloponnesiorum viii e Graeco Sermone in 

latinam linguam conv. a Vito Winsemio, patre, ete.] pp. 848, preceded 
by 42 unnumbered pages. 

8". [Vuitebergse, 1580.] 

Imperfect, wanting the titlepage and following leaf Sig. a. iii, a. iiii, 
and pp. 847 & 848 are mutilated. 

Thucidide Historico Greco delle guerre fatte frai popoli della Morca et 

gli Atheniesi. Tradotto dal Greco per Francesco di Soldo Strozzi, etc. 
pp. 463. 

4". Vinegia, Appresso Gabriel Giolito da Ferrari, 1564. 


Thurnmaier (Johann) Aventinm. 

Divis Dionysio Areopagitte Hemerano, Bolfgango, tutelaribus Boiariaj 
numinibus S. Inlustriss, eg princibibus [sic] lx>io:? Vilclmio Litauico, 
Arionisto. D.D. Imp. Henrici quarti cajs. Aug. ducis vero Boiorum 
septimi vita. Eiusdem epistoliw, etc. 32 leaves, tbe last blank. 
40. Attijmiee Vindelicoru, in sigismundi Grimm Medici (£• Marci Vuirmmj 
ojficina, 1518. 

Thylesius (Antonius) 

De Coloribus. Anthonii Thylesii Cosentiai libellus . . . Cum aliis 
quibusdam eiusdem argumonti autoribus. pp. 35. 
8**. [Cologne, Joannes Gymnicus ? 1530?] 

A. Thylesii Consentini Oratio : qvam habvit in fvnere illvstrissiini 

loannes lacobi Trivultii. 8 leaves. 

4*^. Mediolani, per Augustinum de Vicomercato, 1519. 

Tissardus (Franciscus) 

Dialogus TrpoOv/xoTra.Tpi's kol ^p6vifji.o<;. 90 leaves. 

4*^. Parrhisiis, Operoso huic opisculo exlrcmam imposuit manam E. 

Gourmontius, 1508. 

The title is taken from sig. a. Hi. 

Todischus (Thomas Rhadinns) 

See Rhadinus Todischus (Thomas). 

Toledo (Gondisalvus de) 

Epistola aatrologie defensiva. — Amicus medicorum magistri Johannis 

Ganiueti . . . Astrologia Ypocratis, etc. (©. H, 64 leaves. 

4". In civitate Lugdunen, arte 1 industria Magistri Johannis Cleyn, 1503. 

Toltz (Johann) 

Von dem Osterlemlen vnd Testament Jhesu Christi, aus dem tzvvolffteu 
Capittel des andern buchs Mosi. Joha. Tholtz 1526. ©. It. 16 leaves, 

8«. [Leii)sic, 1526.] 

Tommai (Petrus) 

Carmina Petri de Rauenna . . . recitata p ipsuj in fuuore . . . 

Petri de fortiguerris, e/c. (©. E. 11 leaves. 

4*^. [Padua, Matthseus Cerdonis de Windischgretz, 1 485 ?] 

Torniellus (Augustinus) 

Annales Sacri & Profani ab orbe condito, ad eundem Christi passione 

redemptum . . . cum figuris ssneis. 2 torn, [in one]. 

fol. Franco/ urii, apud Joannem Theohaldum Schon Wetter urn, 1611. 

With a MS. note on the titlepagc : *' lUustrissimo viro Henrico Howardo 
Comiti Northamjitoitio . . . Itvhcrtus Cottonua." 



Toscanella (Orazio) 

Precetti nocessarii et altre cose utilissime . . . sopra diverse cose 
pertinenti alia Grammatica, Poetica, Retorica, Histoi'ia, Topica, Loica, 
et ad altre facolta. ff. 108. 
4°. Venctia, Ajjpresso Ludouivo Auanzo, 1562. 

' radimento. 

Tradimento de Giiivo contra llinaldo. [A ballad.] 4 leaves. 
4°. [Venice, 1525?] 
With tooodcuis. 


TfHwhov. 282 leaves, the last blank. 

fol. Venetiis, in Aedibiis lonnnis antonii, & fratrum de aahio, 1522. 

Printed in red and black. With the bookplates : " Liber Bilibaldi 
Pirckheimer," and '^Bilibaldi Pirkeymheri EJijies." 

Trismegistus (Mercurius) 
See Hermes, I'rismegistus. 

Tunstall (Cuthbert) successively Bishop of London and of Durham. 

Cuthberti Tonstalli, in laudeni matrimonii oratio, habita in sponsalibus 
Marise... Regis Angli* Henrici Octavi filiae, et Francisci...Francorum 
Regis primo geniti. pp. 19. 
4". Basilese, apud lo. Frobenium, 1519. 

Turrianus (Franciscus) 

Reverendissimo Domino Gonzalo Herrera Episc. Laodicen. Franc. 
Turrianus Societ. lesu. pp. 12. 
4«. 1574. 

Tursellinus (Horatius) 

De Particulis Latime Orationis libellus...Postrema editio...ab infinitis 

niendis expurgata. pp. 344. 

12". Venetiis, Apud lacobum Sarzinam, 1614. 

UUoa (Alfonso de) 

La Historia dell' impresa di Tripoli di Barbaria, della presa del Pegnon 
di Velez della Gomera in Africa, etc. ff. 87. 
4«. [Venice, 1566.] 


OvA.7rtai oD prjTopn^ TrpoXcyo/xeva cis tc tovs oAuj'^taKous kox f^xXnnnKovi 
hqiwaOivovi A-oyous, etc. ED. PR. 170 leaves, 
fol. Venetiis, apud Aldnm, 1503. 

With the bookplate : " Bilibaldi Pirckheymhcri cffiyics." 



Unterricht der Visitatoren an die Pfarhern im Kurfiirstenthum zu 

Sachsen. [By Melanchthon.] 
8°. [1528?] 

Imperfect ; wanting all after sig. C. 


See BoLZANius (Urbanus). 

Ursinus (Fulvius) 

Familiae Romanae quae reperiuntur in Antiquis Numismatibus ab Urbe 
Condita ad tempera Divi Augusti, ex Bibliotheca Fulvi Ursiui. Ad- 
junctis familiis xxx ex libro Antoni Augustini, etc. pp. 403. 
fol. Romae, apud losephum de Angelis, 1577. 
With engraved illustrations. 

Ursinus Velius (Caspar) 

Casparis Vrsini Velii Silesii Epistolaruni & epigrammatum liber, etc. 

34 leaves. 

4". Viennse Austriee, per Joannem Singreniu, [1517 ?]. 

Ye 11 (Georgius) 

Georgii Expetendis et Fugiendis Rebus opus. 630 leaves. 
fol. Venetiis, in aedihus Aldi Bomani, 1501. 

Georgio Yalla Placentino Interprete. Hoc in volumine hec continentur, 

etc. [A collection of treatises by Nicepliorus, Euclid, Aristotle, Galen, 

and others, translated by Valla.] 200 leaves. 

fol. Venetiis, per Simone Papiensem dictum Beullaquam, 1498. 

Valla (Laurentius) 

Laurentii Vallensis...Eleganti8e Ad Breue Quoddam Ac Perutile 
Redactte Compendium. 84 leaves, the last four blank. 
4". [Paris, Felix Baligault, 1495?] 

Four blank leaves at the end of the booh are occupied by verses in MS,, 
headed: " Carmina meaq Padue composui, Auo dni, 1491." 

In Antonium raudensem Laurentii Vallensis opusculum. fl". 106. 

4". Venetiis, Inipressa mira Lucas hunc arte lebrliuni, 1181, 
With the booJqjIate : " Liber Bilibaldi Pirckhclnin." 

Valtz (Joliann von) 

See Paltz (Johann von) 


Vannius (Johannes), Windner (Jacobus) and Mezler (Bartholomeus) 

Ministronnn verbi apud Constautinin, ad P. Antonium Pyratti, Vicariuni 
Fratru Dominicaliu, Epistola. 20 leaves, the last blank. 
8«. [1524.] 

With the Pirchlwiimr JtooJcphUex : "■ liilibaldi Pirhcymhcri v^ujuh'^ and 
" S})C», tribulatio, invidia tolcrantia." 

Varchi (Benedetto) 

L' Hercolano. Dialogo...neI qual si ragiona goneralraente delle lingue, 
& in particolare dclla Toscana, e della Fiorentina, etc. pp. 339. 
4°. Fiorenza, Filip})0 Giiuii c Fratelli, 1570. 

Varignana (Guilielmus) 

G. Varignane seereta sublimia curiidos morbos verissiniis autoritatibus 
illustrata additionibus nonnuUis Hosculis, etc. <0. %, fi'. 56. 
4". Lurjdnni, impressum per Jo. de Cambrey, 1522. 
With tvoodcut on the titlepage. 

Varro (Marcus Terentius) 

M. Terentii Varronis De Lingua Latina. 81 leaves. 
4«. [Bome'i 1472?] 

The title is taken from fol. 10. 

Vega (Diego de la) 

Le Paradis de la Gloire des Saincts, et Triomphe d iceux, sur les princi- 
pales festes de I'Annee... Avee un traicte de la Gloire & Triomphe de 
Jesus Christ en sa Passion ...Mis en Francois par G. Chappuis, etc. 
2 torn. 
8". P^.ris, Chez Heynauld CJiaudiere, 1606. 

Sermons et Exercices Saincts, sur les Evangiles des dimanches de 

toute I'Annee. ..Mis en Francois par G. Chappuis, etc. 2 torn. 
6^. Paris, Chez Begnaidd Chaudicre, 1608. 

Velius (Caspar Ursinus) 

See Ursinus Vklius (Caspar) 


La vendetta clie fece Tito i Vespasiano contra la citta di Hierusaleme 
j> la niorte di Jesu Christo. [In verse. By Bernardo Pulci.] 4 leaves. 
4". Viuet/ia, per Francesco di Alessandro Bindoni, 1526. 
With a wood cut. 

Vergilius (Polydorus) 

Polidori Vcrgilii...De Inventoribus Rerum libri tres, etc. ff. 66 pre- 
ceded bv 6 unnnnil)ered loaves. 
4°. Artjeiitoravi. In offic! nn Matthiir Schiirerll, 1500, 


Vergilius (Polydorus) 

Polidori Vergilii,,.Proverbioru liber, quo parocmias iiisigniores omnium 
fere scriptorum luculentit^sima enarratione explicantur. ff. 50, preceded 
by 8 unnumbered leaves of which the last is blank, and followed by one 
unnumbered leaf. 

4°. Argentorati, Matildas Schurerius, 1510. 
Fols. 40 (fe 4:2 are misnumhercd 41 <£• 43. 

Vernerus (Joannes) 

See Werner (Joannes) 

Vespucci (Amerigo) 

Quattuor Americi Vesputii Navigationes. 32 leaves. 
4**. [Saint Die, Gualterus Lud,] 1507. 

Vico (Enea) 

Discorsi de M. Enea Vico Parmigiano sopra le medaglie de gli antichi, 

etc. pp. 112. 

4°. Vinegia, Appresso Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1558. 

With an engraved portrait of Cosmo de' Medici on the verso of the second 

Villa Nova (Arnaldus de) 

See Arnaldus, de Villa Nova. 

Villani (Giovanni) 

La prima parte delle Historic universali de' suoi tempi di Giouan 
Viliani Cittadino Fiorentino. Nuouaraente ristampata con tauole. . .fatte 
per M. Remigio Fiorentino — La seconda parte, etc. 2 pts. 
4°. Venetia, per Nicolo Beuilacqua Trentino, 1559. 

Villani (Matteo) 

Historia di Matteo Villani. . .il quale continua 1' Historie di Giovan 

Villani suo fratello, etc. pp. 552. 

4". Venetia, per Domenico Guerra, & Gio. Batiista suo fratello, 1562. 

Vinsternaw (Joannes) 

Oratio per Joanne Vinsternaw Abbato in Noreszhain facta in capitulo 
provinciali Vuerdec celebrato, DSica lubilate. Anno dni. M.u.xxi. 
10 leaves, the last blank. 
4°. [Nuremberg ? Friedrich Feijpus 1 1521 ?] 

Virgilius Maro (PubHus) 

La Georgica di Virgilio, nuovamente di Latina in Thoscana fauclla per 
Bernardino Daniello tradotta, e commentata. ff. 105. 
4". Venetia, ((j/presHo Giouan. (irijhio, 1541). 


Vitellius (Cornelius) 

Cornelii Vitellii Corythii in defensionem Plinii ik Doniitii Culderini 
contra Georgium Merulam Alexandrinum , . . Epistola. 50 leaves, the 
first blank. 
4«. [Venice, Baptista tie Partis, 1482 ?] 

Vitellius (Erasmus) Bishop of Flock. 

Oratio. . .in celeberrimo Augusten. conventu ad Cesarem Maximilianum 
nomine. . .regis Polonie Sigisniundi habita coram omnibus. . .Electoribus 
XX. Augusti. . .M.D.xviii, etc. 8 leaves. 
4". Augustae VindelicorH Joannes Miller, [1518.] 

Vitruvius PoUio (Marcus) 

Vitruvius iterum et Frontinus a locundo revisi repurgatique quantum 

ex collatione licuit. 2 pts. 

8". Florentise, Sumptihus Bliilippi de Giunta, 1513. 


Begin. Terminorum frequetatorix ta in potificio ^ ciuili iure. Opus 
preclarum i vtile feliciter incipit. End. Explicit Juris Vocabulriu. ©. H. 
98 leaves, 
fol. Mfi [i.e. Mediolani,^ per AldericH scinzenzeler, 1492. 

Voegelin (Joannes) 

Elementale geometricum ex Euclidis Geometria a Johanne Voegelin. 

ff. 18. 

4'^. [Fi'ennffl,] in sedihus Joanis Singren'j, 1528. 

Wallser (Hans) 

Ein bericht wie D. Martini Luther von ersten hinder sollichen schwiiren 
handel kommen sey,und was in dar zii geursacht und bewegt hat. ^. %. 
12 leaves. 

4^. [Augsburg?] 1521. 
With woodcuts. 

Warnefridus (Paulus) Diaconus. 

Pauli Diaconi. . .de origine et gestis Regum Langobardoru Libri YI. 

etc. ff. 38. 

fol. [Paris,] Opera Ascensiana, 1514. 

Watt (Joachim von) 

See Nazarei (Judas) j>« ud. 

Werner (Joannes) 

In hoc opere haec continentur, Libellus Joannis Verncri. . ..mipcr 
vigintiduobus dementis conicis, etc. ff. 100. 
4". Niirchdxrgn', per Fridcrictnu Peifpitfi, l.")22. 


Werner (Joannes) 

In hac opere haec cotinentur. Noua translatio primi libri geographicfe 
C t. Ptolomsei . . . loanne Vernero ISTurenbergen interpreto . . . Libellus de 
quatuor terrarum orbis in piano tigurationibus ab eodem loanne 
Vernero, etc. 68 leaves, 
fol. Nurenhergse, a loanne StucJis, 1514. 

Widmanstadius (Joannes Albertus) 

SyriaciB linguae. . .prima Elementa, etc. 28 leaves, the last blank. 
8". Viennse Austriacse, In Officina Michaelis Gymhermanni, 1555. 

The date in the colophon is 1556. The Latin title is preceded hy one in 

Windner (Jacobus) 

Ministrorum verbi apud Constantiam, etc. [1524.] 
See Vannius (J.), Windner (J.) and Mezlek (B.) 

Wiseman (Sir William) 

The Christian Knight ; compiled . . . for the publike weale and happinesse 
of England, Scotland, and Ireland, pp. 39, 41, 75, 83, followed by seven 
unnumbered leaves. 
4°. London, John Legatt, 1619. 

Wither (George) 

The British Appeals, with Gods MercifuU Replies, on the behalfe of 
the Commonwealth of England, contained in a brief commemorative 
poem, etc. pp. 64 

8°. Printed for the Author, and are to be sold by Nathaniel Brooks, at 
the Angel in Corn-hill, 1651. 

Imperfect, wanting pp. 63 and 64. 


Off dem Rychstag in Anno domini xVxxi zu worms gehalten sind in 
eygner personen gewesen. 6 leaves, the last blank. 
40. [1521 1] 

With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

Xiphilinus (Joannes) 

'Ek twv At(Di/o9 'EKXoyai 'loavvov rov Ht</)tXtvou. E Dione excerptae Historiao 

ab Joanne Xiphilino, etc. Grk. d Lat. pp. 375, followed by eleven 

unnumbered leaves. 

fol. [^Geneva 'i'\ Henricus Stcphanus, 1592. 

Zacharias, Book of. 

Sec L>iBLE — Zacharias. 


Zarlino (Gioseffo) 

Resolutioni de alcuni dubii sopra la correttiono doll' Anno di Giulio 

Cesare, etc. pp. 35. 

4«. Vinctia, Girolnmo Polo, 1583. 

Zeno (Niccolo) 

Deir origine de' Barbari, che distrussero per tutto '1 mondo 1' imperio di 
Roma, onde hebbe principio la citta di Venezia, libri undici, etc. 
pp. 210, followed by 23 unnumbered leaves. 
4". Venetia, per Plinlo Pietrasanta, 1557. 

Ziraldus (Lilius Grcgorius) 

See GiRALDUs (Lilius Gregorius) 

Zonara (Giovanni) 

Historia di Giovanni Zonara ... Onde si approndo vera idivisa in trc 
parti . . . notitia delle cose piu memorabili avvonute in spatio de 6G2G anni. 
Nuovaraente tradotta dal Greco per Marco Emilio Fiorentino, etc. 
3 pts. 
4°. Vinegia, Appresso Lodouico de gli Auanzi, 1560. 

Zwingli (Ulrich) 

Ad Matthaeum Alberum Rutlingensium Ecclesiasten, do Coena 
Dominica . . . Epistola. 1 4 leaves. 
8**. Tiguri, in xdibus Christopher i Froschouer, 1525. 
With a woodcut on the titlepage. 

De vera et falsa Religione. . . Commentarius, etc. pp. 446. 

8°. Tiguri, in sedibus Christophori Froschouer, 1525. 

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